Saturday, 13 October 2012

NHL is dead to me - for now

Breaking news - The NHL and NHLPA are meeting to discuss when to next negotiate and meet. In a related story, every sports news program features an insider that's giving us no inside news.


I am absolutely sick and tired of hearing no news when it comes to the National Hockey League and the players association. This posturing and these tactics have to stop - and now! The old adage of 'Everyone will come back once they're back," is starting to get really old really fast.

I made a conscious decision NOT to talk any lockout talk on my show a couple of weeks ago and I plan on sticking to it. For the moment, the NHL is dead to me. It does not deserve my attention, nor do the players deserve to be advocated for.

The issues in this new CBA are irrelevant. If the two sides couldn't put a sense of urgency on getting a deal done, why should any of us care?

I know what each side is trying to do. They're trying to stay away from the bargaining table for prolonged periods, thus seemingly showing their side's lack of a need to get a deal done on the terms of the other side. Nuts to this ridiculous game of chicken.

And I've got news for you, hockey people - many of us haven't missed a thing yet!

With NFL games on three days a week, baseball playoffs electrifying audiences and the CFL still going strong, what time do I have to miss hockey right now? Moreover, the NBA is around the corner, a sport I don't normally start paying attention to until the new year. But guess what, it'll get more of my attention in November this time around.

And shame on the people out there dying to know the latest form the negotiation table. You're not going to be privy to anything really riveting in these insider reports. And the owners and players can't be bothered to care about the fans who're missing out on meaningful games for the third time in the last two decades.

So to those that are still checking the ticker for lockout and labour developements, I say get a life. Watch some other sports. Check out local amateur and semi-pro sports. Move on. If the NHL and NHLPA can't be bothered to stay in a room until they get a deal done, you shouldn't be bothered to care, either.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to spend some time with my kids and plan a trip to see the Montreal Stars of the CWHL, real hockey heroes who still remember how to play for the love of the sport.

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  1. Matthew...I agree wholeheartedly..couldn't have said it better....I've been a hockey fan, and more precisely, a Habs' fan since 1971...I've been to 5 Stanley Cup parades, and still, at age 47 cheer on my boys til the final whistle signals their elimination. But enough's enough. Their TOTAL disregard, lack of respect for the fan, has turned me off. I am boycotting the next season, whether they come back this year, or blow it off and start up again next year, I will not watch, read, or listen to anything to with the NHL. Screw em
    Gary B in Laval West