Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What did we learn in the NFL week #5

Jean-Claude Godin

What did we learn this past week end??

That the St. Louis Rams defense is as legit as the Cards and Seahawks. It's young and loaded with talent. Chris Long has this unstoppable motor, he's a beauty to watch! His bloodlines with hall of fame dad, Howie, shows on every play! Speaking of bloodlines, middle linebacker, James Laurinaitis plays like an animal... get it?? Animal!! His father was half of legendary wrestling tag team "The Road Warriors" Animal and Hawk!! Laurinaitis is transforming into one of the top MLB in the game as we speak! Also want to mention Janoris Jenkins preformence last thursday! HE WAS BALLING!! second round pick in last april's draft, he should of been a first round pick but slipped to the second because of character issues!! Jeff Fisher's gamble is paying off!! The NFC West used to be the laughing joke of the NFL but this division is becoming the toughest division of the NFL! All 4 defenses are sick with it!

We also learned that the Cards would be part of the converstaion of top tems in the league..... if they had an offensive line to block for Kolb and for the running game!! Kolb has been sacked 17 times the last 2 games!

The New Jets played farely better and ditto to Mark Sanchez but Mark Sanchez is not the answer, never was!! I know Tim Tebow is not a prototypical QB but all he does is WIN.... but if only the Jets can figure out a way to stop the run!! If this keeps up, Rex Ryan could be on the hot seat!

The New York Giants were down 17-7 and won 41-27! Yes they were playing the Cleveland Browns but on any given sunday anyone can beat anyone! The Giants are sitting at 3-2 but this team is a lot better then their record indicates! I don't see no championship hangover here..... imagine if they had a healthy (S) Kenny Philips, (WR) Hakeem Nicks, (CB) Terell Thomas, (RB)Bradshaw was hurt, now it's Andre Brown's turn to miss some time..... and if Justin Tuck and JPP could get it going.. watch out!! It always look ugly with the Giants, they make things so difficult for themsleves but with Eli at the helm throwing darts to Victor Cruz, all is in control!!

May I add that Victor Cruz is the worst possible nightmare for opposing defenses! He has the speed to line up on the outside and the size to play slot! He is the jack of all trades!! I just wanted to point this out since a few weeks ago Roddy White of the Falcons claimed that Cruz is too small to play on the outside where the big boys play!! I'm sorry but that was such a foolish statement on his behalf!! Cruz is part of the elite at his position!

In conclusion, I wanted to give most of this piece to the Colts and coach Chuck Pagano. The Indianapolis Colts are a lot better then people think they are. This team showed the whole nation on sunday what a team can accomplish when you dig deep and play for your brothers and coaches and not for one's self!!! I hope Cam Newton took time to watch the replay of the Packers vs the Colts last night on NFL network! It was beautiful to see the Colts play the way the played for coach Chuck Pagano!! If you don't know by now, coach Pagano is in the hospital battling for his life. Last wednesday it was announced that coach Pagano had Leukemia! To see Reggie Wayne post one of his best games in his carrer last sunday was awesome. Reggie Wayne goes way back with coach Pagano when both of them were part of the Miami Hurricanes. Coach Pagano was part of Butch Davis's staff and as for Wayne, he was a star in the making!! May I say that canton has a special place reserved for Reggie!! He's done it all and he is still balling at a high level and this without Peyton as his QB!! Overall, the Colts and the Irsay family showed tremendous class with their campaign for Chuck!! CHUCKSTRONG!! I'm hoping to see the Colts in the playoff picture come january!!

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