Thursday, 29 November 2012

What we learn and saw NFL week #12

How Pathetic are the New York Jets?? Let me count the ways! New England scores three touchdowns in less then one minute. Not only does Mark Sanchez run into his own player, but he can't even properly hand off the ball to his running back! It's week 12 into the season!! You're not supposed to fumble the ball on a botched play due to a missed handoff, but the Jets have a better chance of winning with Mark Sanchez under center? Rex Ryan might want to put up his house for sale. Just saying!!

Speaking of pathetic, how bad were the Steelers?? Eight turnovers!!! Why is Charlie Batch still in the NFL??? This is shear disaster for Pittsburgh!! Just as they were ascending and about to take first place away from the Ravens, everything came crashing down!! Can their season be saved?? Luckily for them the AFC offers little competition! By the time Big Ben comes back, the Steelers could still be the 6th seed. But they need to watch out for the surging Bengals!!
Andy Dalton has been off the chains the last three weeks!! Nine touchdowns and no interceptions!! The Bengals offense looks a lot more complete with the emergence of rookie wide receiver Mohamed Sanu!! Can the Bengals keep this hot streak going?? A win against the Chargers on Sunday would be a good start and would put San Diego out of the race!!

I've noticed lately how the Denver Broncos have been winning ugly against mediocre teams!! Denver is winning ugly yet the buzz or hype is there, where as for the Ravens, they are also winning ugly but no one seems to give the Ravens love!! That's what happens when Peyton Manning is your QB!! Most people get confused on how good Manning's teams are because of Manning himself!! I truly believe the Pats will represent the AFC once again this year.

In the NFC, it looks like San Fran's year!! It really does not matter who is QB for the Niners!! They can do no wrong!! The chemistry on Sundays with this team is through the roof! I still prefer Kaepernick at QB, only because he is a duel-threat quarterback, therefore he makes it more difficult to game plan against. But this team is all about their D!! How about them Smith brothers!! Aldon Smith is tearing it up!! What a great pick that was in a great first round draft that saw Denver select Von Miller second. Aldon Smith was selected 7th and J.J. Watt 11th!!!

Green Bay is not the Green Bay from two years ago due in large part to the offensive line injuries!! There is no need to panic if you're a cheesehead, since guys like Charles Woodson, Clay Matthews and Greg Jennings will all be back. But that o-line is a mess!! It's hard to believe the Packers have allowed more sacks than the Arizona Cardinals! The Packers better hope offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga's injury won't drag on too long!
How awesome was it to see those two Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders get their head shaved right in the middle of the game on the sidelines to show support for coach Pagano?? Very CLASSY ladies!! CLASSY!!

On a last note, all of you fantasy players out there, I recall telling you about stashing RB Bryce Brown.... I hope you took note since he could be cashing in for someone else right now!! 

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