Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What we learned in the NFL week #8

What did we learn this past weekend?

How could the San Diego Chargers lose to the Cleveland Browns?? I will give some credit to the Browns for still battling out there on Sundays. Their defense has looked better ever since CB Joe Haden came back from his 4-game suspension. But still, what is wrong with the Chargers?? Yes Norv Turner is a lame duck coach, but we all know this. Most of the blame has to go to GM A.J. Smith!! How do you still have a job after you let go of players such as Drew Brees, RB Darren Sproles, WR Vincent Jackson and CB Antonio Cromartie??? Add horrible 1st round draft picks like LB Larry English and RB Ryan Matthews and you got yourself a recipe for failure!!

We also learned that the San Francisco 49ers are capable of throwing the ball with some success, but we still don't know if they can win coming from behind!!! Last night was one of Michael Crabtree's best games as a pro and what about that play by Randy Moss? He can still fly for a 35-year old!

Sad to see the Arizona Cards lose four in a row!! If you can't protect your QB, you won't have any success, no matter how good your defense and special teams are!!

All of sudden the Minnesota Vikings can't stop the run. Alfred Morris of the Redskins, Larod Stephens-Howling of the Cards and now Doug Martin of the Bucs all ran for over 100 yards on Minnesota the last three weeks! This is not what you want to see if you'r the Vikings. And on top of that, QB Christian Ponder has regressed the last few weeks!! What was a surprising and good start of the season could all be wasted if Minnesota doesn't get their act together!

We also learned that the Tampa Bay Bucs are on the come-up!! Josh Freeman has been outstanding in his last three outings! Tampa has looked really good on offense since coming off their bye week! Sitting at 3 wins and 4 losses, the Bucs are somewhat in the playoff picture., especially if they beat the Raiders next week! They would be 4-4, with the Chargers and Panthers as their next foes... Tampa Bay could be 6-4 after week #11!! Head coach Greg Schiano is doing a wonderful job in bringing back discipline to the Bucs organization!!

Last but not least, we all witnessed the atrocious performance by the Eagles on Sunday!! Philadelphia has massive internal problems!! Explain to me how you only give your star RB, LeSean McCoy, 16 carries against an average Falcons run defense?? Mike Vick is far from being the problem. The O-Line is horrible. Andy Reid's game plans are good for the garbage. He and Marty Mornhinweg still call plays like its the 2004 Eagles... And even back then I thought they underused RB Brian Westbrook! Owner Jeffrey Lurie needs to step in and do something about this hot mess- and NOW!! Mark it down now, the Nov. 11th matchup vs the Cowboys might be the match that will decide Andy Reid's fate. Vick's fate is already decided.... He won't be back next year.... Not at 15.5M$ per!!!

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