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What we learned in the NFL week #16

What we learned this past weekend!
That the Giants don't have a defense anymore!! This is as bad as we ever seen this defense! You know you have problems when Joe Flacco picks apart your secondary!! The Giants D is really messed up physically and the pass rush is non-existent. Don't be shocked to see the Giants part ways with DE bookends, Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora! New York is the type of team where we got used to their "flip the switch" at the right time.... Well, seems like someone forgot to pay the electricity bill, because the power never came on!!

Adrian Peterson runs for less than 100 yards for the first time in over eight weeks and the Vikings still managed to play a wonderful game and slap the Texans right in the face in their backyard!!! The Vikings showed me a whole lot in the last month! That week number eight upset loss to the Bucs, at home, was a huge sign that troubled waters were ahead, and two months later the Vikings are sitting in the sixth seed. They came through in December unlike Tampa Bay!! Unfortunately for the Vikes, they have to play the red hot Packers, who still has something to play for!! Win or lose, this season has been a successful one for the Minnesota Vikings, just Adrian Peterson alone, with the opportunity to run for 2,000 yards and maybe pass Eric Dickerson's record!!

Hopefully we will witness more history this upcoming weekend, as last weekend we saw at least three records fall!! Calvin Johnson surpassing Jerry Rice for most yards in a single season for a wideout, one of the most difficult records to knock off!!! Will Megatron be the 1st WR with 2,000 yards receiving?? We also witnessed TE Jason Witten breaking Tony Gonzalez's record for most catches by a tight end in a single season and QB Andrew Luck breaking Cam's 1 year-old record for most yards thrown for a rookie quarterback!

I hope most of you saw the first half between the Seahawks and 49ers last Sunday night!! After that blocked field goal returned for a score, you knew right there it was over!!! San Fran never had a chance from the get go! The Seahawks have been plain out balling the last three weeks!! I hope people take this team seriously... I know I have!! The opportunity to make a strong playoff push is there for Seattle, but I guess we can say this for the Washington Redskins as well, no?? Atlanta better show the proper respect to both of these teams, as both of them have what it takes to beat the Falcons, in Atlanta!!

Last Sunday we also saw the Steelers fail to make the playoffs! Big Ben again cost the game with a late INT! The offseason in Pittsburgh will be an interesting one! How will the aftermath of this mess play out? What mess?? Hmmm... Big Ben and offensive coordinator Todd Haley... Mike Wallace and his contract demands?? Steelers better be very careful, as this organization could descend rapidly!

I've said this a once or twice, that the Houston Texans will not win... Now we know 99.9% sure they won't win the Super Bowl...not with the way that secondary is playing right now!!! Also, all star running back Arian Foster looks tired... This is a cause for concern since the running aspect of the game is the centerpiece of the Houston offense!! A loss on Sunday could shatter the psyche of the Texans.... And we get the feeling it's already in a fragile state!! 

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Blame The Peacock and Liz 2 For The NHL Woes

Well, it is the end of December and still no NHL.  No Hockey Night In Canada and RDS is rebroadcasting games from the 80's.   Sad state of affairs for pure hardcore fans and individuals that have employment related to the NHL.

At the start of the lockout and even now, fans are playing the 'blame game'.  Blaming the owners, the players and even themselves.  Well my friends, I win the 'blame game' because I know the parties responsible for the lockout:  The Peacock and Liz 2. Who, you may ask?

The NHL and NHLPA are in the dispute are ultimately fighting over potential "growth" of the league in terms of future revenue; however, we have to take a look at the two root sources that have fueled the growth over the past two to five years.  Growth that I really think is artificially inflated thanks The Peacock and Liz 2.

The Peacock (aka, NBC Sports) - In April 2011, NBC Sports signed a 10-year TV rights deal to broadcast the league's games on various digital platforms for a reported, $2 billion.   The last time I looked, the ratings for playoff hockey (which the league promotes as "the best type of  sports tournament around" was pulling in a tiny average of 1.2 million viewers for the entire 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. 1.2 million?  Man, even ESPN could do better by re-airing the second half of a last NFL preseason game and that why the network was not prepared to shell out a dime for carrying NHL games but NBC did. Big mistake.  Investing $2 billion for NHL rights, NBC just gave the league a false sense of importance on the North American sports media landscape and an over valuation of pro hockey broadcast content.  As a result, the $2 billion is just a part of the pie that owners and players are quibbling about.

Liz 2 (aka, The Canadian Dollar) - In several interviews, Gary Bettman has gone on record to state that there is no link between NHL's revenue growth and increase in value of the Canadian dollar.  Really Gary.  Anybody with an understanding of economics can tell you that growth in the Canadian currency does contribute to the success of the NHL.  If you don't believe me, remember the context in which the "old" Winnipeg Jets and Quebec Nordiques closed down shop and moved to "Phoenix" and Denver. Plus, why is it that there are arenas being built in the Greater Toronto Area and Quebec City.  Imagine, if the value of Liz 2 dips to $.60 American (just like in 2006) during in the next CBA time frame.  You can safely expect that owners will be looking to claw back more of the revenue that will not be over-inflated by a Canadian dollar.

NHL fans can expect a season starting in mid-January 2013.  Once the press conferences from both sides are over to announce that a new CBA has been signed, the promotional spin to win back the hearts of fans will start.  Fans are going to hear, see and read that they are the "best fans in world" and other crap but I hope that fans will realize that they are going to be apart of a  48-game "cash grab" scam.   Yes, owners and players are going to say, "Finally, the game is back on the ice for our fans to enjoy".  That's the farthest thing from the truth.  It's more like, "Finally, the game is back on the ice for us so fans can pay an insane amount of cash for tickets, jerseys and bottled water to enjoy".

As a hockey fan and a Canadian, I would like to see the plug pulled on the 2013 NHL season.  A lot of NHL insiders on television, radio and in print say that the conflict over the CBA has nothing to do with economic issues but I beg to differ.  Along with the two aspects that I listed above, there are aspects of the NHL salary floor / cap system that are not being addressed and will lead to more trouble down the road for teams that are not making money. See Columbus, Phoenix, Florida and St. Louis.   It is time to let the bottom fall out of these franchises to either fold or move them to other markets.   The time is now to scrap the season and fix the NHL (aka, Niche Hockey League).

Final Taughts:

Want Gary Bettman To Leave? Here's How.  Many people think that if the season is cancelled under the watch of Bettman, he will walk away.  No dice.   The only way to see Gary Bettman out as commissioner is to have "traditional" hockey markets show a lack of interest in the NHL even if it means not tuning into local broadcasts on television and on radio, especially come playoff time.  You think you can do it?

Your 2012 NFL MVP is... RGIII.  Forget Manning. Forget Luck. Forget Wilson.  The Redskins will come back from the basement of the NFC East and win the division all because of the starting rookie quarterback. Enough said. 

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Jeff Erickson of Rotowire looks ahead to 2013 Stories in MLB and NFL (Pa...

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Barry Bloom looks ahead to 2013

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NFL Pool Standings + Week 17 Picks

Matthew Ross: 33-31

Mitch Gallo: 32-32

Producer: 31-33

Stefano Mocella: 29-35

Sean Coleman: 27-37

Moe Khan: 26-38

Houston -4.5 @ Indianapolis

Green Bay -3.5 @ Minnesota

Chicago -3.5 @ Detroit

Dallas +4.5 @ Washington

Matthew: IND , MIN , CHI , WAS
Moe: HOU , GB , CHI , WAS
Stefano: HOU , MIN , CHI , WAS
Producer: HOU , GB , CHI , DAL
Mitch: HOU , MIN , CHI , WAS
Sean: HOU , GB , DET , DAL

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What we learned in the NFL week #15

There are two weeks left to the season and two divisions have yet to be decided; The AFC North and the NFC East. We are in for a treat with some of the upcoming games that lie ahead! Let's start with the NFC East.

What a turn-around in big D! Just a month and a half ago, Jason Garrett's job security was no guarantee, but kudos to him for turning that ship around! I hear a lot of peeps saying it's because of Dez Bryant's coming of age!! Well that is one of the keys, no doubt. But the return of RB DeMarco Murray helps, while Tony Romo's play since November has been good, surprising since we all know his awful ways in December. But the emergence of LB/pass rushing specialist Anthony Spencer gave that defense the boost it desperately needed!! Spencer has seven sacks in his last six games!! This turn-around is quite nice for Cowboys fans, but will they make the playoffs? I personally think no! The task at hand is a difficult one. Dallas has to win both remaining games versus the Saints and at Washington! Sorry Dallas, but better luck next time!

Staying in the division, the Redskins seem like the favorite to win the division!! The key win was that Monday night game versus the Giants! Now Washington controls its own fate, but has to go through divisional teams: the Eagles and the Cowboys! I just have this gut feeling that the Skins will get it done. As for the Giants, well, what we saw last Sunday is typical New York Giants football! They always make things difficult for themselves! Lucky for the Giants they play a downward Ravens team!! The Ravens and Giants are in similar positions, but I prefer what I see from the Giants than the Ravens. Every time the Giants lay an egg, they bounce back the following Sunday. Last year they were in the same predicament, when they had to win their remaining two games and they did, and the rest is history!! I'm not saying the Giants will win the Super Bowl this year, but they should find their way to the second season. However, they need the good Eli, not the Eli from last Sunday versus the Falcons!!

