Friday, 28 September 2012

Fantasy rankings for Week 4

Instead of me telling you who to dress and who to sit, I decided to rank the players per position instead.

Here are my fantasy rankings for week 4


1)Aaron Rodgers: This is finally the week where Rodgers will put up numbers!! SF,Chi and Sea were three tough match ups but now the Packers receive the worst D in the league... the Saints!!! Cha-Ching!!

2)Matt Ryan: So far he's been the best fantasy QB this year and that trend should continue. Carolina offers a weak pass rush and Ryan should have no trouble connecting with Julio and cie.

3)Tom Brady: The Pats offense looks a bit out of synch and this is shocking considering the reunion with Josh McDaniels. I still expect this game to be high scoring. Remember last year's match between the Pats and Bills in sept.???

4)Eli Manning: Doesnt matter who they play and who is playing at WR for the Giants! Eli gets the job done!

5)Peyton Manning: I'm one of those who think Peyton can't throw the ball properly but for this week it doesn't really matter as the Broncos receive the Raiders!

6)Matt Schaub vs Titans
7)Drew Brees vs Packers
8)Andy Dalton vs Jags
9)Robert Griffin vs Bucs
10)Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Pats
11)Mick Vick vs Giants
12)Tony Romo vs Bears
13)Jake Locker vs Texans
14)Christian Ponder vs Lions
15)Matthew Stafford vs Vikings
16)Cam Newton vs Falcons
17)Jay Cutler vs Cowboys
18)Philip Rivers vs Cheifs
19)Josh Freeman vs Redskins
20)Matt Cassel vs Chargers


1)Maurice Jones-Drew: Bengals are last vs the run and last week Jones-Drew went off and showed the nation he is ba

2)Arian Foster: Foster is the best RB in the NFL so this is a no brainer!

3)Adrian Peterson: Lions defense does not look hot and AP said it himself that the rust is gone after last week's game vs the niners.

4)Marshwan Lynch: Rams get back their 1st round pick from last april's draft in Michael Brockers but this is not enough to shut down beast mode!!

5)Jamaal Charles: I think it's safe to say that Charles is back to old self after last week and the Cheifs will be without Peyton Hillis so expect big things from Charles vs the chargers on sunday!

6)Doug Martin vs Redskins
7)LeSean McCoy vs Giants
8)Run DMC vs Broncos
9)Cedric Benson vs Saints
10)Frank Gore vs Jets
11)Willis McGhaee vs Raiders
12)Alfred Morris vs Bucs
13)Ryan Matthews vs Cheifs
14)DeMarco Murray vs Bears
15)Ben-Jarvus Green Ellis vs Jags
16)Michael Turner vs Panthers
17)Steven Ridley vs Bills
18)Michael Bush vs Cowboys
19)Andre Brown vs Eagles
20)Ahmad Bradshaw vs Eagles
21)Ben Tate vs Titans
22)Fred Jackson vs Pats
23)Darren Sproles vs Packers
24)Mikel Leshoure vs Vikings
25)Ryan Williams vs Dolphins


1)Calvin Johnson: Even if Stafford does not play it does not matter. We call him Megatron for a reason!!

2)Andre Johnson: Watch him dominate the Titans secondary this sunday!! ManChild will be going off on sunday!!

3)Larry Fitzgerald: Miami's defense is actually solid but the secondary is their achilles heel! The real Fitz showed up last week and I think Him and Kolb will continue to conncet.

4)AJ Green: If he was still available in your draft in round 3 and you snagged him...Job well done!! HE IS FOR REAL!!!!!

5)Julio Jones: The Panthers secondary is a joke... I see a monster game for Jones!

