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How to size up the Alouettes start to the offseason?

How to size up the Alouettes start to the offseason?

Marcus Brady’s Role

In conversing with sources close to the team, there is a strong sentiment on the respect Marcus Brady has inside the locker room.

His ability to connect with the players has made him a desirable coaching candidate, as seen by the Argonauts overtures to bring him on-board to be their offensive coordinator. Many members felt had Brady bolted for their division rivals, it would have been a big blow to the team’s Grey Cup quest.

With him staying on the Alouettes coaching staff, it heeds anymore bleeding suffered with Milanovich, and Jonathan Himebauch, both leaving for the Toronto organization.

Moreover, this must have been a difficult decision for Brady, given that he got his start playing professionally with the Argonauts. In the football world it is very hard to say no to an organization that brought you into the league.

What this will entail for Brady is an opportunity to be more immersed in the weekly game planning. He will learn from a great coach in Marc Trestman. There is no questioning that the head coach will continue to call the plays. But Brady will be given a first class seat in being an important figure in the offense decision-making.

Brady is only 32-years old; eventually he could become the Alouettes next head coach in the near future if Trestman opts to leave the organization after the 2012 season.

Furthermore, Milanovich, probably in his mind felt there was an uncertainty whether or he would be the next head coach of the Alouettes, and that’s why he probably took the Argonauts job. The organization will have their potential plan B in place if they deem Brady the heir to Trestman.

To sum it up, Brady made the decision that he sees best for him and his family. Now, the hard part comes in taking the next step in his coaching career to demonstrate to Jim Popp and management that he is the right choice for the job. Already, he has the respect of many in the organization. I am confident he will repay them by making his unit much better.

Anthony Calvillo Returns

Simply put, with the greatest CFL quarterback in the lineup for his 19th season, this team is arguably the favourite to win the 2012 Grey Cup.

Reasons why Calvillo would not comeback? At the tender age of 39 who will be 40-years old next August. Some pundits would think it is outrageous to comeback given what he has gone through from the serious physical shots he took to his body all season long.

What else is there to accomplish in the CFL? With the exception of furthering himself from the competition in the quarterback statistical categories, and winning another Grey Cup! There isn’t much left to achieve.

Without question, when he reassesses each season, his family weighs heavily in the decision process. With the backing of the most important people in his life, Calvillo can proceed into his rigorous offseason training preparing to potentially wining his fourth Grey Cup.

Reason why Calvillo would comeback? Unfinished business! As my colleague Mitch Gallo, and I discussed in the press box during the East semifinal loss to the Tiger-Cats, had Calvillo won the Grey Cup this past season, the chances would have increased that he retires and goes off into the sunset. If he lost (which they did), without question he would come back.

With the arsenal he has at his disposal, from Brian Bratton, Kerry Carter, S.J. Green, Jamel Richardson, and Brandon Whitaker, Calvillo can be satisfied to know the nucleus is still intact and knows the system very well to make another run at a title. So there won’t be any adjustments or chemistry issues if they had to rebuild their offense.

Going into the 2012 season, Calvillo knows this could very well be the last great dynasty run of this generation of players.

Scott Flory, and Anwar Stewart entering the twilight of their careers! Given the cloudy contract situation of Marc Trestman, whether or not he signs on after next season, this could very well be the last kick at the can for this class of players.

Already within the last 16-months, we have seen the retirements of such greats as Ben Cahoon, Bryan Chiu, and Matt Proulx. So Alouettes fans enjoy these moments, because we could be bidding adieu to the remaining veteran core of players that has been so dominate.

In 2013, buyers beware, because this current team could very well be a different Alouettes squad with a potential new coach, quarterback, and players on the field.

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