Sunday, 4 December 2011

NFL Pool Standings after Week 13

1st) Producer: 31-21

2nd) Mitch : 30-22

Matthew: 29-23
3rd) Stefano: 29-23

5th) Moe: 27-25

6th) Trexis: 25-27

7th) Listeners: 24-28

8th) Sean: 17-35

1 comment:

  1. After 13 weeks, the legend of Mitch Gallo is fading. He has been dethroned, as the majestic Producer(s) slot is now in the lead by one game. Meanwhile Matthew and I are neck and neck at 29-23 each. With a 4-0 week, Moe is now in 5th at 27-25. Trexis with 3-1 has now passed our listeners. (Pretty impressive, considering he didn't submit his picks a couple of weeks.) Our listeners are slumping, but they still have a stranglehold lead over Sean Coleman who is at a magical 17-35. Too bad he doesn't get a 1st overall pick. 4 weeks left to go, who will win the um, bragging rights?