6)Greg Jennings vs Saints
7)Brandon Lloyd vs Bills
8)Victor Cruz vs Eagles
9)Steve Johnson vs Pats
10)Demaryius Thomas vs Raiders
11)Jordy Nelson vs Saints
12)Roddy White vs Panthers
13)Wes Welker vs Bills
14)Dwayne Bowe vs Chargers
15)Eric Decker vs Raiders
16)Vincent Jackson vs Redskins
17)Miles Austin vs Bears
18)DeSean Jackson vs Giants
19)Percy Harvin vs Lions
20)Dez Bryant vs Bears
21)Steve Smith vs Falcons
22)Leonard Hankerson vs Bucs
23)Brandon Marshall vs Cowboys
24)Jerome Simpson vs Lions
25)Jeremy Maclin vs Giants
26)Marques Colston vs Packers
27)Nate Washington vs Texans
28)Armon Binns vs Jags
29)Lance Moore vs Packers
30)Kendall Wright vs Texans


1)Tony Gonzalez vs Panthers
2)Jimmy Graham vs Packers
3)Vernon Davis vs Jets
4)Kyle Rudolph vs Lions
5)Rob Gronkowski (questionable) vs Bills
6)Martellus Bennett vs Eagles
7)Jermichael Finley vs Saints
8)Fred Davis vs Bucs
9)Owen Daniels vs Titans
10)Antonio Gates vs Cheifs

Jean-Claude Godin

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

NFL Pool Standings + Picks for Week 4

1) Mitch Gallo: 7-5

T-2) Matthew Ross, Sean Coleman: 6-6

T-3) Moe Khan, Stefano Mocella: 5-7

4) Producer: 4-8

Week 4 Games:

New England -4.5 @ Buffalo

San Francisco -4.5 @ NY Jets

NY Giants +2.5 @ Philadelphia

Chicago +3.5 @ Dallas

Matthew: NE, SF, NYG, CHI
Stefano: NE, SF, NYG, CHI
Producer: NE, SF. NYG, CHI
Mitch: NE, SF, PHI, DAL
Sean: NE, SF, NYG, CHI

What did we learn this past weekend

By Jean-Claude Godin

What did we learn this past weekend in the NFL???

It's all clear to us that the NFL stage is way TOO BIG for these unqualified scab refs, but after last night's fiasco, I just don't know what to say anymore besides the NFL brought this upon themselves!! Somehow I'm quite happy with last night's result, since hopefully the NFL will step on their ego and cave in. But we all know I must be dreaming!! I would not be shocked if the NFL justifies last night's mess and defends the crew that officiated Sunday night's game as well!!

We also learned that "freezing" the kicker is absurd. What's the point?? All it does is give the kicker an extra practice shot! Kickers by now know that the timeout is coming, if not, then maybe he shouldn't be kicking in the NFL!!

We learned that Ray Horton is the best Defensive coordinator in the game. That and the Cards defense is ruthless. Yes I'm crowning him after only 19 games as DC, but his past track record, which was LB coach in Pittsburgh under Dick LeBeau is quite impressive!! Don't you think that the Steelers D looks out of synch lately?? I think it has to do with Horton's departure!! Speaking of defensive coach, I'll go on the record and say Steve Spagnuolo could be the most overrated coach in the game!! Look at the Saints defence and even his 3-year tenure with the Rams was pathetic!

We learned that AJ Green is truly a beast. He owned DeAngelo Hall of the Redskins (whom I never liked).... Green burned him for more then 180 yards!!

Could Jim Scharwtz be a liar and threw his center under the bus to justify that awful call on 4th down vs the Titans?? I think so!!

We learned, or got confirmation that JJ Watt is the next best D-linemen in the league!! This guy is a beauty to watch!!! If you don't know JJ Watt by now, I suggest you watch the Texans this weekend when they play the Titans!

We saw last Thursday that Cam Newton is not ready for prime time.

Dallas is not that good!! I don't understand how some penciled in Dallas as the favorites to win the NFC East!! But after their last 2 outings, I think we've seen enough. Next Monday night is a huge game for both the Cowboys and the Bears - two teams that kinda resembles one another!!

Mike Vick holds on to the ball too long but we already knew that, but what we learned is Vick needs the minimum amount of wideouts on the field!! If he holds on to the ball that long then maybe it would be a good idea on Andy Reid's part to make things easier for the guy. Oh wait....Andy Reid never makes adjustments to his players. His players have to adjust to his playbook and awful playcalling!! Don't believe me? Ask Brian Westbrook about the amount of goalline carries he saw in his career!!!

We saw reality starting to sink in on the RG3 band wagon!! Maybe it's more of a case of Mike Zimmer making sure his D was ready for the option run!!! Next Sunday's game vs the Bucs will be telling about the Washington Redskins!!

