Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tebow passes first tough test - turning it over and STILL winning

Like or hate him, the one thing Tim Tebow wasn't doing so far this season was turning the ball over. He did it on Sunday, and guess what? He still won! That was the test.

All he does is win
Never mind that Tebow once again was clutch in the fourth quarter, this was all about him facing adversity, albeit self-imposed, and coming out on top. NOW people surely must be believers. At 6-1 on the year, he has his team tied atop the AFC West and poised for a playoff run.

Versus the Vikings, the religious wonder put an impressive 200 passing yards on the board (okay, impressive isn't the word, but at least he cracked the double century mark) and made the throws when it counted.

But when you talk about Denver's win over Minnesota, you can't do it without mentioning the defense. They were able to come up with turnovers when it mattered the most. Despite giving up over 30 points, you have to be impressed with a unit that was playing without its rookie phenom, Von Miller.

So where can Tebow take this team? The sky is the limit. At this point, you cannot underscore just how important his intangibles are. You can talk about offensive gimmicks and his lack of a quality throwing motion. But all he does is win.

As a Broncos fan, I have to tip my cap to the man who drafted the former Gator - Josh McDaniels. Your tenure was strange and puzzling and disappointing, Josh. But you left a nice parting gift behind.

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