Saturday, 17 December 2011

Holiday Gifts and Wishes For All On The Montreal Sports Landscape

As we approach the holiday season, I would like to take the time to express my gratitude to the people and organizations that make the sport landscape in Montreal so great. The following list are my “would be gifts” and best wishes.

(Please Note: Do not take these seriously. They are meant to mock. I mock because I like, well at least sometimes).
  • To Moe Khan of TSN Radio 990, pleated slacks.
  • To The Montreal Canadiens, qualifying for the NHL playoffs.
  • To The Montreal Impact, the Canadiens not qualifying for the NHL playoffs. (Please read, "A Test Of Impact For The Montreal Sports Fanatic")
  • To Matthew Ross, an embargo on Habs' Tuesday night games for the next six years.
  • To Pierre Gauthier, this.
  • To Jack Todd, an email address at The Montreal Gazette.
  • To the AM radio station on Fort St., the radio rights to the Blainville-Boisbriand Armada (Local sports radio highlights are not the same without hearing "Shutout buster")
  • To The Montreal Alouettes, God telling Tim Tebow to take his talents to Mont Royal.
  • To Elliott Price, an extended vacation for Dave Randorf. (Figure it out)
  • To Dwight Walton, the Lakers finishing ahead of the Clippers.
  • To Concordia University Football, a winning program.
  • To McGill Redmen Football, a win.
  • To Mitch Melnick, another historical partnership agreement between, BCE and Rogers. A deal which allow Stephen Brunt to return to Melnick In The Afternoon and have “Louis” from Ville Mercier call Bob McGown.
  • To TVA Sports, content.
  • To Randy Tieman, the ability to keep his secret on how he can be on the radio and television at the same time between 12:55 and 1pm.
  • To Norman Flynn, employment with the Habs which will substantiate his use of the pronoun, "We" on The Montreal Forum.
  • To Jesse Marsh, a gift certificate. (Sorry, I don't know you that well.)
  • To Jacques Martin, a tablet, specifically, a Blackberry Playbook. (Hey, they are on sale.)
  • To Randy Cunneyworth, a membership card to the PQ to be used as a bookmark for his new Bescherelle.
  • To the person responsible for the airing of the spots on TSN Radio 990, the power to delete the promo with John Bowman of the Als for Melnick In The Afternoon.
  • To Anthony Calvillo, the missing segment of the video tribute from "a" Brett Favre.
  • To Marc Trestman, his own radio show. Co-host, Moe Khan. (Please read, "Will Marc Trestman Be The Alouettes Head Coach Past 2012?"
  • To university baseball, fans.
  • To Andie Bennett, a Merry Christmas.
  • To Jim Popp, a winning quarterback for 2013.
  • To Tony Marinaro, candies.
  • To Shaun Star, have "#licketysplit" trending on Twitter 24/7/365
  • To listeners of the AM radio on Fort St., a decent sports cast weekday morning.
  • To dyslexic fans of sports talk radio in Montreal, a radio with no dial, just an on/off switch.

Final Taughts…

No wonder Kobe is pissed. Anyone see how snippy Kobe Bryant got during a press scrum regarding the trade of Lamar Odom?

The guy wasn’t pissed at the trade, he was pissed because he just found out that he has NO PRENUP. NO PRENUB, C’mon Kobe!!!

Well Done Mike!!! So Mike Milbury goes off on a 12 year old kid at his son’s game? Well done Mike. Say goodbye NBC and CBC, hello TMZ.

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