On a quick note, I'm starting to like what I see out of second year QB Christian Ponder.

Can't wait for week #4

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Who to dress, who to sit

Every thursday I will let all of you fantasy football lovers who to dress and who to sit.


LIKES: Cam Newton, NYG vs Carolina ------ First off I love prime time games, always dress guys that are on prime time especially on monday nights!! Newton showed last sunday vs the Saints D what he can do when he uses his legs!! That Giants defence after 2 games looks no where to what it was last year!

- Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions @ Tennessee Titans ------- I think this could be the week where Stafford finally puts up numbers!! The Titans offer no pass rush besides of Kamerion Wimbley plus the Titans D has given up an average of 403 yards and 36 points per game so far this year!!

- Robert Griffin III, Cincinnati vs Washington ------- Griffin is hot, Im not ready to crown him after 2 games but so far he looks REAL good so keep dressing him!! The Redskins have installed a form of the option in their playbook and it's confusing the defence, which gives RG3 a major advantage!

- Drew Brees, Kansas City vs N.O. ------ There is no way the Saints will lose 3 in a row and 2 in a row in the superdome, even if they do, who cares??? Drew Brees is a fantasy MONSTER!!! The fact that the Saints defence is weak, works out to all Drew Brees fantasy owners!!

Matt Ryan, Atlanta vs San Diego ------- After 2 games this season its safe to say Dirk Koetter's plan to open up the offence is working. Michael Turner is DONE and with Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez to throw the ball too, why not air it out?

Philip Rivers, Atlanta vs San Diego ------ This game will be an aerial show! San Diego might be in position to play catch up football thus means Rivers will have to sling the rock!!

Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh vs Oakland ------ Plain and simple, the Raiders secondary is without their #1 and #2 cornerbacks!!Steelers will put up points!!!!!

DISLIKES: Jay Cutler of the bears and Mike Vick of the eagles are boom or busts this week!! Cutler is going up against the Rams defence and Jeff Fisher has already made the Rams into a respectable team!! As for Vick, the eagles go out west in the desert to play the Cards and I think the Cards defence is one underated squad!! Vick has a tendency to turnover the ball and that trend may continue.


LIKES: Andre Brown, NYG vs Carolina ------ With Bradshaw and Hakeem Nicks out, the Giants might go to the running game a bit more tonight!

Michael Bush, St Louis vs Chicago ------ With Matt Forte out, Bush will be the starting RB. He might not run for 100 yards and more but Bush knows how to punch it in the end zone!!

Frank Gore, San Francisco vs Minnesota ------- The Vikings are playing without Erin Henderson, which gives Gore a fantastic boost and Brendon Jacobs is still out nursing an injury so Gore will still get goal line looks!

CJ Spiller, Buffalo vs Clevland ------- Spiller is leading the NFL in rushing yards!! Do I really need to say more?? Oh and he once was part of the track team at the university of Clemson, so he's a burner!!

Arian Foster and Ben Tate, Houston vs Denver ------ Houston are gonna want to control the ball to keep Peyton off the field and what better way with the Foster and Tate 1-2 punch!!

Ray Rice, New England vs Baltimore ----- Ray Rice is the focal point of the Ravens attack and in most fantasy drafts he was a top 3 pick therefore you must dress him every week.

Marshawn Lynch, Green Bay vs Seatle ------- Lynch and Tom Cable's zone blocking scheme go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly!!! If Lynch ran for the century mark vs the cowboys defence then I see the same episode hapenning on monday night against the Packers!

DISLIKES:Steven Jackson (STL) hes on the downhill side of his career.

Adrian Peterson (Min) You should still dress him if you got nobody else but going up against the niners D...... The 49ers only gave up one 100 yard game to a RB since 2009!!!! WOW

Chris Johnson (Ten) CJ?K has become a fantasy Nightmare!!!! If you drafted him in the 1st round of your draft, you made a huge mistake thinking you were playing it safe!!! Sorry!!!

WR's and TE's

LIKES: Victor Cruz and Martellus Bennett (NYG) With Nicks out, those 2 will get looks from Eli ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!

Calvin Johnson (Det) Megatron should be back to his old self this week!

