Monday, 19 December 2011

O'Shea Going to the Alouettes?

According to RDS’s Didier OrmeJuste on his Twitter handle (@44DidierRDS), the Alouettes have interviewed Argonauts special teams coach Mike O’Shea for the very same position in Montreal.

First reaction, is this move by the Alouettes a mind game they’re playing with their 401 rivals? Especially after they swooped in for two of their coaches?

Ultimately, O’Shea is looking to become a head coach in this league. He has done wonders with the Argonauts special teams unit by making them relevant in games when their offense disappeared. I am sure star player Chad Owens will acknowledge that O’Shea has been instrumental in developing him into a multi-faceted player in this league.

But is this really an upgrade for O’Shea to come to Montreal? The probability of winning a Grey Cup does increase especially considering the Alouettes are always perennial contenders.

However, let’s be honest, how many of you knew who the special teams coach was with the Alouettes? Probably not many! On the other hand, everyone knew O’Shea’s job with the Argonauts. So automatically, by adding a name of his stature will bring respect to this unit. Furthermore, it might entice a few free agents to sign on with the Alouettes.

Let’s not forget, in 2012, half the league’s teams will have a new leader. So if it doesn’t work out to land a head coaching gig. The odds of him getting one in 2013 is very slim considering the holdovers from last year in John Hufnagel, Paul Lapolice, Kavis Reed, and Trestman are firmly entrenched at their position.

Now the scenario that could play out is that O’Shea accepts the Montreal offer. Then in-turn, if Trestman opts to go back south to coach in the NFL or NCAA, then O’Shea could have the inside track to become the future head leader for the team.

If O’Shea plays his cards correct, he could fetch a high salary from the Argos or Alouettes. Considering all season long, the Alouettes special teams were horrendous as they didn’t return a kickoff or punt for a touchdown. In the last two Grey Cup runs, they can credit their special teams for making a game-changing play. It was obvious they were missing that link during the season to be the difference maker.
O’Shea will surely exhaust the head coaching vacancies until further notice.

But if he doesn’t get one this year, his value will go up for when he negotiates a contract with the Argonauts, or Alouettes to potentially be apart of their organization. Stay tuned!

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