Speaking of the Falcons, wideout Harry Douglas and free safety Chris Hope showed the nation how little class they have! Harry Douglas was seen making fun of Victor Cruz's salsa on the sidelines and Hope blatantly lunged at Cruz and hit him with a helmet-to-helmet hit. The ball was uncatchable, therefore it made Hope's hit look like the intent was to injure. Maybe the NFL should look into this. Oh Sorry, only the Saints apparently do such things! Well I'm hoping the Falcons get the one-and-done treatment again this year in the playoffs! This team is all finesse, and not physical enough to ball with the big boys in January!!

Looking at the AFC North, that picture is more puzzling! The Ravens are in big trouble, but if they win their last game against the Bengals, all can be saved. But how can this team fix their problems! We all know how awful their D has been. Now they have issues on the offensive side! They don't run the ball anymore, their offensive line has struggled as of late and Joe Flacco just doesn't look like a quarterback who can get the job done! Logically, the Ravens will still get in because of their record, but might not finish in first place! The Bengals versus the Steelers game on Sunday has a lot of weight to it!! The Steelers need to win or it's goodnight! My feeling tells me the Bengals will shock the world and win the division! Their defense is one of the most underrated defenses in the league! When will defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer get a shot at a head coaching job?? Every year he gets the best out of his defense!!

What has happened to the Tampa Bay Bucs?? They were looking good at 6-4! Granted their O-Line has been decimated, but Josh Freeman looks like a QB who can't handle the pressure too well when it's on! It's still early to give him such a tag, but next year will be a huge one for Freeman and the Bucs! Even though they suffered a season swoon, the future is still bright in the Bay area! All they need to do is fix their secondary!

We witnessed last Sunday a Seahawks team that posted back-to-back 50 burgers! Yes they played bad teams in Buffalo and Arizona, but to post 50 points in back-to-back games is impressive! Seattle still hasn't clinched a spot in the playoffs but when they do, which could happen on the last Sunday since they play the Niners on Sunday night, they could be that one team that will turn the tables on everybody! They have the defense, the special teams and finally the offense thanks to rookie QB Russell Wilson. He was the first QB to run for 3 touchdowns last Sunday since Bobby Douglas in 1968!!

Call me crazy, I like Luck and Griffin and Wilson for so many reasons, but my vote for rookie-of-the-year so far goes to Russell Wilson!!

This Sunday is one of the most entertaining ones of the season .. It's that time of year when teams are fighting for playoffs spots, when some players are actually playing for their jobs, when it will be championship Sunday in fantasy football head-to-head formats (good luck to all who made it this far). But most of all, it will be when certain teams will make that drastic decision to clean house!! On that face-lift list are the Chiefs, the Browns, the Chargers and most likely the Eagles. Two Sundays from now we might add to that list the Jets (at least I hope), the Cards (I strongly disagree with this move if the Cards axe coach Whisenhunt), the Bills, the Panthers, the Raiders, the Titans and the Lions! A lot of vacant coaches will jump at the opportunity to coach the Lions.... They already a young QB in place to go with the best wide receiver in the game!!

Happy Holidays to all!

NFL Picks Week 16

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

NFL Pool Standings + Week 16 Picks

Matthew Ross: 29-31
Mitch Gallo: 29-31
Producer: 29-31

Stefano Mocella: 27-33

Moe Khan: 25-35
Sean Coleman: 25-35

Cincinnati +4.5 @ Pittsburgh

NY Giants -2.5 @ Baltimore

Minnesota +7.5 @ Houston

San Francisco -1.5 @ Seattle

Matthew: CIN , BAL , MIN , SEA
Moe: PIT , NYG , HOU , SEA
Stefano: CIN , BAL , HOU , SF
Producer: PIT , BAL , HOU , SEA
Mitch: PIT , BAL , MIN , SEA
Sean: PIT , BAL , MIN , SF

Friday, 14 December 2012

What we learned in the NFL week #13-14

Before I get started, I must start off by saying how impressive Robert Griffin III is live!!!! He's got that "wow factor"!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! Here's hoping he can stay healthy as long as he can. But as impressed with him as I am, one cannot forget or neglect what Andrew Luck has done for his team this year!! RG III is surrounded with coaches who have been in place for three years, better defense. Plus, the Redskins do "baby" him a bit. He's not put in a situation where he has to come from behind like Luck has!! Luck's performance against the Lions was an epic one, even though he tossed three picks!!! Seeing Luck running down the play to set up a block for Donnie Avery was "THE" indication that he is for real.... And he is a "shooter". He's not afraid to throw the rock!!!

The 2012 QB rookie class is already being discussed as the best one ever!! Here's why: Russell Wilson!!!! Wilson posted the best QB rating in the month of November and threw nine touchdowns and no interceptions!! All three teams are in a position to enter the playoffs! That says a lot and let's also not forget Ryan Tannehill who was picked in the first round, but the jury is still out on him versus Griff, Luck and Wilson! Year two and three will be crucial for Tannehill.

We've witnessed the last few weeks a Adrian Peterson who has been on a tear!! He's ran for at least 100 yards in his last seven games! (153-123-182-171-108-210-154). Can you say MVP!! Word is he is gunning for 2,000 and even maybe Eric Dickerson's single season record of 2,105 yards! Let's not forget the fact that Peterson is coming back from a blown-up knee!! He is a genetic freak and he's carrying a team on his shoulders. The Vikings still can make the playoffs, but need to beat the 6-6-1 Rams on Sunday!! Call it crazy and it seems crazy, but the Rams still have a chance at making the playoffs. They have been one of the hottest teams as of late, playing the 49ers tough on both occasion! That's nice and all but here comes Adrian Peterson! We will see how good the Rams defense is. Have fun St Louis!! 

Baltimore Ravens fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron... 13 games too late!! He should have been fired after last season. Reports say he was unpopular in the locker room, that the offense was about making him look good!! Wow.. A control freak!! The Ravens still have a great opportunity to turn things around. The return of their no-huddle offense AND of Ray Lewis!! His presence on the field can only do good for this team that is bleeding in a big way right now!! How they fare in Sunday's game against Peyton Manning and the Broncos will indicate a lot about the Ravens!! The race for the AFC North is turning out to be an interesting one between the Ravens, Steelers and Bengals. Bengals last two games are @PIT and vs Bal!

Staying put in the AFC, one can only think that the best team are the Pats!! I've been hyping them up the last few weeks, no need to anymore... It's theirs to lose!! They have a balanced attack, a lot of weapons to play with on offense and their defense leads the league in takeaways - my favorite defensive stat!! Which team in the NFC matches up nicely against the Pats? The Giants! Note this year, the Giants D is good but not great.. A lot of injuries. The Packers?? Nope... Packers o-line can't protect Rodgers. The 49ers? We will find out on Sunday as this may be a Super Bowl preview but nope, the Niners are still not the answer to the question. Who, you may ask?? The Seahawks!!! That win this year versus New England was no fluke... And with the way that game ended,(Sherman/Brady), I would like to see those two go at it again for all the marbles!!

Anyone noticed how Bum Newton is playing good football?? I say it's a theory of him playing well due to the fact he has no pressure, since his team is in the stinker. It's about looking good, not winning! A journalist from Charlotte wrote on his Twitter/Facebook account that Cam Newton blew off another NFL player and his kids at last year's Pro Bowl! Wow... The fellow teammates and players he plays against are the last people he should blow off!! The rest of the league has little respect for Cam!! I say GOOD!!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Dave Simon Recaps UFC on FOX 5

John McMullen on Week 14 of the NFL Season

NFL Pool Standings + Week 15 Picks

Matthew Ross: 28-28
Mitch Gallo: 28-28

Producer: 26-30

Stefano Mocella: 25-31

Moe Khan: 24-32
Sean Coleman: 24-32

Indianapolis +8.5 @ Houston

NY Giants +1.5 @ Atlanta

Pittsburgh -1.5 @ Dallas

San Francisco +6.5 @ New England

Matthew: IND, ATL, PIT, NE
Stefano: HOU, ATL, PIT, NE
Producer: HOU, ATL, DAL, NE
Mitch: IND, NYG, PIT, SF

Friday, 7 December 2012

Could Marc Trestman's message be wearing off?

Professional sports coaches will always have a shelf life. Some will last for a single season while others could coach for a very long time with the one organization.
In the case of Montreal Alouettes head coach Marc Trestman, he is entering uncharted territory as the longest tenured coach of the franchise since their return to the CFL in 1996.

No argument Trestman has had the greatest start to a CFL coaching career taking the Alouettes to three consecutive Grey Cup appearances and winning twice. Many pundits wondered if there would be a bronze statue at a downtown Montreal park honouring his coaching achievements.
In Trestman's first three years the Alouettes had accumulated a 38-16 regular season record. However, in the last two years they have mustered a 21-15 mark and have not qualified for the Grey Cup. Most CFL teams would be envious of this five year stretch by the Alouettes.  

Now, the fans are starting to question the future of this franchise if they will still be competitive once quarterback Anthony Calvillo retires. At that point, could Tretsman weigh his NCAA and NFL options?

Trestman has been on NFL teams coaching short list. Even though he signed an extension that will have him on the Montreal sidelines for four more years. Is there is any contract language that would enable him to explore his NFL opportunities?

After the recent departures of Marcus Brady and Michael Sinclair, and according to media reports  of potential dissension among the coaching ranks that there could be more defections in the horizon.
Could the message that Trestman has conveyed to his staff and players be wearing off? Professional sports is the one avenue where there is a short attention span and after the last couple of years of coming up short, could the luster be eroding?

