Thursday, 22 November 2012

What did we learn NFL week #11

What did we learn and witness this pas week end??

Hello my name is Colin Kaepernick!! What a performance on his part against the Bears on monday night! Kaepernick is tall, listed at 6 foot 4, he can run but also not afraid to pass the ball!! I'm not knocking Alex Smith but I saw a different San Francisco team with Kaepernick under center!! 49ers are back on track as the favorite to represent the NFC at the Super Bowl! Their defense is sublime, bounced back after the Giants game, but their offense was still a concern!! Not anymore.... Not for me anyways and not with Kaepernick as quarterback!!

We learned that the Atlanta Falcons have major issues!! How do you let the Arizona Cardinals score on their first drive in your back yard??? Atlanta won a lot of games where they should of lost but that's a sign of a real good team but  I notice how easy their offense is derailed when the opposing defense take TE Tony Gonzalez out of the equation!! Gonzalez is Matt Ryan's security blanket. Atlanta has no running game and only has 3 targets in the passing game!! Its easy to game plan if your playing the Falcons... and their defense needs to make adjustments fast!! Any team can run on Atlanta!!

Let's stay in the NFC for a second. How bout those Chicago Bears?? Real tough team team right?? Again, they lost to the Packers, Texans and now the 49ers!! The Bears defense is one of the best but they are going nowhere fast with that offense!!! It will be interesting to see on sunday if they can stop AP who has the Bears number!! It's a crucial division game for both teams!!!

How about that incredible comeback by Josh Freeman and the Tampa Bay Bucs!!! The Panthers have been playing better as of late so this makes Josh Freemen look even better!! Panthers held that offense on check until the last 2 minutes where Freeman was tossing laser after laser as if he was playing darts!!! Bucs are 6-4 and it will be difficult for them to make the playoffs since Seattle, Minnesota, Chicago and now N.O. are all in the mix, but with the way Josh Freeman has been playing the last month in a half, him alone gives every Bucs fans reason to believe that the playoffs are realistic!! An upset win against the slouchy Falcons on sunday would increase their percentages!!

Looking in the AFC, I noticed that the Texans secondary had a hard time tackling the Jaguars receivers!!! This could be a huge concern going down the stretch of the season! Could it just be the Texans getting caught up in a trap game?? If that's the case then hopefully for them they learned a lesson here that on any given sunday, any team can beat any team regardless of what your record says!!

We witness a New England team that is starting to look like the team we expected them to be earlier in the season!! Worst part of it all, the Pats are still not 100% healthy!! Imagine if they were!! Now they lost Gronk for at least a month but no worries since Aaron Hernandez and Julian Edelman are back. Let's give props to the New England staff on their draft last april!!! Chandler Jones, Dont'a Hightower, Tavon Wilson and Alfonzo Dennard have all contributed to the team. They're making plays when they need them too!

How bad is Sam Bradford?? By now you all know how much I am not a Mark Sanchez fan! Last sunday we saw the Jets play the Rams and Sanchez outplayed Bradford!! I know and understand at the time the Rams were in desperate need of a QB when they drafted Sam Bradford back in 2010 but at the time I felt Ndamukong Suh should of been the top pick and I still feel that way today.... Add to the fact that the rams gave Bradford a 50$M contract!! That was a bad investment to say the least, considering that 2010 was the last year where 1st round rookies received ridiculous contracts!!

On a last note but a funny one, we heard so many botched calls by professionals broadcasters this past week end! From Ian Eagle calling Austin Pettis, Danny Amendola, to Kevin Harlan calling Keyshawn Martin, Keyshawn Johnson after he scored.... But the worst call goes to Chris Myers when he announced "Panthers win.... Buccaneers win" on the game winning touchdown by Dallas Clark!! 

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