Tuesday, 2 October 2012

What did we learn week #4

By Jean-Claude Godin

What did we learn this past week end.....

The Dallas Cowboys are a real mess, which I'm not shocked by this. It's easy to underdstand that the Cowboys will always have a hard time until Jerry Jones stops calling the shots. Sorry cowboys fans but this is the truth!

We learned that the Buffalo Bills defence is overrated. Mario Williams so far is a bust but should Williams take all the heat for the unsuccessful ways of the defence?? I think Dave Wannstedt is to blame here. This man should not be coaching no more... look what he did to the football program at the university of Pittsburgh! How bad is your defence when you allow two running backs to run over 100 yards over you???

The Minnesota Vikings defence is for real, just like Seattle's and Arizona's!! Lezlie Frazier is a defensive minded coach and hired his understudy, Alan Williams from indy, to take over the vikes D!Two wins in a row versus the niners and Lions is pretty impressive! That front 7 is scarry good!!

Matt Ryan really has ice running thru his veins. That last minute drive was something out of the ordinary!!!!

We learned that that the Jets have to be the worst team to watch. I'd rather suffer from a slow death then to watch the New York Jets!! Maybe things might change if they call Tim Tebow's number?

The Denver Broncos finally won a match in Oakland! Last time the broncos beat the Raiders in their back yard was in 2007!! Speaking of the Broncos, it's been 2 weeks in a row where CBS second worst broadcaster team,Nantz and Simms, call the broncos game!! Gee, I wonder why?? Their infatuation for Peyton Manning has ALWAYS been UNBERABLE to listen to. I wonder if Jim Nantz bought himself a house in the Denver area?? Guess who's gonna call the broncos vs pats game next week???

We also learned last night that Jay Cutler still has attitude issues but this time with his own coaching staff!! He blew off OC Mike Tice last night!! Real classy!!

The Detroit Lions are not a good football team! Last season was nothing but a mirage!

Finally it seems like Cam Newton is all about Cam and not about his teammates! The kid already lost himself in his own hype!!

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