As Montreal Gazette's own Herb Zurkowsky mentioned in his article that JamelRichardson could be fed up with Trestman's coaching philosophy and wants out. Could there be more players who are disenchanted with their leader?

Could the unsettling scenario of hearing Trestman's name being linked to the NFL have made it frustrating for the players who have seen an overhaul of the coaching staff one too many times that may have derailed their chances of making the last two finals.
These are unknown times for the Montreal organization. As one source said, "as long as (Jim) Popp is running the show, the team will be fine".  But the question that will come to surface, what about Trestman, is the coaching staff unified, will the players continue buying into his philosophy, and will he still be the Alouettes head coach by the end of his contract with the team?
One thing is for certain, the Montreal Alouettes have set the standard of being a marquee franchise with how they have reloaded with talent.   
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The Montreal Alouettes are back in a familiar off season position

With the CFL off season not even two weeks old, the Montreal Alouettes are in a familiar situation  to last year's musical coaching chairs.

Last week, the organization replaced former defensive coordinator Jeff Reinebold with Noel Thorpe.

Now, comes news of offensive coordinator Marcus Brady opting to take the same position with the newly minted Grey Cup champions Toronto Argonauts. As of this morning according to head coach Marc Trestman,  Michael Sinclair has left the program.

Sinclair was apart of Trestman's original coaching staff when they first entered the CFL in 2008. Sinclair had the respect of his players, as described by team leader John Bowman through his Twitter feed, "Damn. The 1 consistant in my fball career just resigned. Wanna thank him 4 helping tap into my potential. **tJustGotReal".

What now? In conversing with local media, speculation has grown this may not be the last defection as other position coaches could pursue opportunities elsewhere.

For Sinclair, could the last straw have been being passed over for vacant defensive coordinator's job that ended up going to Thorpe?

Sinclair has theoretically been passed over three times for the Alouettes coordinator position. There is no doubt that he will land on his coaching feet considering his ties to the NFL (from his playing days), and CFL.

As the Alouettes enter the unknown off season, it seems the initial general reaction among those who have been associated and follow this team has assumed a mentality, of we shall see how this unfolds.

For now, it is has gotten off to a peculiar start.

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NFL Pool Standings + Week 14 Picks

Matthew Ross: 26-26

Stefano Mocella: 25-27
Mitch Gallo: 25-27

Producer: 24-28

Moe Khan: 23-29
Sean Coleman: 23-29

Chicago -3.5 @ Minnesota

Baltimore +2.5 @ Washington

Dallas +2.5 @ Cincinnati

Houston +4.5 @ New England

Matthew: MIN, WAS, CIN, HOU
Producer: CHI, BAL, DAL, NE
Stefano: CHI, BAL, CIN, HOU

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What we learn and saw NFL week #12

How Pathetic are the New York Jets?? Let me count the ways! New England scores three touchdowns in less then one minute. Not only does Mark Sanchez run into his own player, but he can't even properly hand off the ball to his running back! It's week 12 into the season!! You're not supposed to fumble the ball on a botched play due to a missed handoff, but the Jets have a better chance of winning with Mark Sanchez under center? Rex Ryan might want to put up his house for sale. Just saying!!

Speaking of pathetic, how bad were the Steelers?? Eight turnovers!!! Why is Charlie Batch still in the NFL??? This is shear disaster for Pittsburgh!! Just as they were ascending and about to take first place away from the Ravens, everything came crashing down!! Can their season be saved?? Luckily for them the AFC offers little competition! By the time Big Ben comes back, the Steelers could still be the 6th seed. But they need to watch out for the surging Bengals!!
Andy Dalton has been off the chains the last three weeks!! Nine touchdowns and no interceptions!! The Bengals offense looks a lot more complete with the emergence of rookie wide receiver Mohamed Sanu!! Can the Bengals keep this hot streak going?? A win against the Chargers on Sunday would be a good start and would put San Diego out of the race!!

I've noticed lately how the Denver Broncos have been winning ugly against mediocre teams!! Denver is winning ugly yet the buzz or hype is there, where as for the Ravens, they are also winning ugly but no one seems to give the Ravens love!! That's what happens when Peyton Manning is your QB!! Most people get confused on how good Manning's teams are because of Manning himself!! I truly believe the Pats will represent the AFC once again this year.

In the NFC, it looks like San Fran's year!! It really does not matter who is QB for the Niners!! They can do no wrong!! The chemistry on Sundays with this team is through the roof! I still prefer Kaepernick at QB, only because he is a duel-threat quarterback, therefore he makes it more difficult to game plan against. But this team is all about their D!! How about them Smith brothers!! Aldon Smith is tearing it up!! What a great pick that was in a great first round draft that saw Denver select Von Miller second. Aldon Smith was selected 7th and J.J. Watt 11th!!!

Green Bay is not the Green Bay from two years ago due in large part to the offensive line injuries!! There is no need to panic if you're a cheesehead, since guys like Charles Woodson, Clay Matthews and Greg Jennings will all be back. But that o-line is a mess!! It's hard to believe the Packers have allowed more sacks than the Arizona Cardinals! The Packers better hope offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga's injury won't drag on too long!
How awesome was it to see those two Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders get their head shaved right in the middle of the game on the sidelines to show support for coach Pagano?? Very CLASSY ladies!! CLASSY!!

On a last note, all of you fantasy players out there, I recall telling you about stashing RB Bryce Brown.... I hope you took note since he could be cashing in for someone else right now!! 

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NFL Pool Standings + Week 13 Picks

Matthew Ross: 24-24
Stefano Mocella: 24-24
Mitch Gallo: 24-24

Moe Khan: 22-26

Producer: 21-27

Sean Coleman: 20-28

New Orleans +3.5 @ Atlanta

Tampa Bay +6.5 @ Denver

Seattle +4.5 @ Chicago

NY Giants -2.5 @ Washington

Matthew: ATL, DEN, CHI, NYG
Producer: ATL, DEN, CHI, WSH
Stefano: ATL, TB, CHI, NYG
Mitch: NO, TB, SEA, NYG

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Montreal Jazz GM Pascal Jobin joins GamePoints with Matthew Ross

Dave Simon recaps UFC 154 (Part 2 of 2)

Dave Simon recaps UFC 154 (Part 1 of 2)

What did we learn NFL week #11

What did we learn and witness this pas week end??

Hello my name is Colin Kaepernick!! What a performance on his part against the Bears on monday night! Kaepernick is tall, listed at 6 foot 4, he can run but also not afraid to pass the ball!! I'm not knocking Alex Smith but I saw a different San Francisco team with Kaepernick under center!! 49ers are back on track as the favorite to represent the NFC at the Super Bowl! Their defense is sublime, bounced back after the Giants game, but their offense was still a concern!! Not anymore.... Not for me anyways and not with Kaepernick as quarterback!!

We learned that the Atlanta Falcons have major issues!! How do you let the Arizona Cardinals score on their first drive in your back yard??? Atlanta won a lot of games where they should of lost but that's a sign of a real good team but  I notice how easy their offense is derailed when the opposing defense take TE Tony Gonzalez out of the equation!! Gonzalez is Matt Ryan's security blanket. Atlanta has no running game and only has 3 targets in the passing game!! Its easy to game plan if your playing the Falcons... and their defense needs to make adjustments fast!! Any team can run on Atlanta!!

Let's stay in the NFC for a second. How bout those Chicago Bears?? Real tough team team right?? Again, they lost to the Packers, Texans and now the 49ers!! The Bears defense is one of the best but they are going nowhere fast with that offense!!! It will be interesting to see on sunday if they can stop AP who has the Bears number!! It's a crucial division game for both teams!!!

How about that incredible comeback by Josh Freeman and the Tampa Bay Bucs!!! The Panthers have been playing better as of late so this makes Josh Freemen look even better!! Panthers held that offense on check until the last 2 minutes where Freeman was tossing laser after laser as if he was playing darts!!! Bucs are 6-4 and it will be difficult for them to make the playoffs since Seattle, Minnesota, Chicago and now N.O. are all in the mix, but with the way Josh Freeman has been playing the last month in a half, him alone gives every Bucs fans reason to believe that the playoffs are realistic!! An upset win against the slouchy Falcons on sunday would increase their percentages!!

Looking in the AFC, I noticed that the Texans secondary had a hard time tackling the Jaguars receivers!!! This could be a huge concern going down the stretch of the season! Could it just be the Texans getting caught up in a trap game?? If that's the case then hopefully for them they learned a lesson here that on any given sunday, any team can beat any team regardless of what your record says!!

We witness a New England team that is starting to look like the team we expected them to be earlier in the season!! Worst part of it all, the Pats are still not 100% healthy!! Imagine if they were!! Now they lost Gronk for at least a month but no worries since Aaron Hernandez and Julian Edelman are back. Let's give props to the New England staff on their draft last april!!! Chandler Jones, Dont'a Hightower, Tavon Wilson and Alfonzo Dennard have all contributed to the team. They're making plays when they need them too!

How bad is Sam Bradford?? By now you all know how much I am not a Mark Sanchez fan! Last sunday we saw the Jets play the Rams and Sanchez outplayed Bradford!! I know and understand at the time the Rams were in desperate need of a QB when they drafted Sam Bradford back in 2010 but at the time I felt Ndamukong Suh should of been the top pick and I still feel that way today.... Add to the fact that the rams gave Bradford a 50$M contract!! That was a bad investment to say the least, considering that 2010 was the last year where 1st round rookies received ridiculous contracts!!