Vernon Davis (SF) You need to dress this Monster every week!

Jimmy Graham (NO) He is Brees 1st read on Offence and he's 6 foot 8!!!

Steve Johnson and Scott Chandler (Buf) With Joe Haden of the Browns out serving a suspension, it opens things up in the passing attack!! As for Cahndler, he has became Fitzpatrick first look in the red zone with David Nelson gone with an injury.

Desean Jackson and Brent Celek (Phi) Maclin is out so Vick will be looking D-Jax all game long!

Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez (ATL) All 3 will be busy sunday afternoon.

Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown (PIT) Those 2 are my locks of the week at the wide out position! The Raiders secondary is a mess!!!

Dennis Pitta (BAL) Flacco loves going his way!!

Rob Gronkowski (NE) With Hernandez out, the Gronk will get more targets.

DISLIKES:Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) Kevin Kolb has no protection, holds on to the ball way too long and Fitzgerald will have Nnamdi Asomugha all over him!

Brandon Marshall (CHI) We all know what an instigator Courtland Finnegan is and we all know how easy Marshall throws himself off his game!! Marshall should be no more then your 3rd WR in your lineup!! Be crative and dress someone who is a sleeper off your bench!

Brian Hartline (MIA) Darrelle Revis is back from his injury so this is BAD NEWS for Miami's number wide out!

Robert Meachem (SD) I like Meachem as a receiver but so far his mariage with River in SD is nothing but a failure!!

Jean-Claude Godin

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cindy Boren on GamePoints Rendez-Vous

NFL Pool Picks Week 3

Who could be the next Winnipeg Blue Bombers general manager?

As the Winnipeg Blue Bombers proceed to finish up their season. Last week's loss to the Calgary Stampeders best exemplified how the players are looking forward to November to get out of town.

Most certainly interim head coach Tim Burke has taken notice and through the media has fired a warning shot to these players that no one's job is safe to be apart of the Blue Bombers roster in 2013.

However, one man who has received a lot heat is general manager Joe Mack. If anyone were to take a survey poll of the passionate Blue Bombers fans in describing Mack's tenure? It would take more than one negative adjective to sum up the impact that he has had on the fans and the personnel decisions he has made.

After the firing of then head coach Paul LaPolice, there is no doubt that Mack is on his last bullet.  If Mack believes that quarterback Buck Pierce could be the saviour to this mess of a season. He needs to recalculate this potential scenario that Pierce could hurt himself walking from the bench to the huddle.

Theoretically, the Blue Bombers are mathematically alive for a playoff spot. But it will take a serious winning streak, and an utter collapse from their rivals for them to get back into the playoff picture.

If Mack were to be relieved of his duties, it would bring great joy and excitement to a city. It could be comparable to last year when their sports cousins the Winnipeg Jets came back to the Manitoba capital.

Who could replace Mack at this position?

For starters with the organization moving into a new stadium, it needs a clean slate with their general manager who will bring fresh set of ideas, and his own people to run the show.

One potential name to keep an eye out for who could become a hot CFL candidate is Montreal Alouettes head scout Joey Abrams.

Even though a lot of credit towards the Alouettes success has gone to the duo of Jim Popp and Marcel Desjardins for unearthing hidden gems. Abrams has been key in identifying their Canadian talent, and has assisted in the overall assessment on player evaluations.

In-fact, the Canadian talent on the Alouettes has been integral during the team's recent Grey Cup success. For example, the 2008 draft class which included the likes of Shea Emry, Paul Woldu, Andrew Woodruff, and Luc Brodeur-Jourdain all played important parts in the back to back title conquers.

If Abrams were to be considered, he would instantly upgrade the non-import talent on a Blue Bombers team that has primarily ignore the CFL Draft and have allowed key players such as Brendon Labatte leave for a bigger pay day.

The likes of recent first round picks of Jade Etienne, and Tyson Pencer doesn't exude the confidence that a Grey Cup is on the horizon.

Furthermore, Abrams is arguably the hardest working CFL scout who has developed a wide network of scouting that could help replenish the lack of talent on Winnipeg's roster.

Moreover, Abrams would bring a winning attitude to a Blue Bombers organization that is in dire need of a face lift, and liposuction of the toxic environment that is hovering over the team.

