Saturday, 31 December 2011

20 Sportstaughts For 2012

As 2011 comes to a close and 2012 awaits us, here are 20 sportstaughts to ponder for the new year. In case you are wondering, the definition of a "sportstaught" is a cynical or sarcastic thought about the world of sports.

  • Will Habs fans finally embrace Scott Gomez after he scores the tying goal to help the team qualify for the playoffs?
  • At what point do Montreal sports fans get bored with the novelty of the MLS and the Impact to the point that they will stop showing up to Saputo Stadium? (Over / under : July)
  • Will the Winter Gimmick (i.e. NHL Winter Classic) be cancelled on the account of great weather?
  • Over / under: 50.5 snaps. Number of meaningful snaps taken by Adrian McPherson in 2012.
  • Soon after winning his first major in awhile, we will find out that Tiger Woods is dating not one but two women?
  • Will Geoff Molson cave again and make the right decision for the fans?
  • Can Habs fans stomach another Boston Bruins Stanley Cup reign?
  • Will Mr. Markov ever play this season?
  • A Steelers V. Packers Super Bowl is not possible. Look for Ravens V. Packers.
  • Ron Wilson will be fired after signing his contract extension after the Leafs fail to make the playoffs.
  • The National Headshot League (i.e., NHL) will continue to buried its head in the sand after losing another star to another concussion.
  • The NBA 66-game schedule will lead to some bizarre playoff match-ups.
  • Will Quebec City continue to be teased by the NHL and its inability to settle the ownership of the Phoenix Coyotes?
  • Over / under: 3.5 medals. The number of medal won by Canada at the Summer Olympics. (If anyone cares.)
  • How many NHL fans will be shocked at the thought of no hockey at the beginning of October 2012?
  • Will P.K. Subban be trade bait?
  • Should Expos fans be jealous at the accomplishments made by the Miami Marlins?
  • How many games are left in Sidney Crosby's career?
  • Who is willing to pay for tickets to see NHL games after the CBA is settled?
  • When is the city of Montreal going to see its next championship parade?
Final Taughts:
  • Start scoreboard watching now... If you are a Hab fan and still have hopes of the team making the playoffs, you better start scoreboard watching now. Yes, the team is now only 6 points out of 8th place with more than 40 games to play, however; there is a pack of 4 - 5 teams to catch. Furthermore, these 4 - 5 teams will play each other in which a team will pick up 2 point or worst case scenario, split the points and win the extra point. Case in point yesterday's Sabres vs. Capitals match-up or tonight's Maple Leafs vs. Jets game.
  • Where's the logic J.C.? I caught the last bit of Le Match on TVA Sports where host, Jean Charles Lajoie, was a tad upset that Jacques Martin's first interview since the Habs fired him was in English with Sirius XM. Lajoie commented that Martin was obligated to give an interview in French since Martin is still being paid by the Canadiens and 80% of the team's revenues are coming from francophones. Really J.C.? So to apply the same logic applies to the ordinary "Joe" where Joe should still show up for work the morning after he was canned from his job because he is collecting severance?
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