On a last note but a funny one, we heard so many botched calls by professionals broadcasters this past week end! From Ian Eagle calling Austin Pettis, Danny Amendola, to Kevin Harlan calling Keyshawn Martin, Keyshawn Johnson after he scored.... But the worst call goes to Chris Myers when he announced "Panthers win.... Buccaneers win" on the game winning touchdown by Dallas Clark!! 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

NFL Pool Standings + Week 12 Picks

Matthew Ross: 24-20

Stefano Mocella: 22-22

Mitch Gallo: 21-23

Producer: 20-24
Moe Khan: 20-24

Sean Coleman: 18-26

Washington +3.5 @ Dallas

Atlanta -1.5 @ Tampa Bay

San Francisco -2.5 @ New Orleans

Green Bay +2.5 @ NY Giants

Matthew: DAL , ATL , NO , GB
Moe: WSH , ATL , NO , NYG
Producer: DAL , ATL , NO , NYG
Stefano: DAL , TB , NO , NYG
Mitch: WSH , TB , SF , GB
Sean: WSH , ATL , SF , GB

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

What we learned in the NFL week #10

What we learned this past week end in the NFL??

For starters we learned that Steelers might be in BIG trouble.  Losing Big Ben is a fatal blow to the black and yellow!! No one knows how long he will be out of commission but for Pittsburgh's sake it better be short! Did Christmas came early for the ravens this year?? Nothing is guaranteed so this is why they still gonna have to hit the field on sunday night! You don't win on paper!! Psychologically the Ravens have more pressure in winning sunday's matchup.... Just think of the outcome if the steelers win with Byron Leftwich under center!!! The Ravens cannot afford to lose this game!!

We also learned that Drew Brees has Matt Ryan's number. That the Saints are a better team with a balanced attack and the defense looks different with all star LB Jon Vilma back in the lineup!! The return of Joe Vitt sure doesn't hurt!! The Saints are 4-1 in their last 5 contests and are sneaking their way back into the playoff picture. With a win against the Raiders on sunday, the Saints will be back at .500 with 6 games left!! They have all the right in the world to believe they can still make the playoffs!!

We all witness that pathetic performance by Eli Manning against the Bengals!! What is wrong with the Giants offense!! The last time Eli threw a TD pass was to Victor Cruz against the Redskins 4 weeks ago!!! Some say Eli's arm is tired while others say the Giants problems is the blocking scheme of their Oline!! Whatever the issue is you would think that the Giants would run the ball more in this kind of situation!! They have 3 solid RB's, so what are they waiting for?? Giants better smarten up since the Cowboys are only 1 in a half game behind and Dallas receives the Cleveland Browns on sunday!!

Since I am talking about New York football why not talk about the pitiful Jets!! I am so tired of hearing the same crap out of Rex Ryan's mouth!! Stop saying how much you believe in Mark Sanchez!! I guess Ryan really wants to lose his job!! I was one of the few who called it on draft day a few years back that Mark Sanchez was not gonna cut it. I don't understand why Ryan is so stubborn about bot giving Tim Tebow a shot!! This is starting to sound exactly like the same thing that was going on in the Broncos training camp last year!! Oh Brady Quinn was even better then Tebow in practice!! Well when Quinn's name is called has he ever excelled ?? Jets players can go in record and say Sanchez is better then Tebow in practice but he sure doesn't translate it to the field on sundays!! Tebow cannot be any worse then Sanchez!! Im hoping that the Jets get humiliated on sunday vs the Rams and for the rest of the season as well!! How good of a coach are you when your mentality is to stay in neutral when your team is 3-6 and that your quarterback has a hard time throwing for 50%???

We also learned that the Eagles have no clue at all since Andy Reid is still employed!!! Now that Vick is out, Andy Reid is licking his chops thinking he can save his job through a new QB just like he did with Vick 2 years ago!! Well I don't think Nick Foles is gonna save his bacon!! Success or not, Reid NEEDS TO GO!!!! Time for Philly to move in a new direction!!

We saw once again the Bears fall flat to a superior team!! It's all fun and games when you play weak team but reality is you can't play the jags and Titans every week!!

I never was drinking that Miami Dolphins cool-aid but now I get the impression that the one's who were stopped!! A lot of fans got carried away with Miami's little string of success!! I still like what I see from coach Philbin but the Miami offense is limited!! They don't have any premier wide receivers, their QB is a rookie who was a wide receiver himself only 3 years ago and the running game is inconsistent!!! Miami will not make the playoffs!! Sell all Miami Dolphins stock as you should of never bought some in the first place!!

If there is a team you should buy stock it's the New England Patriots!! It's a scary thought to think that the Pats haven't properly clicked yet!! Wait till december comes around and play the Texans and 49ers back to back!!

On a last note, congratulations to Tony Gonzalez, who is now part of the 100 TD club and also to Peyton Manning who tied hall of famer, Dan Marino with 420 passing touchdowns!!!

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

NFL Pool Standings + Week 11 Picks

Matthew Ross: 23-17

Mitch Gallo: 21-19
Stefano Mocella: 21-19

Producer: 19-21

Moe Khan: 17-23

Sean Coleman: 16-24

San Diego +7.5 @ Denver

Indianapolis +9.5 @ New England

Baltimore +3.5 @ Pittsburgh

Chicago +4.5 @ San Francisco

Matthew: SD , IND , BAL , CHI
Moe: DEN , NE , PIT , SF
Producer: DEN , NE , BAL , CHI
Stefano: DEN , NE , BAL , CHI
Mitch: DEN , IND , BAL , CHI
Sean: DEN , NE , BAL , SF

Thursday, 8 November 2012

GamePoints Rendez-Vous with Tera Van Beilen

NFL Picks Week 10

Mike Obrand Top 10 Things you Missed in the CFL Season

What we learned week #9 in the NFL

What did we learn from Week 9?

DOUG MARTIN!!!!! For those who did not know who Doug Martin was, well, say hello to the muscle hamster. Not only did Martin run for 251 yards on Sunday, but add the yards he gained vs the Vikings the week prior....... A total of 386 yards and this is only running yards!! Doug Martin is a complete back made for today's NFL!! He can run, catch and is a very good pass blocker!!! Tampa Bay looks really good sitting at 4-4 and play a critical game this coming Sunday vs the 4-4 San Diego Chargers. I like what I see with the Bucs! Josh Freeman is playing good football. The passing game has looked good the last month since they came off their bye. But now add the running game to the equation.... You got yourself a complete offense!! What's surprising with the Bucs is how easy it looked, even without their best offensive linemen, Carl Nicks, who is done for the season!! I'm drinking that Kool-Aid!!!!

We learned that the Steelers defense has come alive, especially cornerback Ike Taylor!! You can't pass on this defense anymore!! Wait until Troy Polamalu comes back!!!! I would not be shocked to see the Steelers pass the Ravens for first place for the AFC north division! Ravens look sick on almost every aspect of the game and most of the team is badly banged up, while the Steelers have been peaking. Pittsburgh's record stands at 4-1 since the bye week with 3 wins vs the NFC east!! (Eagles, Redskins and Giants) Looking at the rest of their schedule, I don't see anything too difficult for them besides the 2 remaining games vs the Ravens!! Kirby Wilson, the runningback coach for the Steelers, deserves a ton of credit for the work he has done with not 1 or 2 running backs, but 5 of them!! With all the injuries he had no choice and look at the results!!

What is wrong with Eli Manning?? The last 3 weeks he's looked awful!! Luckily for Manning, the defense and special teams has played good football. But at 6-3, they don't have too much to worry about from within their own division!! The rest of the NFC east has struggled with an important matchup between the 3-5 Cowboys in Philly to play the 3-5 Eagles!!! I'm going go on record here and predict whoever loses between those two can kiss their head coach goodbye. I still don't understand how Andy Reid is still coaching!! LeSean McCoy only has 2 red zone touchdowns!!! Yeah.... Exactly my point!!!

What is wrong with Christian Ponder? The Vikings better check themselves!! They have a critical game on Sunday vs the resurgent Lions!! Minnesota has looked good on home turf but this is not the same Lions team they beat in week #4. The Vikings can't afford to lose this game since they still have to play the Bears and Packers twice!!

We also learned that Andrew Luck is for real....That's if anyone still had doubts. I'm glad it took one year for a rookie quarterback to eclipse the record for most passing yards in a single game which Cam Newton set last year. A few weeks ago, I mentioned how it was possible for the Colts to think playoffs, well at 5-3 they're looking good! They had to beat teams such as the Browns, Dolphins and division rival Titans!! Now comes the pitiful Jaguars!! The Colts could be sitting at 6-3 after week #10, with games left against teams such as the Bills, Titans and Chiefs!! A 9-win season for the Colts is NOT an outrageous thought!!!
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

NFL Pool Standings + Week 10 Picks

Matthew Ross: 22-14

Mitch Gallo: 20-16

Stefano Mocella: 19-17

Producer: 17-19
Moe Khan: 17-19

Sean Coleman: 16-20

San Diego +3.5 @ Tampa Bay

Detroit -2.5 @ Minnesota

Dallas -1.5 @ Philadelphia

Houston +1.5 @ Chicago

Matthew: SD, MIN, PHI, CHI
Producer: SD, DET, DAL, HOU
Stefano: TB, DET, DAL, CHI
Mitch: TB, DET, PHI, CHI

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What we learned in the NFL week #8

What did we learn this past weekend?

