Thursday, 8 November 2012

What we learned week #9 in the NFL

What did we learn from Week 9?

DOUG MARTIN!!!!! For those who did not know who Doug Martin was, well, say hello to the muscle hamster. Not only did Martin run for 251 yards on Sunday, but add the yards he gained vs the Vikings the week prior....... A total of 386 yards and this is only running yards!! Doug Martin is a complete back made for today's NFL!! He can run, catch and is a very good pass blocker!!! Tampa Bay looks really good sitting at 4-4 and play a critical game this coming Sunday vs the 4-4 San Diego Chargers. I like what I see with the Bucs! Josh Freeman is playing good football. The passing game has looked good the last month since they came off their bye. But now add the running game to the equation.... You got yourself a complete offense!! What's surprising with the Bucs is how easy it looked, even without their best offensive linemen, Carl Nicks, who is done for the season!! I'm drinking that Kool-Aid!!!!

We learned that the Steelers defense has come alive, especially cornerback Ike Taylor!! You can't pass on this defense anymore!! Wait until Troy Polamalu comes back!!!! I would not be shocked to see the Steelers pass the Ravens for first place for the AFC north division! Ravens look sick on almost every aspect of the game and most of the team is badly banged up, while the Steelers have been peaking. Pittsburgh's record stands at 4-1 since the bye week with 3 wins vs the NFC east!! (Eagles, Redskins and Giants) Looking at the rest of their schedule, I don't see anything too difficult for them besides the 2 remaining games vs the Ravens!! Kirby Wilson, the runningback coach for the Steelers, deserves a ton of credit for the work he has done with not 1 or 2 running backs, but 5 of them!! With all the injuries he had no choice and look at the results!!

What is wrong with Eli Manning?? The last 3 weeks he's looked awful!! Luckily for Manning, the defense and special teams has played good football. But at 6-3, they don't have too much to worry about from within their own division!! The rest of the NFC east has struggled with an important matchup between the 3-5 Cowboys in Philly to play the 3-5 Eagles!!! I'm going go on record here and predict whoever loses between those two can kiss their head coach goodbye. I still don't understand how Andy Reid is still coaching!! LeSean McCoy only has 2 red zone touchdowns!!! Yeah.... Exactly my point!!!

What is wrong with Christian Ponder? The Vikings better check themselves!! They have a critical game on Sunday vs the resurgent Lions!! Minnesota has looked good on home turf but this is not the same Lions team they beat in week #4. The Vikings can't afford to lose this game since they still have to play the Bears and Packers twice!!

We also learned that Andrew Luck is for real....That's if anyone still had doubts. I'm glad it took one year for a rookie quarterback to eclipse the record for most passing yards in a single game which Cam Newton set last year. A few weeks ago, I mentioned how it was possible for the Colts to think playoffs, well at 5-3 they're looking good! They had to beat teams such as the Browns, Dolphins and division rival Titans!! Now comes the pitiful Jaguars!! The Colts could be sitting at 6-3 after week #10, with games left against teams such as the Bills, Titans and Chiefs!! A 9-win season for the Colts is NOT an outrageous thought!!!
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