Thursday, 29 November 2012

What we learn and saw NFL week #12

How Pathetic are the New York Jets?? Let me count the ways! New England scores three touchdowns in less then one minute. Not only does Mark Sanchez run into his own player, but he can't even properly hand off the ball to his running back! It's week 12 into the season!! You're not supposed to fumble the ball on a botched play due to a missed handoff, but the Jets have a better chance of winning with Mark Sanchez under center? Rex Ryan might want to put up his house for sale. Just saying!!

Speaking of pathetic, how bad were the Steelers?? Eight turnovers!!! Why is Charlie Batch still in the NFL??? This is shear disaster for Pittsburgh!! Just as they were ascending and about to take first place away from the Ravens, everything came crashing down!! Can their season be saved?? Luckily for them the AFC offers little competition! By the time Big Ben comes back, the Steelers could still be the 6th seed. But they need to watch out for the surging Bengals!!
Andy Dalton has been off the chains the last three weeks!! Nine touchdowns and no interceptions!! The Bengals offense looks a lot more complete with the emergence of rookie wide receiver Mohamed Sanu!! Can the Bengals keep this hot streak going?? A win against the Chargers on Sunday would be a good start and would put San Diego out of the race!!

I've noticed lately how the Denver Broncos have been winning ugly against mediocre teams!! Denver is winning ugly yet the buzz or hype is there, where as for the Ravens, they are also winning ugly but no one seems to give the Ravens love!! That's what happens when Peyton Manning is your QB!! Most people get confused on how good Manning's teams are because of Manning himself!! I truly believe the Pats will represent the AFC once again this year.

In the NFC, it looks like San Fran's year!! It really does not matter who is QB for the Niners!! They can do no wrong!! The chemistry on Sundays with this team is through the roof! I still prefer Kaepernick at QB, only because he is a duel-threat quarterback, therefore he makes it more difficult to game plan against. But this team is all about their D!! How about them Smith brothers!! Aldon Smith is tearing it up!! What a great pick that was in a great first round draft that saw Denver select Von Miller second. Aldon Smith was selected 7th and J.J. Watt 11th!!!

Green Bay is not the Green Bay from two years ago due in large part to the offensive line injuries!! There is no need to panic if you're a cheesehead, since guys like Charles Woodson, Clay Matthews and Greg Jennings will all be back. But that o-line is a mess!! It's hard to believe the Packers have allowed more sacks than the Arizona Cardinals! The Packers better hope offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga's injury won't drag on too long!
How awesome was it to see those two Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders get their head shaved right in the middle of the game on the sidelines to show support for coach Pagano?? Very CLASSY ladies!! CLASSY!!

On a last note, all of you fantasy players out there, I recall telling you about stashing RB Bryce Brown.... I hope you took note since he could be cashing in for someone else right now!! 

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GamePoints NFL Picks Week 13

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

NFL Pool Standings + Week 13 Picks

Matthew Ross: 24-24
Stefano Mocella: 24-24
Mitch Gallo: 24-24

Moe Khan: 22-26

Producer: 21-27

Sean Coleman: 20-28

New Orleans +3.5 @ Atlanta

Tampa Bay +6.5 @ Denver

Seattle +4.5 @ Chicago

NY Giants -2.5 @ Washington

Matthew: ATL, DEN, CHI, NYG
Producer: ATL, DEN, CHI, WSH
Stefano: ATL, TB, CHI, NYG
Mitch: NO, TB, SEA, NYG

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Montreal Jazz GM Pascal Jobin joins GamePoints with Matthew Ross

Dave Simon recaps UFC 154 (Part 2 of 2)

Dave Simon recaps UFC 154 (Part 1 of 2)

What did we learn NFL week #11

What did we learn and witness this pas week end??

Hello my name is Colin Kaepernick!! What a performance on his part against the Bears on monday night! Kaepernick is tall, listed at 6 foot 4, he can run but also not afraid to pass the ball!! I'm not knocking Alex Smith but I saw a different San Francisco team with Kaepernick under center!! 49ers are back on track as the favorite to represent the NFC at the Super Bowl! Their defense is sublime, bounced back after the Giants game, but their offense was still a concern!! Not anymore.... Not for me anyways and not with Kaepernick as quarterback!!