How could the San Diego Chargers lose to the Cleveland Browns?? I will give some credit to the Browns for still battling out there on Sundays. Their defense has looked better ever since CB Joe Haden came back from his 4-game suspension. But still, what is wrong with the Chargers?? Yes Norv Turner is a lame duck coach, but we all know this. Most of the blame has to go to GM A.J. Smith!! How do you still have a job after you let go of players such as Drew Brees, RB Darren Sproles, WR Vincent Jackson and CB Antonio Cromartie??? Add horrible 1st round draft picks like LB Larry English and RB Ryan Matthews and you got yourself a recipe for failure!!

We also learned that the San Francisco 49ers are capable of throwing the ball with some success, but we still don't know if they can win coming from behind!!! Last night was one of Michael Crabtree's best games as a pro and what about that play by Randy Moss? He can still fly for a 35-year old!

Sad to see the Arizona Cards lose four in a row!! If you can't protect your QB, you won't have any success, no matter how good your defense and special teams are!!

All of sudden the Minnesota Vikings can't stop the run. Alfred Morris of the Redskins, Larod Stephens-Howling of the Cards and now Doug Martin of the Bucs all ran for over 100 yards on Minnesota the last three weeks! This is not what you want to see if you'r the Vikings. And on top of that, QB Christian Ponder has regressed the last few weeks!! What was a surprising and good start of the season could all be wasted if Minnesota doesn't get their act together!

We also learned that the Tampa Bay Bucs are on the come-up!! Josh Freeman has been outstanding in his last three outings! Tampa has looked really good on offense since coming off their bye week! Sitting at 3 wins and 4 losses, the Bucs are somewhat in the playoff picture., especially if they beat the Raiders next week! They would be 4-4, with the Chargers and Panthers as their next foes... Tampa Bay could be 6-4 after week #11!! Head coach Greg Schiano is doing a wonderful job in bringing back discipline to the Bucs organization!!

Last but not least, we all witnessed the atrocious performance by the Eagles on Sunday!! Philadelphia has massive internal problems!! Explain to me how you only give your star RB, LeSean McCoy, 16 carries against an average Falcons run defense?? Mike Vick is far from being the problem. The O-Line is horrible. Andy Reid's game plans are good for the garbage. He and Marty Mornhinweg still call plays like its the 2004 Eagles... And even back then I thought they underused RB Brian Westbrook! Owner Jeffrey Lurie needs to step in and do something about this hot mess- and NOW!! Mark it down now, the Nov. 11th matchup vs the Cowboys might be the match that will decide Andy Reid's fate. Vick's fate is already decided.... He won't be back next year.... Not at 15.5M$ per!!!

NFL Pool Standings + Picks Week 9

Matthew Ross: 20-12

Mitch Gallo: 19-13

Stefano Mocella: 17-15

Producer: 16-16

Moe Khan: 14-18
Sean Coleman: 14-18

Miami -2.5 @ Indianapolis

Pittsburgh +3.5 @ NY Giants

Dallas +4.5 @ Atlanta

Philadelphia +3.5 @ New Orleans

Matthew: MIA, PIT, DAL, NO
Producer: MIA, NYG, ATL, PHI
Stefano: MIA, NYG, ATL, NO

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

NFL: What we learned in week #7

Before I start, I want to mention how I forgot 3 other ageless wonders of the game: DB Charles Woodson, LB London Fletcher and CB Antoine Winfield, who has been LIGHTS OUT this year with Minnesota! Well wouldn't you know it, Woodson and Fletcher got hurt last week. Nothing as severe as Ray Lewis's injury, but in Fletcher's case, his hamstring injury might snap his streak of consecutive games played at 231!!! Fletcher has not missed a single game since he stepped foot in the NFL with the St. Louis Rams back in 1998!!! Woodson logically will enter Canton, Ohio, but here's hoping they find a spot for Fletcher AND Winfield, who have been both very under appreciated throughout their careers!!!

 What did we learn this past week end??

 Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers just don't lose two in a row at home!! If San Francisco nails home field advantage throughout the playoffs, it will be a major boost for this team that lacks offensive punch!! Alex Smith has a finger injury but nonetheless, Frank Gore can't do this by himself AND Gore is playing through a hip injury!

We also witnessed that something is just not right with the New England Patriots right now!!! Could it be Tom Brady is not 100%?? Maybe the loss of Matt Light and Brian Waters on the O-Llne? Whatever it may be, they're just not consistent enough throughout the full 60-minute game.
> The Ravens are in big trouble!! They already were on the defensive side but now the offense looks horrible once again!! I was never a fan of OC Cam Cameron and I put a lot of the blame on his schemes, game plan and play call!! All awful. The Ravens also have to step it up on the road!! They lost @ Philly, barely beat the Chiefs in KC and last week got slapped by the Texans in Houston!

 While we are talking about massive problems..... The Carolina Panthers, HELLO???? Cam Newton really needs to stop talking to the press after games ASAP!! If I'm one of Newton's teammates, I'm second guessing wanting to play for this guy! It's really the first time in Cam's career where he has had to face this kind of adversity and he is not responding to it very well! The ship is sinking in Carolina, and fast..... That's if it hasn't sunk already with Mr. Newton being the first one to jumped off!!!

  We already knew that The Raiders were mediocre, but I like what I see from first year coach Dennis Allen!! His guys are battling in every contest. Their two victories this year have been come-from-behind wins!!

 The Chicago Bears defense is scary to say the least, but take a second to look at who they played..... right.... exactly..... Colts(W), @Packers(L), Rams(W), @Cowboys(W), @Jags and last night vs Lions!! If this offense can't produce more then 13 points a game, I don't expect to see the Bears making a strong push come playoff time! Looking forward to seeing the Bears take on the second part of their schedule!!

 Jean-Claude Godin 

NFL Pool Standings + Week 8 Picks

Mitch Gallo: 17-11

Matthew Ross: 16-12

Stefano Mocella: 15-13
Producer: 15-13

Moe Khan: 12-16

Sean Coleman: 11-17

Atlanta +2.5 @ Philadelphia

Miami +2.5 @ NY Jets

NY Giants -1.5 @ Dallas

Washington +5.5 @ Pittsburgh

Matthew: ATL, MIA, NYG, PIT
Producer: ATL, NYJ, DAL, WSH
Stefano: PHI, MIA, NYG, WSH

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Moe Khan talks Montreal Alouettes and CFL Oct 16

Jeff Erickson Fantasy Football Week 7

NFL Fantasy Rankings rankings for week #7

By Jean-Claude Godin


1)Drew Brees, Saints @ Bucs
I expect this matchup to be high-scoring with a Saints win and NO can't run the ball so it's gonna be another Sunday of cool Brees, as he will extend his record for most consecutive games with at least a TD.

2)Robert Griffin III, Redskins @ Giants
Another high-scoring affair in this match up and the Redskins offense is all about RG3 and Alfred Morris. The Giants just came off a huge win in SF but in Giants fashion, they will follow up that nice road win with a loss at home. If the Giants win, it will be ugly. Redskins will keep it close and score by the pound!

3)Andrew Luck, Colts vs Browns
Luck has bounced back from every bad outing this year and they play the Browns at home...... The Colts are still without their RB Donald Brown.

4)Eli Manning, Giants vs Redskins
As I stated, Redskins vs Giants will be high-scoring, so I think we will see a nice QB duel between Eli and Griffin which will be their first meeting.

5)Tony Romo, Cowboys @ Panthers
I know, How can I put Romo so high??? He didn't play bad last week and he plays the mediocre Panthers D on Sunday. I like this matchup!! That's if he can stay away from tossing picks.

6)Aaron Rodgers, Packers @ Rams
The real Rodgers is starting to show face, but imagine what the results would be on his part if his O-line could block a bit better? This is why I have AROD in the 6 slot. The Rams D will make it difficult for him on Sunday.

7)Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bills vs Titans
This is probably the highest I will rate the ivy leaguer this year. This has high scoring written all over this matchup vs the Titans.

8)Tom Brady, Pats vs Jets
Jets are stout vs the pass so I expect the Pats game plan to focus around Steven Ridley

9)Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers @ Bengals
10)Matt Schaub, Texans vs Ravens
11)Joe Flacco, Ravens @ Texans
12)Andy Dalton, Bengals vs Steelers
13)Jay Cutler, Bears vs Lions
14)Josh Freeman, Bucs vs Saints
15)Carson Palmer, Raiders vs Jags
16)Matt Hasselbeck, Titans @ Bills
17)Sam Bradford, Rams vs Packers
18)Cam Newton, Panthers vs Cowboys
19)Mark Sanchez, Jets @ Pats
20)Brandon Weeden, Browns @ Colts

Matt Stafford did not make my top 20, I really think he will have an ugly game on Monday night!


1)Arian Foster, Texans vs Ravens
Baltimore is giving up a lot of yards vs the run and now they're without Ray Lewis.

2)Trent Richardson, Browns @ Colts (only if hes 100% healthy)
The Colts D is SOFT and T-Rich is a monster. If his ribs hold up, he should have a monster Sunday.

3)Darren McFadden, Raiders vs Jags
McFadden has struggled so far this year and I think he will the rest of the season since he has never looked good running in the zone blocking scheme. But this is the Jags we are talking about here!!! Dress Run-DMC

4)Steven Ridley, Pats vs Jets
The Jets are weak vs the run, this is a good match for them to change the trend, but until they do... I like Ridley to run close to 100 yards with a score.

