Saturday, 3 December 2011

Habs thoughts and CFL embarrasses itself - again!

Jones weasels his way out of Calgary
First, unfortunately, I hate to say 'I told you so,' but, well, I told you so! I had the Canadiens losing all three games on this road trip. With no Max Pacioretty and a horrible power play, they had no chance, I said on air Tuesday night. As they prepare to take on the Kings Saturday night, Montreal sits on the verge of joining the lottery pick teams in June. Not good. And there's really no end in sight.

Another day and another disappointing turn of events for Andrei Markov. He is a myth, a legend. Years from now, fathers will tell their kids of a Russian blueliner who could pass with precision and ignite any team's power play. That's what it has come to with Markov, who continues to delay his comeback. At this point, it's time NOT to expect him to come back. Just put him on IR already and be done with it. Lord knows his cap hit is large enough that the savings could help the Habs in a trade.

Or, is it too late already to make a trade and save the season? Maybe, Suck-a-pov for Yakopov is back on, people. Let the roster liquidation begin!

Next, could the CFL be any more pathetic? Seriously? Fining a team an embarrassingly low $5,000 for tampering with another team's coordinator? Are you kidding me? The only way this sad Chris Jones saga would be worse is if it was him going from the Braley-owned Lions to the Braley-owned Argonauts.

No wonder casual CFL fans think the league is a joke. A team is allowed to nab a coach from another team and only pay 5k for the other team's troubles. That's like a celebrity getting community service for shooting someone. You kind of expect it, but are sickened at the verdict, anyway.

They should have thrown the book at Jim Barker and the Argos and set a REAL precedent. But nooooooo, they fumbled the ball once again. What's next, allowing the Ti-Cats to snare Marc Trestman away if they ask really nicely and give the Alouettes a loot bag as compensation? What a joke.

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