Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Alouettes and Braylon Edwards a Match Made In Heaven?

Could the Alouettes be interested in current NFL player Braylon Edwards? With San Francisco 49ers releasing the polarizing figure from their club, this will mark the third time in less than three years that he will be looking for a new home.

The history of Edwards does not bode well for his future chance at NFL employment, at least in reading the Twitter thoughts of the NFL beat writers. Beyond his knee injury, the same sentiment has been echoed by all, that his off-field incidents will outweigh his on-field accomplishments. Thus, it might make it difficult for any potential suitor to sign him up early in free agency period.

Apparently the reason why he signed on with the 49ers is because of the Michigan Wolverines connection of current 49ers head coach, Jim Harbaugh and his father.

In the upcoming spring, if Edwards has exhausted all corners of the NFL universe and has no choices, would he consider playing in the CFL, in-particular for the Montreal Alouettes? It has to be a two-way street where there’s interest from both parties.

Under the Marc Trestman regime, he has taken flyers on former NFL players such as O.J. Santiago, Ahman Green, and Jerry Porter. Santiago lasted the longest with the club before he was released midway through the 2010 season, and for the other two, unfortunately injuries derailed any chance of them making the roster.

Let’s fast forward to the present situation with Edwards. By all means, he probably isn’t even thinking about coming north of the border knowing very well it could signal the end of his career. Even though the Alouettes are loaded at the receiver position, they have never said no to any American especially with a NFL background willing to tryout.

With the future of Kerry Watkins unknown whether or not the team would like him back at the salary he is earning, Could anyone imagine Edwards catching touchdown passes, albeit when he’s focused from Anthony Calvillo?

Edwards has the speed and penchant to making highlight reel catches. If he is able to learn the angles of the Canadian game he could flourish playing in this system where the wideout position is very important in the Trestman offense.

It seems like a far fetched scenario. But consider that Trestman can help rectify Edwards’s career because at the age of 28, he is very quickly running out of NFL options. Remember, it was Trestman who spent countless hours helping to reform Tim Tebow’s throwing motion and career. From all indications, Tebow has become an overnight revelation.

Many expect Trestman to honour the last year of his deal with the team. If he opts for the NFL in 2013, he could bring Edwards along with him.

To date, Edwards’s most successful NFL season was in 2008 with the Cleveland Browns, where he amassed; 80 receptions, 1,289 yards, and 16 touchdowns. He has shown glimpses of being a solid player. But the stigma will follow him whether or not he deeply loves this game to go beyond the means to become a great football player.

Maybe a year in exile from the NFL could do him well where he could come up to the CFL and redefine his image, and game. If he does show interest, will the Alouettes take the bait at a signing one of the NFL’s more enigmatic players?

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