5)Adrian Peterson, Vikings vs Cards
Make it 5 weeks in a row for AP without a score. His ankle is still bothering him but he's a must-dress every week. The Cards are now back with Skelton at the helm.... Vikings will win and AP could finally see pay dirt.

6)Maurice Jones-Drew, Jags @ Raiders
7)Ray Rice, Ravens @ Texans
8)C.J. Spiller, Bills vs Titans

9)Chris Johnson, Titans vs Bills
WOW CJ2K is back on my list. If he can't run wild on the Bills defense then you can forget about him the rest of the season.

10)Alfred Morris, Redskins @ Giants
11)Felix Jones, Cowboys @ Panthers
12)Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks @ 49ers

13)Fred Jackson, Bills vs Titans
Spiller and Jackson have to be dressed at the same time because of the time share..... If you drafted both of them like I did, well-played.

14)Matt Forte, Bears vs Lions
15)Ahmad Bradshaw, Giants vs Redskins (not 100%)
16)Frank Gore, 49ers vs Seahawks
17)Michael Bush, Bears vs Lions
18)Rashard Mendenhall, Steelers @ Bengals

19)Andre Brown, Giants vs Redskins
Brown has been practicing with the first team this week!!! Sleeper play here. Just doublecheck his status on Sunday morning.

20)Doug Martin, Bucs vs Saints
21)Steven Jackson, Rams vs Packers
22)Daryl Richardson, Rams vs Packers
23)Ben Jarvus Green Ellis, Bengals vs Steelers
24)Alex Green, Packers @ Rams
25)Mikel Leshoure, Lions @ Bears


1)A.J. Green, Bengals vs Steelers
Ike Taylor can't cover anyone this year!! Money!!!!

2)Victor Cruz, Giants vs Redskins
If Green went off on DeAngelo Hall a few weeks ago, I think Cruz can do the same!! SALSA TIME!

3)Marques Colston, Saints @ Bucs
Colston looked good prior to the bye and it looks like the Saints will be without Jimmy Graham.

4)Vincent Jackson. Bucs vs Saints
Jackson scored 3 TDs in his last two games, I think he gets at least one vs the Saints.

5)Andre Johnson, Texans vs Ravens
Ravens just lost their #1 CB Ladarrius Webb for the year!!! AJ on Sunday.

6)Steve Johnson, Bills vs Titans
Johnson is getting at least 10 looks a game, but the last few weeks the Bills have played against top defenses.... not this week!

7)Kenny Britt, Titans @ Bills
Britt has all the physical tools to succeed. This should be the game were he goes off, as last week he was starting to show signs of his old self.

8)Reggie Wayne, Colts vs Browns
Wayne looks rejuvenated and besides Joe Haden in the Browns secondary, there isn't much. Wayne should have himself a party on Sunday!

9)Brandon Marshall, Bears vs Lions
Cutler has eyes only for Marshall.

10)Mike Wallace, Steelers @ Bengals
Seems like he's the only receiver who is capable of scoring TDs for the Steelers..

11)Calvin Johnson, Lions @ Bears
12)Percy Harvin, Vikings vs Cards
13)Mike Williams, Bucs vs Saints
14)Larry Fitzgerald, Cards @ Vikings
15)Dez Bryant, Cowboys @ Panthers
16)Hakeem Nicks, Giants vs Redskins
17)Jordy Nelson, Packers @ Rams
18)James Jones, Packers @ Rams
19)Denarius Moore, Raiders vs Jags
20)Wes Welker, Pats vs Jets
21)Antonio Brown, Steelers @ Bengals
22)Kendall Wright, Titans @ Bills
23)Josh Gordon, Browns @ colts
24)Donnie Avery, Colts vs Browns
25)Torrey Smith, Ravens @ Texans


1)Jason Witten, Cowboys @ Panthers
2)Heath Miller, Steelers @ Bengals
3)Aaron Hernandez, Pats vs Jets
4)Jared Cook, Titans @ Bills
5)Vernon Davis, 49ers vs Seahwaks
6)Rob Gronkowski, Pats vs Jets
7)Owen Daniels, Texans vs Ravens
8)Brandon Myers, Raiders vs Jags
9)Scott Chandler, Bills vs Titans
10)Jermaine Gresham, Bengals vs Steelers

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

What did we learn in the NFL week #6

Jean-Claude Godin

What did we learn this past weekend?? A whole lo,t let me tell you.

First off, the San Diego Chargers will never win with Norv Turner at the helm and GM A.J. Smith should also be accountable for making the decision to go with Philip Rivers over Drew Brees!! That decision didn't turn out so good in his favor!!

Last night's match was a HUGE win for the Denver Broncos, as the rest of their schedule is quite soft!
Even though Denver has issues on defense, I don't see San Diego winning the West. Denver needs to smarten up though, as they rely way too much on Peyton to save face for their horrendous starts. It's not fair to put Manning in a situation where he has to make comeback after comeback.

Last Thursday, we witness the Titans squeaking one by the Steelers. Pittsburgh has massive issues on the o-line once again, but what concerns me more is the inability of the Steelers to punch it in when they're in the red zone! This team has to be one of the worst red zone offenses out there (with the Eagles of course)! Steelers go to Cincy Sunday night in what should be a exciting match. Both teams have a lot to prove.

Sad to see the Colts come out flat in the 2nd quarter of last Sunday's match vs the Jets! The reality is that the Colts D is SOFT!! Shonn Green is an average back in the NFL and the Colts allowed Green to gallop for 160-plus yards on them!! Yes, the Jets were a dangerous team to play, but still... as the ESPN crew would say: "C'MON MAN"!! Nothing is lost for the Colts, though. Their next 4 games are against the Browns, @Titans, Dolphins and @Jags!! Three wins out of 4 is a possibility.

Speaking of the Jets, I have to give some love to coach Ryan, coach Sporano and coach Westhoff (special teams) for their game plan and how they have been using Tim Tebow!! The fake punt-pass was brilliant and bringing Tebow to move the chains on 3rd and short is just common sense!!

We also learned that as long as Andy Reid keeps calling the shots for the Eagles, this team will always underachieve. The defense has no sacks in their last 3 games and I guess it was DC Juan Castillo's call to take Nnamdi Asomugha off of Calvin Johnson in the 4th quarter since he was fired or relieved of his duties earlier this morning. Todd Bowles steps in as new DC!! Good move, but this move will cost Reid's job!! Todd Bowles will be Philly's new HC next year!! If not, then I think we might see Jon Gruden going back to Philly, where it all started for him as a coach in the NFL!

We also learned that Tom Brady is one of the biggest trash talkers for a QB in the league. How amusing was the Seahawks match vs the Pats!! Brady apparently told Seahwaks CB Richard Sherman (who is becoming one of the game's top CB) to come and see him after the game with Seahawks safety Earl Thomas (who is also a star in the making)....well somewhere in the 4th quarter Brady threw 2 picks... 1 to Sherman and the other to, that's right, Earl Thomas.. and guess what, Sherman went to pay Brady a visit after the game!! What goes around comes back around!!

We learned that the San Francisco 49ers and Houston Texans are not made to come from behind, thus I can tell you none of those two teams will win the Super Bowl!!

I love how year after year most fans and experts still show no love to the G-Men!! Boy did New York showed the nation last Sunday!! They punched San Fran right in the mouth to top it off with a good kick in get the point! NEVER DOUBT THE GIANTS, REGARDLESS OF THEIR RECORD..... and I will go on the record here and state that WR Victor Cruz has what it takes to maybe become the greatest wide receiver after Jerry Rice!! I see similarities between both of them!!

How impressive was that Redskins win vs the Vikings!! Vikings were up 9-0 after the 1st quarter and had momentum... that was until Robert Griffin III went OFF!!! HE WAS BALLING!!! Great game plan by the Shanahans! You can't run on the Vikings defense but are not a pass first offense so you have to stick with the run but it wasn't rookie Alfred Morris doing most of the was RG III.

To cap things off, I just want to take this time to mention Ray Lewis's injury! By now all know he tore his triceps and is done for the year!! He will turn 38 next May!! Could his career be done?? I hope not and i pray not since to end his glorious career the way it ended on Sunday is just not right!! Now let's cross our fingers for the other ageless wonders, Falcons TE, Tony Gonzalez and for Bucs DB, Ronde Barber to finish off their seasons and career the right way!!

NFL Pool Standings + Week 7 Picks

Mitch Gallo: 14-10

Matthew Ross: 12-12
Stefano Mocella: 12-12
Producer: 12-12

Sean Coleman: 10-14
Moe Khan: 10-14

Baltimore +6.5 @ Houston

Washington +6.5 @ NY Giants

Arizona +5.5 @ Minnesota

Detroit +5.5 @ Chicago

Matthew: HOU, WSH, MIN, CHI
Producer: HOU, NYG, MIN, CHI
Stefano: BAL, WSH, MIN, CHI

Saturday, 13 October 2012

NHL is dead to me - for now

Breaking news - The NHL and NHLPA are meeting to discuss when to next negotiate and meet. In a related story, every sports news program features an insider that's giving us no inside news.


I am absolutely sick and tired of hearing no news when it comes to the National Hockey League and the players association. This posturing and these tactics have to stop - and now! The old adage of 'Everyone will come back once they're back," is starting to get really old really fast.

I made a conscious decision NOT to talk any lockout talk on my show a couple of weeks ago and I plan on sticking to it. For the moment, the NHL is dead to me. It does not deserve my attention, nor do the players deserve to be advocated for.