For now, the circus will continue on with Mack offering milk and cookies at his press conference. But at some point, Blue Bombers ownership must realize they will be slowly approaching their third decade without a Grey Cup title.

It could start with a man like Abrams who with time could revamp the entire system and mold it into a winning formula for the Blue Bombers.

If you want an example of the Alouettes influence, look at the Toronto Argonauts, and the impact of head coach Scott Milanovich has had on the organization. They might not win the Grey Cup this year, but they're primed to be a serious threat for many years to come with Milanovich at the helm.

Abrams could be the next great Alouettes personnel man to branch off in another direction to help a CFL team win Grey Cups.

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Brandon Whitaker's injury a big blow the Montreal Alouettes offense

The bad news continues on for the Montreal Alouettes as team general manager Jim Popp announced on Tuesday that running back Brandon Whitaker had suffered a season ending ACL injury to his right knee.

Whitaker sustained this injury on Sunday afternoon in the victory against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

This news has put a damper on the team's preparations for Sunday's huge game for first place in the division versus the Toronto Argonauts.

With the loss of Whitaker, the responsibilities will be bestowed on Victor Anderson who will carry the bulk of repetitions for the Alouettes running game.

However, no one can deny the impact Whitaker has on the football field. Last year the Alouettes were 8-2 when Whitaker had 20-plus touches on the football. This season, under the heading the team has compiled a 3-1 record.

Whether or not Popp has dropped a bluffed hint that the team could be in the market for a running back. The organization could wait to see how these next four divisional games play out before making a decision on this position.

As for Whitaker it will be a long road ahead in his rehabilitation. But for those who have had the chance to meet him know very well this will not deter him from continuing on with his professional career. I am confident he will come back mentally, and physically stronger.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Waiver wire for week #3

Here are your waiver wire pick ups for the week!!

#1 Andre Brown, RB, NYG
Andre Brown came in last Sunday when Ahmad Bradshaw left due to a sprained neck. Brown ran for 71 yards on 13 carries and saw pay dirt once!!! How serious is this injury to bradshaw?? We still don't know but it seems like coach Coughlin has more trust in Brown then in rookie David Wilson!! Andre Brown is no fluke. He had some nice stats when he was the #1 RB at NC St. Brown is listed at 6 feet and 227 lbs - your prototypical size for a RB!!!

#2 Daryl Richardson, RB, STL
Richardson's name was called upon by Jeff Fisher when Steven Jackson suffered an "injury". I don't buy it...I personally think Fisher pulled Jackson out!! It's clear that Jackson has lost a lot of speed and this is what Richardson offers is speed!! A 6th round pick in last April's draft from Abilene Christian, Richardson is clearly #2 on the depth chart so if you own Steven Jackson it would be a wise move to handcuff yourself!!

#3Lamar Miller, RB, MIA
Miller is clearly better then 2nd year RB Daniel Thomas so if u own Reggie Bush, go pick up Miller!! Miller was a 4th round pick in last spring's draft but a lot of experts had him mocked in the first 2 rounds!! The upside is there, 5 foot 10, 218 LBS with speed and fluidity!! I'm high on miller, loved what he did at the university of Miami but problem here is he is on one crappy team!! The Dolphins have nothing on offense besides Bush and Miller!

Here are a few other sleeper pick ups: Leonard Hankerson, WR, WASH. Hankerson is a 6 foot 3 wide so he can grab long balls tossed his way and we all know by now that RG3 can throw the deep ball and with Josh Morgan's brain cramp from last Sunday, it might of just opened the door for Hankerson to see more playing time!!

If you own Wes Welker on your fantasy team, I suggest you go pick up Julian Edelman or at least monitor this Sundays game vs the Ravens very carefully. There's a situation going on in Foxboro and it seems like the Pats are fading Welker out of their plans!! Why you may ask?? Welker is on a 1-year contract and was looking for an extension this summer and never got it.... The Patriots staff are figuering out if they can live without Welker on their team. The next few weeks will indicate it to all fans!!