We learned that the Atlanta Falcons have major issues!! How do you let the Arizona Cardinals score on their first drive in your back yard??? Atlanta won a lot of games where they should of lost but that's a sign of a real good team but  I notice how easy their offense is derailed when the opposing defense take TE Tony Gonzalez out of the equation!! Gonzalez is Matt Ryan's security blanket. Atlanta has no running game and only has 3 targets in the passing game!! Its easy to game plan if your playing the Falcons... and their defense needs to make adjustments fast!! Any team can run on Atlanta!!

Let's stay in the NFC for a second. How bout those Chicago Bears?? Real tough team team right?? Again, they lost to the Packers, Texans and now the 49ers!! The Bears defense is one of the best but they are going nowhere fast with that offense!!! It will be interesting to see on sunday if they can stop AP who has the Bears number!! It's a crucial division game for both teams!!!

How about that incredible comeback by Josh Freeman and the Tampa Bay Bucs!!! The Panthers have been playing better as of late so this makes Josh Freemen look even better!! Panthers held that offense on check until the last 2 minutes where Freeman was tossing laser after laser as if he was playing darts!!! Bucs are 6-4 and it will be difficult for them to make the playoffs since Seattle, Minnesota, Chicago and now N.O. are all in the mix, but with the way Josh Freeman has been playing the last month in a half, him alone gives every Bucs fans reason to believe that the playoffs are realistic!! An upset win against the slouchy Falcons on sunday would increase their percentages!!

Looking in the AFC, I noticed that the Texans secondary had a hard time tackling the Jaguars receivers!!! This could be a huge concern going down the stretch of the season! Could it just be the Texans getting caught up in a trap game?? If that's the case then hopefully for them they learned a lesson here that on any given sunday, any team can beat any team regardless of what your record says!!

We witness a New England team that is starting to look like the team we expected them to be earlier in the season!! Worst part of it all, the Pats are still not 100% healthy!! Imagine if they were!! Now they lost Gronk for at least a month but no worries since Aaron Hernandez and Julian Edelman are back. Let's give props to the New England staff on their draft last april!!! Chandler Jones, Dont'a Hightower, Tavon Wilson and Alfonzo Dennard have all contributed to the team. They're making plays when they need them too!

How bad is Sam Bradford?? By now you all know how much I am not a Mark Sanchez fan! Last sunday we saw the Jets play the Rams and Sanchez outplayed Bradford!! I know and understand at the time the Rams were in desperate need of a QB when they drafted Sam Bradford back in 2010 but at the time I felt Ndamukong Suh should of been the top pick and I still feel that way today.... Add to the fact that the rams gave Bradford a 50$M contract!! That was a bad investment to say the least, considering that 2010 was the last year where 1st round rookies received ridiculous contracts!!

On a last note but a funny one, we heard so many botched calls by professionals broadcasters this past week end! From Ian Eagle calling Austin Pettis, Danny Amendola, to Kevin Harlan calling Keyshawn Martin, Keyshawn Johnson after he scored.... But the worst call goes to Chris Myers when he announced "Panthers win.... Buccaneers win" on the game winning touchdown by Dallas Clark!! 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

NFL Pool Standings + Week 12 Picks

Matthew Ross: 24-20

Stefano Mocella: 22-22

Mitch Gallo: 21-23

Producer: 20-24
Moe Khan: 20-24

Sean Coleman: 18-26

Washington +3.5 @ Dallas

Atlanta -1.5 @ Tampa Bay

San Francisco -2.5 @ New Orleans

Green Bay +2.5 @ NY Giants

Matthew: DAL , ATL , NO , GB
Moe: WSH , ATL , NO , NYG
Producer: DAL , ATL , NO , NYG
Stefano: DAL , TB , NO , NYG
Mitch: WSH , TB , SF , GB
Sean: WSH , ATL , SF , GB

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

What we learned in the NFL week #10

What we learned this past week end in the NFL??

