Tuesday, 23 October 2012

NFL: What we learned in week #7

Before I start, I want to mention how I forgot 3 other ageless wonders of the game: DB Charles Woodson, LB London Fletcher and CB Antoine Winfield, who has been LIGHTS OUT this year with Minnesota! Well wouldn't you know it, Woodson and Fletcher got hurt last week. Nothing as severe as Ray Lewis's injury, but in Fletcher's case, his hamstring injury might snap his streak of consecutive games played at 231!!! Fletcher has not missed a single game since he stepped foot in the NFL with the St. Louis Rams back in 1998!!! Woodson logically will enter Canton, Ohio, but here's hoping they find a spot for Fletcher AND Winfield, who have been both very under appreciated throughout their careers!!!

 What did we learn this past week end??

 Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers just don't lose two in a row at home!! If San Francisco nails home field advantage throughout the playoffs, it will be a major boost for this team that lacks offensive punch!! Alex Smith has a finger injury but nonetheless, Frank Gore can't do this by himself AND Gore is playing through a hip injury!

We also witnessed that something is just not right with the New England Patriots right now!!! Could it be Tom Brady is not 100%?? Maybe the loss of Matt Light and Brian Waters on the O-Llne? Whatever it may be, they're just not consistent enough throughout the full 60-minute game.
> The Ravens are in big trouble!! They already were on the defensive side but now the offense looks horrible once again!! I was never a fan of OC Cam Cameron and I put a lot of the blame on his schemes, game plan and play call!! All awful. The Ravens also have to step it up on the road!! They lost @ Philly, barely beat the Chiefs in KC and last week got slapped by the Texans in Houston!

 While we are talking about massive problems..... The Carolina Panthers, HELLO???? Cam Newton really needs to stop talking to the press after games ASAP!! If I'm one of Newton's teammates, I'm second guessing wanting to play for this guy! It's really the first time in Cam's career where he has had to face this kind of adversity and he is not responding to it very well! The ship is sinking in Carolina, and fast..... That's if it hasn't sunk already with Mr. Newton being the first one to jumped off!!!

  We already knew that The Raiders were mediocre, but I like what I see from first year coach Dennis Allen!! His guys are battling in every contest. Their two victories this year have been come-from-behind wins!!

 The Chicago Bears defense is scary to say the least, but take a second to look at who they played..... right.... exactly..... Colts(W), @Packers(L), Rams(W), @Cowboys(W), @Jags and last night vs Lions!! If this offense can't produce more then 13 points a game, I don't expect to see the Bears making a strong push come playoff time! Looking forward to seeing the Bears take on the second part of their schedule!!

 Jean-Claude Godin 

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