The issues in this new CBA are irrelevant. If the two sides couldn't put a sense of urgency on getting a deal done, why should any of us care?

I know what each side is trying to do. They're trying to stay away from the bargaining table for prolonged periods, thus seemingly showing their side's lack of a need to get a deal done on the terms of the other side. Nuts to this ridiculous game of chicken.

And I've got news for you, hockey people - many of us haven't missed a thing yet!

With NFL games on three days a week, baseball playoffs electrifying audiences and the CFL still going strong, what time do I have to miss hockey right now? Moreover, the NBA is around the corner, a sport I don't normally start paying attention to until the new year. But guess what, it'll get more of my attention in November this time around.

And shame on the people out there dying to know the latest form the negotiation table. You're not going to be privy to anything really riveting in these insider reports. And the owners and players can't be bothered to care about the fans who're missing out on meaningful games for the third time in the last two decades.

So to those that are still checking the ticker for lockout and labour developements, I say get a life. Watch some other sports. Check out local amateur and semi-pro sports. Move on. If the NHL and NHLPA can't be bothered to stay in a room until they get a deal done, you shouldn't be bothered to care, either.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to spend some time with my kids and plan a trip to see the Montreal Stars of the CWHL, real hockey heroes who still remember how to play for the love of the sport.

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

My Fantasy rankings for week #6

Jean-Claude Godin

QB: 1)Matt Ryan, Falcons vs Raiders
Raiders are still without their top 2 CB so expect big things from Ryan!

2)Peyton Manning, Broncos @ Chargers
Manning might of lost some velocity on his passes but he is still putting up numbers thanks to that aweful defense!! Denver has been playing a lot of catch up football lately.

3)Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers @ Titans
Titans are just horrible so far this season and I dont see any improvemnt on their part!!They don't have a pass rush and this will be easy for Big Ben!

4)Aaron Rodgers, Packers @ Texans
I expect the Packers to maybe cause a surprise here!!!

5)Tom Brady, Pats @ Seahawks
This is a tough one to call, Seattle's D is wicked good but so is Tom Brady!!

6)Philip Rivers, Chargers vs Broncos
7)Matthew Stafford, Lions @ Eagles
8)Christian Ponder, Vikings @ Redskins
9)Mike Vick, Eagles vs Lions
10)Eli Manning, Giants @ 49ers
11)Andrew Luck, Colts @ Jets
12)Andy Dalton, Bengals @ Browns
13)Matt Schaub, Texans vs Packers
14)Brandon Weeden, Browns vs Bengals
15)Joe Flacco, Ravens vs Cowboys
16)Tony Romo, Cowboys @ Ravens
17)Robert Griffin III, Redskins vs Vikings (only because he's questionable)
18)Kevin Kolb, Cards vs Bills
19)Alex Smith, 49ers vs Giants
20)Sam Bradford, Rams @ Dolphins


1)Adrian Peterson, Vikings @ Redskins
Redskins D are allowing a lot of yards via the run so far this year!! This could be finally the game where AP is back to his old self.

2)Trent Richardson, Browns vs Bengals
Cincy D can't stop the run and T-Rich is a natural!!

3)Arian Foster, Texans vs Packers
If there is no BJ Raji for the Pack, Foster will go off!!

4)Jamaal Charles, Cheifs @ Bucs
Charles is one if not the most dangerous back in the league! Every time he touches the rock, he can bring it all the way home!

5)Marshwan Lynch, Seahwaks vs Pats
This will be a tough match up for beast mode but he remains the focal point of the Seahwaks attack so you can expect a heavy workload!

6)Frank Gore, 49ers vs Giants
7)Ray Rice, Ravens vs Cowboys
8)LeSean McCoy, Eagles vs Lions
9)Michael Turner, Falcons vs Raiders
10)Ryan Matthews, Chargers vs Broncos
11)Rashard Mendenhall, Steelers @ Titans
12)Reggie Bush, Dolphins vs Rams
13)Run DMC, Raiders @ Falcons
14)Demarco Murray, Cowboys @ Ravens
15)Willis McGahee, Broncos @ Chargers
16)Alfred Morris, Redskins vs Vikings
17)Steven Ridley, Pats @ Seahawks
18)Mikel Leshoure, Lions @ Eagles
19)Vick Ballard, Colts @ Jets
20)William Powell, Cards vs Bills


1)Julio Jones, Falcons vs Raiders
Just go back and re-read what I said about Matt Ryan playing the Raiders

2)AJ Green, Bengals @ Browns
Green will have Joe Haden on him but Green is a beast so who cares!!

3)Roddy White, Falcons vs Raiders
Both Falcons receiver should have a monster sunday!

4)Larry Fitzgerald, Cards vs Bills
Bills defense is just plain horrible

5)Calvin Johnson, Lions @ eagles
His situation is getting a suspicious, he might be playing hurt??

6)Wes Welker, Pats @ Seahawks
7)Antonio Brown, Steelers @ Titans
8)Mike Wallace, Steelers @ Titans
9)Andre Johnson, Texans vs Packers
10)Victor Cruz, Giants @ 49ers
11)Dwayne Bowe, Cheifs @ Bucs
12)James Jones, Packers @ Texans
13)Percy Harvin, Vikings @ Redskins
14)Demaryius Thomas, Broncos @ Chargers
15)DeSean Jackson, Eagles vs Lions
16)Reggie Wayne, Colts @ Jets
17)Jordy Nelson, Packers @ Texans
18)Andre Roberts, Cards vs Bills
19)Vincent Jackson, Bucs vs Cheifs
20)Miles austin, Cowboys @ Ravens


1)Tony Gonzalez, Falcons vs Raiders
2)Vernon Davis, 49ers vs Giants
3)Rob Gronkowski, Pats @ Seahwaks
4)Heath Miller, Steelers @ Titans
5)Brent Celek, Eagles vs Lions
6)Owen Daniels, Texans vs Packers
7)Antonio Gates, Chargers vs Broncos
8)Kyle Rudolph, Vikings @ Redskins
9)Jermaine Gresham, Bengals @ Browns
10)Dennis Pitta, Ravens vs Cowboys

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What did we learn in the NFL week #5

Jean-Claude Godin

What did we learn this past week end??

That the St. Louis Rams defense is as legit as the Cards and Seahawks. It's young and loaded with talent. Chris Long has this unstoppable motor, he's a beauty to watch! His bloodlines with hall of fame dad, Howie, shows on every play! Speaking of bloodlines, middle linebacker, James Laurinaitis plays like an animal... get it?? Animal!! His father was half of legendary wrestling tag team "The Road Warriors" Animal and Hawk!! Laurinaitis is transforming into one of the top MLB in the game as we speak! Also want to mention Janoris Jenkins preformence last thursday! HE WAS BALLING!! second round pick in last april's draft, he should of been a first round pick but slipped to the second because of character issues!! Jeff Fisher's gamble is paying off!! The NFC West used to be the laughing joke of the NFL but this division is becoming the toughest division of the NFL! All 4 defenses are sick with it!

We also learned that the Cards would be part of the converstaion of top tems in the league..... if they had an offensive line to block for Kolb and for the running game!! Kolb has been sacked 17 times the last 2 games!

The New Jets played farely better and ditto to Mark Sanchez but Mark Sanchez is not the answer, never was!! I know Tim Tebow is not a prototypical QB but all he does is WIN.... but if only the Jets can figure out a way to stop the run!! If this keeps up, Rex Ryan could be on the hot seat!

The New York Giants were down 17-7 and won 41-27! Yes they were playing the Cleveland Browns but on any given sunday anyone can beat anyone! The Giants are sitting at 3-2 but this team is a lot better then their record indicates! I don't see no championship hangover here..... imagine if they had a healthy (S) Kenny Philips, (WR) Hakeem Nicks, (CB) Terell Thomas, (RB)Bradshaw was hurt, now it's Andre Brown's turn to miss some time..... and if Justin Tuck and JPP could get it going.. watch out!! It always look ugly with the Giants, they make things so difficult for themsleves but with Eli at the helm throwing darts to Victor Cruz, all is in control!!

May I add that Victor Cruz is the worst possible nightmare for opposing defenses! He has the speed to line up on the outside and the size to play slot! He is the jack of all trades!! I just wanted to point this out since a few weeks ago Roddy White of the Falcons claimed that Cruz is too small to play on the outside where the big boys play!! I'm sorry but that was such a foolish statement on his behalf!! Cruz is part of the elite at his position!

In conclusion, I wanted to give most of this piece to the Colts and coach Chuck Pagano. The Indianapolis Colts are a lot better then people think they are. This team showed the whole nation on sunday what a team can accomplish when you dig deep and play for your brothers and coaches and not for one's self!!! I hope Cam Newton took time to watch the replay of the Packers vs the Colts last night on NFL network! It was beautiful to see the Colts play the way the played for coach Chuck Pagano!! If you don't know by now, coach Pagano is in the hospital battling for his life. Last wednesday it was announced that coach Pagano had Leukemia! To see Reggie Wayne post one of his best games in his carrer last sunday was awesome. Reggie Wayne goes way back with coach Pagano when both of them were part of the Miami Hurricanes. Coach Pagano was part of Butch Davis's staff and as for Wayne, he was a star in the making!! May I say that canton has a special place reserved for Reggie!! He's done it all and he is still balling at a high level and this without Peyton as his QB!! Overall, the Colts and the Irsay family showed tremendous class with their campaign for Chuck!! CHUCKSTRONG!! I'm hoping to see the Colts in the playoff picture come january!!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Dave Simon on UFC on FX 5 (Browne vs Silva)

NFL Pool Standings + Picks for Week 6

Mitch Gallo: 12-8

Matthew Ross: 11-9

Stefano Mocella: 10-10
Producer: 10-10
Sean Coleman: 10-10

Moe Khan: 9-11

Dallas +3.5 @ Baltimore

NY Giants +5.5 @ San Francisco

Green Bay +5.5 @ Houston

Denver +2.5 @ San Diego

Matthew: BAL, SF, HOU, DEN
Producer: (Due to Dave Simon's magnificent work taking phone calls and working the board during earthquake coverage, and not being able to prepare for picks, he receives a 4-0 record on behalf of the producer slot in Week 6)
Stefano: BAL, SF, GB, DEN
Sean: ? (0-4)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

My Fanatsy ranking for week #5

By Jean-Claude Godin

If you have any questions feel free to hit me up at


1)Aaron Rodgers, Packers: The real packers offense showed up last week, granted they played the Saints D but this up coming weekend rodgers and the Packers play the Colts!!! Their D is not that much better!