For starters we learned that Steelers might be in BIG trouble.  Losing Big Ben is a fatal blow to the black and yellow!! No one knows how long he will be out of commission but for Pittsburgh's sake it better be short! Did Christmas came early for the ravens this year?? Nothing is guaranteed so this is why they still gonna have to hit the field on sunday night! You don't win on paper!! Psychologically the Ravens have more pressure in winning sunday's matchup.... Just think of the outcome if the steelers win with Byron Leftwich under center!!! The Ravens cannot afford to lose this game!!

We also learned that Drew Brees has Matt Ryan's number. That the Saints are a better team with a balanced attack and the defense looks different with all star LB Jon Vilma back in the lineup!! The return of Joe Vitt sure doesn't hurt!! The Saints are 4-1 in their last 5 contests and are sneaking their way back into the playoff picture. With a win against the Raiders on sunday, the Saints will be back at .500 with 6 games left!! They have all the right in the world to believe they can still make the playoffs!!

We all witness that pathetic performance by Eli Manning against the Bengals!! What is wrong with the Giants offense!! The last time Eli threw a TD pass was to Victor Cruz against the Redskins 4 weeks ago!!! Some say Eli's arm is tired while others say the Giants problems is the blocking scheme of their Oline!! Whatever the issue is you would think that the Giants would run the ball more in this kind of situation!! They have 3 solid RB's, so what are they waiting for?? Giants better smarten up since the Cowboys are only 1 in a half game behind and Dallas receives the Cleveland Browns on sunday!!

Since I am talking about New York football why not talk about the pitiful Jets!! I am so tired of hearing the same crap out of Rex Ryan's mouth!! Stop saying how much you believe in Mark Sanchez!! I guess Ryan really wants to lose his job!! I was one of the few who called it on draft day a few years back that Mark Sanchez was not gonna cut it. I don't understand why Ryan is so stubborn about bot giving Tim Tebow a shot!! This is starting to sound exactly like the same thing that was going on in the Broncos training camp last year!! Oh Brady Quinn was even better then Tebow in practice!! Well when Quinn's name is called has he ever excelled ?? Jets players can go in record and say Sanchez is better then Tebow in practice but he sure doesn't translate it to the field on sundays!! Tebow cannot be any worse then Sanchez!! Im hoping that the Jets get humiliated on sunday vs the Rams and for the rest of the season as well!! How good of a coach are you when your mentality is to stay in neutral when your team is 3-6 and that your quarterback has a hard time throwing for 50%???

We also learned that the Eagles have no clue at all since Andy Reid is still employed!!! Now that Vick is out, Andy Reid is licking his chops thinking he can save his job through a new QB just like he did with Vick 2 years ago!! Well I don't think Nick Foles is gonna save his bacon!! Success or not, Reid NEEDS TO GO!!!! Time for Philly to move in a new direction!!

We saw once again the Bears fall flat to a superior team!! It's all fun and games when you play weak team but reality is you can't play the jags and Titans every week!!

I never was drinking that Miami Dolphins cool-aid but now I get the impression that the one's who were stopped!! A lot of fans got carried away with Miami's little string of success!! I still like what I see from coach Philbin but the Miami offense is limited!! They don't have any premier wide receivers, their QB is a rookie who was a wide receiver himself only 3 years ago and the running game is inconsistent!!! Miami will not make the playoffs!! Sell all Miami Dolphins stock as you should of never bought some in the first place!!

If there is a team you should buy stock it's the New England Patriots!! It's a scary thought to think that the Pats haven't properly clicked yet!! Wait till december comes around and play the Texans and 49ers back to back!!

On a last note, congratulations to Tony Gonzalez, who is now part of the 100 TD club and also to Peyton Manning who tied hall of famer, Dan Marino with 420 passing touchdowns!!!

