Tuesday, 16 October 2012

What did we learn in the NFL week #6

Jean-Claude Godin

What did we learn this past weekend?? A whole lo,t let me tell you.

First off, the San Diego Chargers will never win with Norv Turner at the helm and GM A.J. Smith should also be accountable for making the decision to go with Philip Rivers over Drew Brees!! That decision didn't turn out so good in his favor!!

Last night's match was a HUGE win for the Denver Broncos, as the rest of their schedule is quite soft!
Even though Denver has issues on defense, I don't see San Diego winning the West. Denver needs to smarten up though, as they rely way too much on Peyton to save face for their horrendous starts. It's not fair to put Manning in a situation where he has to make comeback after comeback.

Last Thursday, we witness the Titans squeaking one by the Steelers. Pittsburgh has massive issues on the o-line once again, but what concerns me more is the inability of the Steelers to punch it in when they're in the red zone! This team has to be one of the worst red zone offenses out there (with the Eagles of course)! Steelers go to Cincy Sunday night in what should be a exciting match. Both teams have a lot to prove.

Sad to see the Colts come out flat in the 2nd quarter of last Sunday's match vs the Jets! The reality is that the Colts D is SOFT!! Shonn Green is an average back in the NFL and the Colts allowed Green to gallop for 160-plus yards on them!! Yes, the Jets were a dangerous team to play, but still... as the ESPN crew would say: "C'MON MAN"!! Nothing is lost for the Colts, though. Their next 4 games are against the Browns, @Titans, Dolphins and @Jags!! Three wins out of 4 is a possibility.

Speaking of the Jets, I have to give some love to coach Ryan, coach Sporano and coach Westhoff (special teams) for their game plan and how they have been using Tim Tebow!! The fake punt-pass was brilliant and bringing Tebow to move the chains on 3rd and short is just common sense!!

We also learned that as long as Andy Reid keeps calling the shots for the Eagles, this team will always underachieve. The defense has no sacks in their last 3 games and I guess it was DC Juan Castillo's call to take Nnamdi Asomugha off of Calvin Johnson in the 4th quarter since he was fired or relieved of his duties earlier this morning. Todd Bowles steps in as new DC!! Good move, but this move will cost Reid's job!! Todd Bowles will be Philly's new HC next year!! If not, then I think we might see Jon Gruden going back to Philly, where it all started for him as a coach in the NFL!

We also learned that Tom Brady is one of the biggest trash talkers for a QB in the league. How amusing was the Seahawks match vs the Pats!! Brady apparently told Seahwaks CB Richard Sherman (who is becoming one of the game's top CB) to come and see him after the game with Seahawks safety Earl Thomas (who is also a star in the making)....well somewhere in the 4th quarter Brady threw 2 picks... 1 to Sherman and the other to, that's right, Earl Thomas.. and guess what, Sherman went to pay Brady a visit after the game!! What goes around comes back around!!

We learned that the San Francisco 49ers and Houston Texans are not made to come from behind, thus I can tell you none of those two teams will win the Super Bowl!!

I love how year after year most fans and experts still show no love to the G-Men!! Boy did New York showed the nation last Sunday!! They punched San Fran right in the mouth to top it off with a good kick in the....you get the point! NEVER DOUBT THE GIANTS, REGARDLESS OF THEIR RECORD..... and I will go on the record here and state that WR Victor Cruz has what it takes to maybe become the greatest wide receiver after Jerry Rice!! I see similarities between both of them!!

How impressive was that Redskins win vs the Vikings!! Vikings were up 9-0 after the 1st quarter and had momentum... that was until Robert Griffin III went OFF!!! HE WAS BALLING!!! Great game plan by the Shanahans! You can't run on the Vikings defense but are not a pass first offense so you have to stick with the run but it wasn't rookie Alfred Morris doing most of the running...it was RG III.

To cap things off, I just want to take this time to mention Ray Lewis's injury! By now all know he tore his triceps and is done for the year!! He will turn 38 next May!! Could his career be done?? I hope not and i pray not since to end his glorious career the way it ended on Sunday is just not right!! Now let's cross our fingers for the other ageless wonders, Falcons TE, Tony Gonzalez and for Bucs DB, Ronde Barber to finish off their seasons and career the right way!!

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