Thursday, 4 October 2012

My Fanatsy ranking for week #5

By Jean-Claude Godin

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1)Aaron Rodgers, Packers: The real packers offense showed up last week, granted they played the Saints D but this up coming weekend rodgers and the Packers play the Colts!!! Their D is not that much better!

2)Matt Ryan, Falcons: If Josh Freeman can pass for 299 yards on the Redskins secondary, imagine what Ryan and the Falcons oofense can put up!!

3)Tom Brady. Pats: Brady vs Peyton chapter 13!!! This is usally always an ariel attack between those two. Expect the same!!

4)Peyton Manning, Broncos: The Pats secondary is crap!! Ryan Fitzpatrick did toss 4 TDs and the week before Flacco looked GOOD!!

5)Drew Brees, Saints: even though the Saints are 0-4, Brees is still puting up Numbers!! This week they host the Chargers on sunday night!! Prime Time, coast to coast.... Brees always look good on national televised games!

6)Eli Manning, Giants vs Browns
7)Joe Flacco, Ravens @ Chaeifs
8)Robert Griffin III, Redskins vs Falcons
9)Philip Rivers, Chargers @ Saints
10)Andy Dalton, Bengals vs Dolphins
11)Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers vs Eagles
12)Jay Cutler, Bears @ Jags
13)Cam Newton, Panthers vs seahwaks
14)Matt Schaub, Texans @ NYJ
15)Mike Vick, Eagles @ steelers
16)Christian Ponder, Vikings vs Titans
17)Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins @ Bengals
18)Andrew Luck, Colts vs Packers
19)Kevin Kolb, Crads @ Rams
20)Brandon Weeden, Browns @ NYG


1)Arian Foster, Texans @ NYJ: Jets are 30th against the run, Houston's O-Line is clearly The NFL's best!!

2)Adrian Peterson, Vikings vs Titans: Titans D is better against the run then against the pass but this is AP we are talking about here!!!

3)Marshawn Lynch, Seahwaks @ Panthers: Carolina' s defense is just one of the worst in the league!! Even Though the seahawks are without John Moffit up front, it won't matter!

4)Trent Richardson, Browns @ NYG: T-Rich is a monster and has a nose for the end zone!! Giants D is average at stopping the run.

5)Ray Rice, Ravens @ Cheifs: Cheifs defense is reasonable against the run but Rice is a duel threat!! He reminds me of Marshall Faulk in so many ways!

6)Frank Gore, 49ers vs Bills: Bills D stink so I expect gore to have a solid game, beware of the return of Jacobs though. He might and come in and steal some goal line looks. Ditto to the niners wildcat formation and Kendall Hunter gor 8 carries last week and looked real good!!

7)LeSean McCoy, Eagles @ Steelers: If the eagles continue to use FB Stanley Havili like they did last sunday night against the Giants, McCoy could be in for a HUGE game!!

8)Reggie Bush, Dolphins @ Bengals: Bush remains the Dolphins focal point of the offense and the Bengals have the worst defense vs the run!!

9)Maurice Jones-Drew, Jags vs Bears: I Don't really like this play but Jones-Drew is a must start every week!

10)Darren Sproles, Saints vs Chargers: Saints are finally to find back their way into giving Sproles the rock!

11)Ahmad Bradshaw, Giants vs Browns
12)Jamaal Charles, Cheifs vs Ravens
13)Steven Ridley, Pats vs Broncos
14)Cedric Benson, Packers @ Colts
15)Ryan Matthews, Chargers @ Saints
16)Alfred Morris, Redskins vs Falcons
17)Matt Forte, Bears @ Jags
18)Michael Turner, Falcons @ Redskins
19)Willis McGahee, Broncos @ Pats
20)Steven Jackson, Rams vs Cards
21)Chris Johnson, Tiants @ Vikings
22)Kendall Hunter, 49ers vs Bills
23)Fred Jackson, Bills @ 49ers
24)Brandon Bolden, Pats vs Broncos
25)Rashard Mendenhall, Steelers vs Eagles


1)Victor Cruz, Giants vs Browns: Browns are still without CB Joe Haden and Cruz is just a nightmare matchup for defenses!

2)Roddy White, Falcons @ Redskins: most defense are putting their attention towards Jones and this opens things up for White!

3)Brandon Marshall, Bears @ Jags: Marshall put in a nice game on monday night vs the cowboys!! When Cutler has time to throw he will go in Marshall's direction most of the time!

4)AJ Green, Bengals vs Dolphins: Green will be matched up against Sean Smith who put in a nice game last week vs Fitz but Green has been a stub all year long!

5)Jordy Nelson, Packers @ Colts: Nelson had his best game last week and with Jennings sitting out, it looks like a nice sunday for Jordy

6)Wes Welker, Pats vs Broncos: Not so sure the Pats want to fade Wes out. Hernandez and Edelmen are still out!

7)Andre Johnson, Texans @ Jets: Johnson did not have the monster game we expected last week but you have to dress him regardless. This week I expect the Texans to go more run heavy on the Jets but no Revis so AJ might get a score or two!

8)Eric Decker, Broncos @ Pats: I said before and I'll say it again.. the pats secondary is meh, which means average at best!

9)Larry Fitzgerald, Cards @ Rams: I'm not in love with Tonight's matchup. Jeff Fisher has made the Rams D really respectable! They play hard on every snap!

10)James Jones, Packers @ Colts: James Jones finally looks like he is turning the corner. This here is a sleeper play!!

11)Demaryius Thomas, Broncos @ Pats
12)Maques Colston, Saints vs Chargers
13)Torrey Smith, Ravens @ Cheifs
14)Brandon Lloyd, Pats vs Broncos
15)Julio Jones, Falcons @ Redskins
16)Dwayne Bowe, Cheifs vs Ravens
17)DeSean Jackson, Eagles @ Steelers
18)Mike Wallace, Steelers vs Eagles
19)Antonio Brown, Steelers vs Eagles
20)Brian Hartline, Dolphins @ Bengals
21)Dominik Hixon, Giants vs Browns
22)Anquan Boldin, Ravens @ Cheifs
23)Pierre Garcon, Redskins vs Falcons
24)Reggie Wayne, Colts vs Packers
25)Steve Smith, Panthers vs seahawks


1)Rob Gronkowski, Pats vs Broncos
2)Jimmy Graham, Saints vs Chargers
3)Vernon Davis, 49ers vs Bills
4)Tony Gonzalez, Falcons @ Redskins
5)Jermichael Finley, Packers @ Colts
6)Martellus Bennett, Giants vs Browns
7)Kyle Rudolph, Vikings vs Titans
8)Dennis Pitta, Ravens @ Cheifs
9)Antonio Gates, Chargers @ Saints
10)Heath Miller, Steelers vs Eagles

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