2)Matt Ryan, Falcons: If Josh Freeman can pass for 299 yards on the Redskins secondary, imagine what Ryan and the Falcons oofense can put up!!

3)Tom Brady. Pats: Brady vs Peyton chapter 13!!! This is usally always an ariel attack between those two. Expect the same!!

4)Peyton Manning, Broncos: The Pats secondary is crap!! Ryan Fitzpatrick did toss 4 TDs and the week before Flacco looked GOOD!!

5)Drew Brees, Saints: even though the Saints are 0-4, Brees is still puting up Numbers!! This week they host the Chargers on sunday night!! Prime Time, coast to coast.... Brees always look good on national televised games!

6)Eli Manning, Giants vs Browns
7)Joe Flacco, Ravens @ Chaeifs
8)Robert Griffin III, Redskins vs Falcons
9)Philip Rivers, Chargers @ Saints
10)Andy Dalton, Bengals vs Dolphins
11)Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers vs Eagles
12)Jay Cutler, Bears @ Jags
13)Cam Newton, Panthers vs seahwaks
14)Matt Schaub, Texans @ NYJ
15)Mike Vick, Eagles @ steelers
16)Christian Ponder, Vikings vs Titans
17)Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins @ Bengals
18)Andrew Luck, Colts vs Packers
19)Kevin Kolb, Crads @ Rams
20)Brandon Weeden, Browns @ NYG


1)Arian Foster, Texans @ NYJ: Jets are 30th against the run, Houston's O-Line is clearly The NFL's best!!

2)Adrian Peterson, Vikings vs Titans: Titans D is better against the run then against the pass but this is AP we are talking about here!!!

3)Marshawn Lynch, Seahwaks @ Panthers: Carolina' s defense is just one of the worst in the league!! Even Though the seahawks are without John Moffit up front, it won't matter!

4)Trent Richardson, Browns @ NYG: T-Rich is a monster and has a nose for the end zone!! Giants D is average at stopping the run.

5)Ray Rice, Ravens @ Cheifs: Cheifs defense is reasonable against the run but Rice is a duel threat!! He reminds me of Marshall Faulk in so many ways!

6)Frank Gore, 49ers vs Bills: Bills D stink so I expect gore to have a solid game, beware of the return of Jacobs though. He might and come in and steal some goal line looks. Ditto to the niners wildcat formation and Kendall Hunter gor 8 carries last week and looked real good!!

7)LeSean McCoy, Eagles @ Steelers: If the eagles continue to use FB Stanley Havili like they did last sunday night against the Giants, McCoy could be in for a HUGE game!!

8)Reggie Bush, Dolphins @ Bengals: Bush remains the Dolphins focal point of the offense and the Bengals have the worst defense vs the run!!

9)Maurice Jones-Drew, Jags vs Bears: I Don't really like this play but Jones-Drew is a must start every week!

10)Darren Sproles, Saints vs Chargers: Saints are finally to find back their way into giving Sproles the rock!

11)Ahmad Bradshaw, Giants vs Browns
12)Jamaal Charles, Cheifs vs Ravens
13)Steven Ridley, Pats vs Broncos
14)Cedric Benson, Packers @ Colts
15)Ryan Matthews, Chargers @ Saints
16)Alfred Morris, Redskins vs Falcons
17)Matt Forte, Bears @ Jags
18)Michael Turner, Falcons @ Redskins
19)Willis McGahee, Broncos @ Pats
20)Steven Jackson, Rams vs Cards
21)Chris Johnson, Tiants @ Vikings
22)Kendall Hunter, 49ers vs Bills
23)Fred Jackson, Bills @ 49ers
24)Brandon Bolden, Pats vs Broncos
25)Rashard Mendenhall, Steelers vs Eagles


1)Victor Cruz, Giants vs Browns: Browns are still without CB Joe Haden and Cruz is just a nightmare matchup for defenses!

2)Roddy White, Falcons @ Redskins: most defense are putting their attention towards Jones and this opens things up for White!

3)Brandon Marshall, Bears @ Jags: Marshall put in a nice game on monday night vs the cowboys!! When Cutler has time to throw he will go in Marshall's direction most of the time!

4)AJ Green, Bengals vs Dolphins: Green will be matched up against Sean Smith who put in a nice game last week vs Fitz but Green has been a stub all year long!

5)Jordy Nelson, Packers @ Colts: Nelson had his best game last week and with Jennings sitting out, it looks like a nice sunday for Jordy

6)Wes Welker, Pats vs Broncos: Not so sure the Pats want to fade Wes out. Hernandez and Edelmen are still out!

7)Andre Johnson, Texans @ Jets: Johnson did not have the monster game we expected last week but you have to dress him regardless. This week I expect the Texans to go more run heavy on the Jets but no Revis so AJ might get a score or two!

8)Eric Decker, Broncos @ Pats: I said before and I'll say it again.. the pats secondary is meh, which means average at best!

9)Larry Fitzgerald, Cards @ Rams: I'm not in love with Tonight's matchup. Jeff Fisher has made the Rams D really respectable! They play hard on every snap!

10)James Jones, Packers @ Colts: James Jones finally looks like he is turning the corner. This here is a sleeper play!!

11)Demaryius Thomas, Broncos @ Pats
12)Maques Colston, Saints vs Chargers
13)Torrey Smith, Ravens @ Cheifs
14)Brandon Lloyd, Pats vs Broncos
15)Julio Jones, Falcons @ Redskins
16)Dwayne Bowe, Cheifs vs Ravens
17)DeSean Jackson, Eagles @ Steelers
18)Mike Wallace, Steelers vs Eagles
19)Antonio Brown, Steelers vs Eagles
20)Brian Hartline, Dolphins @ Bengals
21)Dominik Hixon, Giants vs Browns
22)Anquan Boldin, Ravens @ Cheifs
23)Pierre Garcon, Redskins vs Falcons
24)Reggie Wayne, Colts vs Packers
25)Steve Smith, Panthers vs seahawks


1)Rob Gronkowski, Pats vs Broncos
2)Jimmy Graham, Saints vs Chargers
3)Vernon Davis, 49ers vs Bills
4)Tony Gonzalez, Falcons @ Redskins
5)Jermichael Finley, Packers @ Colts
6)Martellus Bennett, Giants vs Browns
7)Kyle Rudolph, Vikings vs Titans
8)Dennis Pitta, Ravens @ Cheifs
9)Antonio Gates, Chargers @ Saints
10)Heath Miller, Steelers vs Eagles

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

What did we learn week #4

By Jean-Claude Godin

What did we learn this past week end.....

The Dallas Cowboys are a real mess, which I'm not shocked by this. It's easy to underdstand that the Cowboys will always have a hard time until Jerry Jones stops calling the shots. Sorry cowboys fans but this is the truth!

We learned that the Buffalo Bills defence is overrated. Mario Williams so far is a bust but should Williams take all the heat for the unsuccessful ways of the defence?? I think Dave Wannstedt is to blame here. This man should not be coaching no more... look what he did to the football program at the university of Pittsburgh! How bad is your defence when you allow two running backs to run over 100 yards over you???

The Minnesota Vikings defence is for real, just like Seattle's and Arizona's!! Lezlie Frazier is a defensive minded coach and hired his understudy, Alan Williams from indy, to take over the vikes D!Two wins in a row versus the niners and Lions is pretty impressive! That front 7 is scarry good!!

Matt Ryan really has ice running thru his veins. That last minute drive was something out of the ordinary!!!!

We learned that that the Jets have to be the worst team to watch. I'd rather suffer from a slow death then to watch the New York Jets!! Maybe things might change if they call Tim Tebow's number?

The Denver Broncos finally won a match in Oakland! Last time the broncos beat the Raiders in their back yard was in 2007!! Speaking of the Broncos, it's been 2 weeks in a row where CBS second worst broadcaster team,Nantz and Simms, call the broncos game!! Gee, I wonder why?? Their infatuation for Peyton Manning has ALWAYS been UNBERABLE to listen to. I wonder if Jim Nantz bought himself a house in the Denver area?? Guess who's gonna call the broncos vs pats game next week???

We also learned last night that Jay Cutler still has attitude issues but this time with his own coaching staff!! He blew off OC Mike Tice last night!! Real classy!!

The Detroit Lions are not a good football team! Last season was nothing but a mirage!

Finally it seems like Cam Newton is all about Cam and not about his teammates! The kid already lost himself in his own hype!!