Friday, 14 December 2012

What we learned in the NFL week #13-14

Before I get started, I must start off by saying how impressive Robert Griffin III is live!!!! He's got that "wow factor"!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! Here's hoping he can stay healthy as long as he can. But as impressed with him as I am, one cannot forget or neglect what Andrew Luck has done for his team this year!! RG III is surrounded with coaches who have been in place for three years, better defense. Plus, the Redskins do "baby" him a bit. He's not put in a situation where he has to come from behind like Luck has!! Luck's performance against the Lions was an epic one, even though he tossed three picks!!! Seeing Luck running down the play to set up a block for Donnie Avery was "THE" indication that he is for real.... And he is a "shooter". He's not afraid to throw the rock!!!

The 2012 QB rookie class is already being discussed as the best one ever!! Here's why: Russell Wilson!!!! Wilson posted the best QB rating in the month of November and threw nine touchdowns and no interceptions!! All three teams are in a position to enter the playoffs! That says a lot and let's also not forget Ryan Tannehill who was picked in the first round, but the jury is still out on him versus Griff, Luck and Wilson! Year two and three will be crucial for Tannehill.

We've witnessed the last few weeks a Adrian Peterson who has been on a tear!! He's ran for at least 100 yards in his last seven games! (153-123-182-171-108-210-154). Can you say MVP!! Word is he is gunning for 2,000 and even maybe Eric Dickerson's single season record of 2,105 yards! Let's not forget the fact that Peterson is coming back from a blown-up knee!! He is a genetic freak and he's carrying a team on his shoulders. The Vikings still can make the playoffs, but need to beat the 6-6-1 Rams on Sunday!! Call it crazy and it seems crazy, but the Rams still have a chance at making the playoffs. They have been one of the hottest teams as of late, playing the 49ers tough on both occasion! That's nice and all but here comes Adrian Peterson! We will see how good the Rams defense is. Have fun St Louis!! 

Baltimore Ravens fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron... 13 games too late!! He should have been fired after last season. Reports say he was unpopular in the locker room, that the offense was about making him look good!! Wow.. A control freak!! The Ravens still have a great opportunity to turn things around. The return of their no-huddle offense AND of Ray Lewis!! His presence on the field can only do good for this team that is bleeding in a big way right now!! How they fare in Sunday's game against Peyton Manning and the Broncos will indicate a lot about the Ravens!! The race for the AFC North is turning out to be an interesting one between the Ravens, Steelers and Bengals. Bengals last two games are @PIT and vs Bal!

Staying put in the AFC, one can only think that the best team are the Pats!! I've been hyping them up the last few weeks, no need to anymore... It's theirs to lose!! They have a balanced attack, a lot of weapons to play with on offense and their defense leads the league in takeaways - my favorite defensive stat!! Which team in the NFC matches up nicely against the Pats? The Giants! Note this year, the Giants D is good but not great.. A lot of injuries. The Packers?? Nope... Packers o-line can't protect Rodgers. The 49ers? We will find out on Sunday as this may be a Super Bowl preview but nope, the Niners are still not the answer to the question. Who, you may ask?? The Seahawks!!! That win this year versus New England was no fluke... And with the way that game ended,(Sherman/Brady), I would like to see those two go at it again for all the marbles!!

Anyone noticed how Bum Newton is playing good football?? I say it's a theory of him playing well due to the fact he has no pressure, since his team is in the stinker. It's about looking good, not winning! A journalist from Charlotte wrote on his Twitter/Facebook account that Cam Newton blew off another NFL player and his kids at last year's Pro Bowl! Wow... The fellow teammates and players he plays against are the last people he should blow off!! The rest of the league has little respect for Cam!! I say GOOD!!

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