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

NFL Pool Standings + Week 11 Picks

Matthew Ross: 23-17

Mitch Gallo: 21-19
Stefano Mocella: 21-19

Producer: 19-21

Moe Khan: 17-23

Sean Coleman: 16-24

San Diego +7.5 @ Denver

Indianapolis +9.5 @ New England

Baltimore +3.5 @ Pittsburgh

Chicago +4.5 @ San Francisco

Matthew: SD , IND , BAL , CHI
Moe: DEN , NE , PIT , SF
Producer: DEN , NE , BAL , CHI
Stefano: DEN , NE , BAL , CHI
Mitch: DEN , IND , BAL , CHI
Sean: DEN , NE , BAL , SF

Thursday, 8 November 2012

GamePoints Rendez-Vous with Tera Van Beilen

NFL Picks Week 10

Mike Obrand Top 10 Things you Missed in the CFL Season

What we learned week #9 in the NFL

What did we learn from Week 9?

DOUG MARTIN!!!!! For those who did not know who Doug Martin was, well, say hello to the muscle hamster. Not only did Martin run for 251 yards on Sunday, but add the yards he gained vs the Vikings the week prior....... A total of 386 yards and this is only running yards!! Doug Martin is a complete back made for today's NFL!! He can run, catch and is a very good pass blocker!!! Tampa Bay looks really good sitting at 4-4 and play a critical game this coming Sunday vs the 4-4 San Diego Chargers. I like what I see with the Bucs! Josh Freeman is playing good football. The passing game has looked good the last month since they came off their bye. But now add the running game to the equation.... You got yourself a complete offense!! What's surprising with the Bucs is how easy it looked, even without their best offensive linemen, Carl Nicks, who is done for the season!! I'm drinking that Kool-Aid!!!!

We learned that the Steelers defense has come alive, especially cornerback Ike Taylor!! You can't pass on this defense anymore!! Wait until Troy Polamalu comes back!!!! I would not be shocked to see the Steelers pass the Ravens for first place for the AFC north division! Ravens look sick on almost every aspect of the game and most of the team is badly banged up, while the Steelers have been peaking. Pittsburgh's record stands at 4-1 since the bye week with 3 wins vs the NFC east!! (Eagles, Redskins and Giants) Looking at the rest of their schedule, I don't see anything too difficult for them besides the 2 remaining games vs the Ravens!! Kirby Wilson, the runningback coach for the Steelers, deserves a ton of credit for the work he has done with not 1 or 2 running backs, but 5 of them!! With all the injuries he had no choice and look at the results!!

What is wrong with Eli Manning?? The last 3 weeks he's looked awful!! Luckily for Manning, the defense and special teams has played good football. But at 6-3, they don't have too much to worry about from within their own division!! The rest of the NFC east has struggled with an important matchup between the 3-5 Cowboys in Philly to play the 3-5 Eagles!!! I'm going go on record here and predict whoever loses between those two can kiss their head coach goodbye. I still don't understand how Andy Reid is still coaching!! LeSean McCoy only has 2 red zone touchdowns!!! Yeah.... Exactly my point!!!

What is wrong with Christian Ponder? The Vikings better check themselves!! They have a critical game on Sunday vs the resurgent Lions!! Minnesota has looked good on home turf but this is not the same Lions team they beat in week #4. The Vikings can't afford to lose this game since they still have to play the Bears and Packers twice!!

We also learned that Andrew Luck is for real....That's if anyone still had doubts. I'm glad it took one year for a rookie quarterback to eclipse the record for most passing yards in a single game which Cam Newton set last year. A few weeks ago, I mentioned how it was possible for the Colts to think playoffs, well at 5-3 they're looking good! They had to beat teams such as the Browns, Dolphins and division rival Titans!! Now comes the pitiful Jaguars!! The Colts could be sitting at 6-3 after week #10, with games left against teams such as the Bills, Titans and Chiefs!! A 9-win season for the Colts is NOT an outrageous thought!!!
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

NFL Pool Standings + Week 10 Picks

Matthew Ross: 22-14

Mitch Gallo: 20-16

Stefano Mocella: 19-17

Producer: 17-19
Moe Khan: 17-19

Sean Coleman: 16-20

San Diego +3.5 @ Tampa Bay

Detroit -2.5 @ Minnesota

Dallas -1.5 @ Philadelphia

Houston +1.5 @ Chicago

Matthew: SD, MIN, PHI, CHI
Producer: SD, DET, DAL, HOU
Stefano: TB, DET, DAL, CHI
Mitch: TB, DET, PHI, CHI