Friday, 28 December 2012

What we learned in the NFL week #16

What we learned this past weekend!
That the Giants don't have a defense anymore!! This is as bad as we ever seen this defense! You know you have problems when Joe Flacco picks apart your secondary!! The Giants D is really messed up physically and the pass rush is non-existent. Don't be shocked to see the Giants part ways with DE bookends, Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora! New York is the type of team where we got used to their "flip the switch" at the right time.... Well, seems like someone forgot to pay the electricity bill, because the power never came on!!

Adrian Peterson runs for less than 100 yards for the first time in over eight weeks and the Vikings still managed to play a wonderful game and slap the Texans right in the face in their backyard!!! The Vikings showed me a whole lot in the last month! That week number eight upset loss to the Bucs, at home, was a huge sign that troubled waters were ahead, and two months later the Vikings are sitting in the sixth seed. They came through in December unlike Tampa Bay!! Unfortunately for the Vikes, they have to play the red hot Packers, who still has something to play for!! Win or lose, this season has been a successful one for the Minnesota Vikings, just Adrian Peterson alone, with the opportunity to run for 2,000 yards and maybe pass Eric Dickerson's record!!

Hopefully we will witness more history this upcoming weekend, as last weekend we saw at least three records fall!! Calvin Johnson surpassing Jerry Rice for most yards in a single season for a wideout, one of the most difficult records to knock off!!! Will Megatron be the 1st WR with 2,000 yards receiving?? We also witnessed TE Jason Witten breaking Tony Gonzalez's record for most catches by a tight end in a single season and QB Andrew Luck breaking Cam's 1 year-old record for most yards thrown for a rookie quarterback!

I hope most of you saw the first half between the Seahawks and 49ers last Sunday night!! After that blocked field goal returned for a score, you knew right there it was over!!! San Fran never had a chance from the get go! The Seahawks have been plain out balling the last three weeks!! I hope people take this team seriously... I know I have!! The opportunity to make a strong playoff push is there for Seattle, but I guess we can say this for the Washington Redskins as well, no?? Atlanta better show the proper respect to both of these teams, as both of them have what it takes to beat the Falcons, in Atlanta!!

Last Sunday we also saw the Steelers fail to make the playoffs! Big Ben again cost the game with a late INT! The offseason in Pittsburgh will be an interesting one! How will the aftermath of this mess play out? What mess?? Hmmm... Big Ben and offensive coordinator Todd Haley... Mike Wallace and his contract demands?? Steelers better be very careful, as this organization could descend rapidly!

I've said this a once or twice, that the Houston Texans will not win... Now we know 99.9% sure they won't win the Super Bowl...not with the way that secondary is playing right now!!! Also, all star running back Arian Foster looks tired... This is a cause for concern since the running aspect of the game is the centerpiece of the Houston offense!! A loss on Sunday could shatter the psyche of the Texans.... And we get the feeling it's already in a fragile state!! 

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