Monday, 12 December 2011

The Epic Story Tim Tebow is Writing

I was contemplating last night why I'm such a fan of the epic story Tim Tebow is in the process of writing. I am by no means a Broncos fan as the Cowboys own my heart (insert your own joke here). I am not a religious man in any sense though I respect the right of others to devote themselves to a faith. I don't particularly have an appreciation for the way Tebow plays the game seeing as he sets the quarterback position back by a solid 40 years. So what is it? Why do I root for this fullback masquerading around as a quarterback? Then it hit me.

Tebow epitomizes the reason I love sports. I have been about as passionate a sports fan as you can be for a solid 15 years now and the thing I love the most about it is that you never stop seeing something you've never seen before. I live for those stories and moments that force me to tell my eyes to believe what they're seeing.

Post-game yesterday, Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher gave Tebow a rather back-handed compliment, calling him "a really good running back". While disrespectful, Urlacher is right. Tebow uses a throwing motion that you only generally see from a punter trying to hit a running back in the flat on a fake kick. But who cares? Call him a mediocre quarterback, a glorified running back, Cinderella man, overrated, call him whatever you want but he's also a winner and a leader and right now, the Broncos wouldn't ask for anything more.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the rather large hand the Broncos defense has played in this epic run of six straight wins. In a weird way, Tebow's overall incompetence at the quarterback position has probably motivated this defense as they know that for about 58 minutes each game, it's up to that unit to keep their team in the game. Whatever the case may be, this odd recipe the Broncos have thrown together is making for one delicious meal.

This Sunday, the Broncos face the mighty New England Patriots, easily Tebow's biggest test to date. Tebow, with God clearly in his corner, will be going up against Tom Brady, someone many aspiring quarterbacks refer to as their own God. To date, Tebow has already converted many non-football fans to the sport. If he manages to pull off another miracle on Sunday, he may very well start converting football fans to Christianity.

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