Wednesday, 14 November 2012

What we learned in the NFL week #10

What we learned this past week end in the NFL??

For starters we learned that Steelers might be in BIG trouble.  Losing Big Ben is a fatal blow to the black and yellow!! No one knows how long he will be out of commission but for Pittsburgh's sake it better be short! Did Christmas came early for the ravens this year?? Nothing is guaranteed so this is why they still gonna have to hit the field on sunday night! You don't win on paper!! Psychologically the Ravens have more pressure in winning sunday's matchup.... Just think of the outcome if the steelers win with Byron Leftwich under center!!! The Ravens cannot afford to lose this game!!

We also learned that Drew Brees has Matt Ryan's number. That the Saints are a better team with a balanced attack and the defense looks different with all star LB Jon Vilma back in the lineup!! The return of Joe Vitt sure doesn't hurt!! The Saints are 4-1 in their last 5 contests and are sneaking their way back into the playoff picture. With a win against the Raiders on sunday, the Saints will be back at .500 with 6 games left!! They have all the right in the world to believe they can still make the playoffs!!

We all witness that pathetic performance by Eli Manning against the Bengals!! What is wrong with the Giants offense!! The last time Eli threw a TD pass was to Victor Cruz against the Redskins 4 weeks ago!!! Some say Eli's arm is tired while others say the Giants problems is the blocking scheme of their Oline!! Whatever the issue is you would think that the Giants would run the ball more in this kind of situation!! They have 3 solid RB's, so what are they waiting for?? Giants better smarten up since the Cowboys are only 1 in a half game behind and Dallas receives the Cleveland Browns on sunday!!

Since I am talking about New York football why not talk about the pitiful Jets!! I am so tired of hearing the same crap out of Rex Ryan's mouth!! Stop saying how much you believe in Mark Sanchez!! I guess Ryan really wants to lose his job!! I was one of the few who called it on draft day a few years back that Mark Sanchez was not gonna cut it. I don't understand why Ryan is so stubborn about bot giving Tim Tebow a shot!! This is starting to sound exactly like the same thing that was going on in the Broncos training camp last year!! Oh Brady Quinn was even better then Tebow in practice!! Well when Quinn's name is called has he ever excelled ?? Jets players can go in record and say Sanchez is better then Tebow in practice but he sure doesn't translate it to the field on sundays!! Tebow cannot be any worse then Sanchez!! Im hoping that the Jets get humiliated on sunday vs the Rams and for the rest of the season as well!! How good of a coach are you when your mentality is to stay in neutral when your team is 3-6 and that your quarterback has a hard time throwing for 50%???

We also learned that the Eagles have no clue at all since Andy Reid is still employed!!! Now that Vick is out, Andy Reid is licking his chops thinking he can save his job through a new QB just like he did with Vick 2 years ago!! Well I don't think Nick Foles is gonna save his bacon!! Success or not, Reid NEEDS TO GO!!!! Time for Philly to move in a new direction!!

We saw once again the Bears fall flat to a superior team!! It's all fun and games when you play weak team but reality is you can't play the jags and Titans every week!!

I never was drinking that Miami Dolphins cool-aid but now I get the impression that the one's who were stopped!! A lot of fans got carried away with Miami's little string of success!! I still like what I see from coach Philbin but the Miami offense is limited!! They don't have any premier wide receivers, their QB is a rookie who was a wide receiver himself only 3 years ago and the running game is inconsistent!!! Miami will not make the playoffs!! Sell all Miami Dolphins stock as you should of never bought some in the first place!!

If there is a team you should buy stock it's the New England Patriots!! It's a scary thought to think that the Pats haven't properly clicked yet!! Wait till december comes around and play the Texans and 49ers back to back!!

On a last note, congratulations to Tony Gonzalez, who is now part of the 100 TD club and also to Peyton Manning who tied hall of famer, Dan Marino with 420 passing touchdowns!!!

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