Bryce Brown! Who you may ask?? Brown was the #1 ranked RB out of high school a few years ago, was recruited by Lane Kiffin at Tennessee!! When Kiffin left, Brown wanted out and transferred to Kansas St. Brown was drafted in the 7th round which to me was a brilliant move. Brown outperformed Chris Polk in training camp, was listed as the #3 RB but Andy Reid has came out and stated that Brown is ahead of second year back Dion Lewis!! Again, if you own Shady McCoy, go get Brown NOW!!!! I picked up Brown and I don't even own McCoy on my team. I just think this kid is loaded with upside and talent!!

If you are looking for receivers and Hankerson is already gone and you dont buy into the Welker-Pats situation, then I suggest you take a look at Rod Streater of the Raiders if you're in a 12 man league, speedy TY Hilton of the Colts, slot receiver Andrew Hawkins of the Bengals, but in his case, his targets fell from 9 in week 1 to 3 in week 2 so this is where I tell you to look at Armon Binns who had 5 targets last Sunday!! Binns was one of the top receivers in the NCAA at the university of Cincy 2 years ago and you can also take a long look at Andre Roberts of the Arizona Cardinals, but I don't feel comfortable with Kolb or Skelton throwing the rock to him!!!

At the TE position, if Baltimore Ravens Dennis Pitta is still available and you need to upgrade that position or replace Aaron Hernandez for 6 weeks, grab him now because this is your guy. You should feel lucky if he's still available!! Also keep an eye on Kellen Winslow who just signed with the Pats today. But Winslow has shot knees and is clearly not the same player he once was!!

These are the top position players you should be looking at for this week.

Jean-Claude Godin

NFL Pool Standings for Week 3 + Picks

T-1) Mitch Gallo: 5-3
Sean Coleman: 5-3

3) Stefano Mocella: 4-4

T-6)Matthew Ross: 3-5
Moe Khan: 3-5
Producer: 3-5

Week 3 Games:

Cincinnati +3.5 @ Washington

Philadelphia -4.5 @ Arizona

Houston -1.5 @ Denver

New England +2.5 @ Baltimore

Matthew: CIN, PHI, HOU, NE
Stefano: WSH, PHI, HOU, BAL
Producer: WSH, PHI, HOU, BAL
Mitch: WSH, PHI, HOU, NE

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Andrea Lowell on GamePoints Rendez-Vous September 12, 2012

NFL Picks Week 2

The Montreal Alouettes acquire Derek Schiavone for Brody McKnight

As first reported by Herb Zurkowsky of The Gazette through his Twitter account that the Montreal Alouettes have traded former first round draft choice Brody McKnight to the Edmonton Eskimos for kicker Derek Schiavone and a 2013 first and fourth round draft choices.

McKnight was in precarious situation as there was very little chance he would beat out the Alouettes incumbent kicker in Sean Whyte. It seems that Alouettes general manager Jim Popp was patiently waiting for the right moment to trade his poker chip in the form of McKnight.

But is this the right move for the Alouettes to acquire another kicker for their roster? Given the rash of injuries the team has suffered with the receiving position, could Montreal have held out for a skill player?

For McKnight it is a fresh start to join the Eskimos who have had issues with their kicking position. As current starter Grant Shaw missed two consecutive game ending field goals that would have propelled Edmonton to wins over their bitter rival Calgary Stampeders.

For Schiavone, whether or not the Alouettes will insert him into the lineup, his biggest strength is punting the football. For his career he has a net average of 34.7-yards.

To sum it up, the Eskimos must have felt they needed to address their kicking issues, and McKnight could be the ace up their sleeve as Edmonton approaches the last third of the CFL season.

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

NFL Pool Week 2 Picks

Chicago +6.5 at Green Bay

Baltimore +2.5 at Philly

Detroit +6.5 at San Francisco

Denver +2.5 at Atlanta

Matthew: GB, PHI, DET, ATL (1-3)
Moe: CHI, PHI, SF, ATL (2-2)
Stefano: CHI, BAL, SF, DEN (2-2)
Producer: CHI, BAL, SF, ATL (3-1)
Sean C: GB, BAL, DET, ATL (3-1)
Mitch G: GB, PHI, SF, DEN (2-2)

NFL Pool Standings after Week 1

1) Mitch: 3-1

2) Matthew, Stefano, Sean: 2-2

3) Moe, Listener: 1-3

4) Producer: 0-4