Thursday, 18 October 2012

NFL Fantasy Rankings rankings for week #7

By Jean-Claude Godin


1)Drew Brees, Saints @ Bucs
I expect this matchup to be high-scoring with a Saints win and NO can't run the ball so it's gonna be another Sunday of cool Brees, as he will extend his record for most consecutive games with at least a TD.

2)Robert Griffin III, Redskins @ Giants
Another high-scoring affair in this match up and the Redskins offense is all about RG3 and Alfred Morris. The Giants just came off a huge win in SF but in Giants fashion, they will follow up that nice road win with a loss at home. If the Giants win, it will be ugly. Redskins will keep it close and score by the pound!

3)Andrew Luck, Colts vs Browns
Luck has bounced back from every bad outing this year and they play the Browns at home...... The Colts are still without their RB Donald Brown.

4)Eli Manning, Giants vs Redskins
As I stated, Redskins vs Giants will be high-scoring, so I think we will see a nice QB duel between Eli and Griffin which will be their first meeting.

5)Tony Romo, Cowboys @ Panthers
I know, How can I put Romo so high??? He didn't play bad last week and he plays the mediocre Panthers D on Sunday. I like this matchup!! That's if he can stay away from tossing picks.

6)Aaron Rodgers, Packers @ Rams
The real Rodgers is starting to show face, but imagine what the results would be on his part if his O-line could block a bit better? This is why I have AROD in the 6 slot. The Rams D will make it difficult for him on Sunday.

7)Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bills vs Titans
This is probably the highest I will rate the ivy leaguer this year. This has high scoring written all over this matchup vs the Titans.

8)Tom Brady, Pats vs Jets
Jets are stout vs the pass so I expect the Pats game plan to focus around Steven Ridley

9)Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers @ Bengals
10)Matt Schaub, Texans vs Ravens
11)Joe Flacco, Ravens @ Texans
12)Andy Dalton, Bengals vs Steelers
13)Jay Cutler, Bears vs Lions
14)Josh Freeman, Bucs vs Saints
15)Carson Palmer, Raiders vs Jags
16)Matt Hasselbeck, Titans @ Bills
17)Sam Bradford, Rams vs Packers
18)Cam Newton, Panthers vs Cowboys
19)Mark Sanchez, Jets @ Pats
20)Brandon Weeden, Browns @ Colts

Matt Stafford did not make my top 20, I really think he will have an ugly game on Monday night!


1)Arian Foster, Texans vs Ravens
Baltimore is giving up a lot of yards vs the run and now they're without Ray Lewis.

2)Trent Richardson, Browns @ Colts (only if hes 100% healthy)
The Colts D is SOFT and T-Rich is a monster. If his ribs hold up, he should have a monster Sunday.

3)Darren McFadden, Raiders vs Jags
McFadden has struggled so far this year and I think he will the rest of the season since he has never looked good running in the zone blocking scheme. But this is the Jags we are talking about here!!! Dress Run-DMC

4)Steven Ridley, Pats vs Jets
The Jets are weak vs the run, this is a good match for them to change the trend, but until they do... I like Ridley to run close to 100 yards with a score.

5)Adrian Peterson, Vikings vs Cards
Make it 5 weeks in a row for AP without a score. His ankle is still bothering him but he's a must-dress every week. The Cards are now back with Skelton at the helm.... Vikings will win and AP could finally see pay dirt.

6)Maurice Jones-Drew, Jags @ Raiders
7)Ray Rice, Ravens @ Texans
8)C.J. Spiller, Bills vs Titans

9)Chris Johnson, Titans vs Bills
WOW CJ2K is back on my list. If he can't run wild on the Bills defense then you can forget about him the rest of the season.

10)Alfred Morris, Redskins @ Giants
11)Felix Jones, Cowboys @ Panthers
12)Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks @ 49ers

13)Fred Jackson, Bills vs Titans
Spiller and Jackson have to be dressed at the same time because of the time share..... If you drafted both of them like I did, well-played.

14)Matt Forte, Bears vs Lions
15)Ahmad Bradshaw, Giants vs Redskins (not 100%)
16)Frank Gore, 49ers vs Seahawks
17)Michael Bush, Bears vs Lions
18)Rashard Mendenhall, Steelers @ Bengals

19)Andre Brown, Giants vs Redskins
Brown has been practicing with the first team this week!!! Sleeper play here. Just doublecheck his status on Sunday morning.

20)Doug Martin, Bucs vs Saints
21)Steven Jackson, Rams vs Packers
22)Daryl Richardson, Rams vs Packers
23)Ben Jarvus Green Ellis, Bengals vs Steelers
24)Alex Green, Packers @ Rams
25)Mikel Leshoure, Lions @ Bears


1)A.J. Green, Bengals vs Steelers
Ike Taylor can't cover anyone this year!! Money!!!!

2)Victor Cruz, Giants vs Redskins
If Green went off on DeAngelo Hall a few weeks ago, I think Cruz can do the same!! SALSA TIME!

3)Marques Colston, Saints @ Bucs
Colston looked good prior to the bye and it looks like the Saints will be without Jimmy Graham.

4)Vincent Jackson. Bucs vs Saints
Jackson scored 3 TDs in his last two games, I think he gets at least one vs the Saints.

5)Andre Johnson, Texans vs Ravens
Ravens just lost their #1 CB Ladarrius Webb for the year!!! AJ on Sunday.

6)Steve Johnson, Bills vs Titans
Johnson is getting at least 10 looks a game, but the last few weeks the Bills have played against top defenses.... not this week!

7)Kenny Britt, Titans @ Bills
Britt has all the physical tools to succeed. This should be the game were he goes off, as last week he was starting to show signs of his old self.

8)Reggie Wayne, Colts vs Browns
Wayne looks rejuvenated and besides Joe Haden in the Browns secondary, there isn't much. Wayne should have himself a party on Sunday!

9)Brandon Marshall, Bears vs Lions
Cutler has eyes only for Marshall.

10)Mike Wallace, Steelers @ Bengals
Seems like he's the only receiver who is capable of scoring TDs for the Steelers..

11)Calvin Johnson, Lions @ Bears
12)Percy Harvin, Vikings vs Cards
13)Mike Williams, Bucs vs Saints
14)Larry Fitzgerald, Cards @ Vikings
15)Dez Bryant, Cowboys @ Panthers
16)Hakeem Nicks, Giants vs Redskins
17)Jordy Nelson, Packers @ Rams
18)James Jones, Packers @ Rams
19)Denarius Moore, Raiders vs Jags
20)Wes Welker, Pats vs Jets
21)Antonio Brown, Steelers @ Bengals
22)Kendall Wright, Titans @ Bills
23)Josh Gordon, Browns @ colts
24)Donnie Avery, Colts vs Browns
25)Torrey Smith, Ravens @ Texans


1)Jason Witten, Cowboys @ Panthers
2)Heath Miller, Steelers @ Bengals
3)Aaron Hernandez, Pats vs Jets
4)Jared Cook, Titans @ Bills
5)Vernon Davis, 49ers vs Seahwaks
6)Rob Gronkowski, Pats vs Jets
7)Owen Daniels, Texans vs Ravens
8)Brandon Myers, Raiders vs Jags
9)Scott Chandler, Bills vs Titans
10)Jermaine Gresham, Bengals vs Steelers

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