Thursday, 29 March 2012

Who Could Fill The Alouettes Defensive Leadership Void Left by Anwar Stewart

It has been almost two months since fan favourite Anwar Stewart was released by the Montreal Alouettes.

Heading into training camp, who on the defense will assume the leadership void that was left by Stewart?

The first name to be considered is John Bowman, who due to seniority at his position automatically becomes one the deans of the defense.

There is no denying he has been one of the premier pass rushers in the league averaging 11 sacks in the last four years.

He will surely be looked upon as a player that the defense will rely on for tips, wisdom, and potentially being the new voice. Furthermore, with Stewart no longer there, he might become the next face that the media will request on a regular basis for quotes.

Don’t forget about linebacker Chip Cox, who has been apart of the Alouettes for the same amount of time as Bowman.

He has the penchant to make a big play when called upon, and he will surely be looked by new defensive coordinator, Jeff Reinebold to elevate his role.

As versatile as Cox is, he could become even better in Reinebold’s schemes where he is in position to make more plays.

From a Canadian perspective, Shea Emry could very well be considered for his leadership skills.

He plays one of the most difficult positions in football where he must make the adjustments on the fly for the defense. Throughout his time Emry has displayed an undeniable ability to lead by example.

Coming off an upper body injury, Emry is primed to help restore this defense that last year was decimated by opposing offenses.

Finally Etienne Boulay. He has become an important figure on and off the field. He is a fan favourite in the local community as there many partisans wearing his jersey at the home games.

Furthermore, even though it is a new defense he and his teammates will be learning. He knows what it takes to get it done on the field.

With the addition of former B.C. Lions player Aaron Hunt, who brings vast experience, knows what it takes to win in the trenches, and the league.

For those who have been around this behemoth of a player, he is very articulate, and a funny character that should blend in well with this team.

A new outside voice could be refreshing for a team having a makeover on their defense.

From a public relations standpoint, many Montreal fans are still disappointed by management opting to go in a different direction than bring back Stewart for his potential swan song in the CFL.

Furthermore, if the team decides to sign former Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive end Stevie Baggs, this might be the tipping point for fans. They could question management on acquiring a Baggs who statistically and competitively did not match Stewart’s output in 2011.

Training camp is just around the corner, but the Alouettes should expect the
supporting characters to step up into a main role for 2012.

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  1. EXCUSE ME BUT I'M SORRY DO YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT WHEN IT COMES TO THE MONTREAL ALOUETTES? because where I'm sitting you seem to be over your head!! YES anwar was a fan favourite and is no different from ed philion who wanted to play 1 more year before retiring BUT as a fan I don't care because time moves on!! YES I like the players on my team and YES I don't want some of them to leave BUT for "me" the TEAM comes first and players 2nd!! so move it along already!! sorry have you met hunt in person/face to face? you want leaders on the defence? funny that you missed the 2 that are the leaders: #17 CB parker and #39 DHB brown!! keep writing you may in fact eventually get it right before the season ends!!

  2. stop beating a dead horse!! stevie baggs was never going to be an alouette!! 1st he's not that good!! 2nd he's no longer a starter!! and finally what "we" needed was a back up canadian DL which was accomplished when GM popp signed mullinder!!

  3. get real already!! emry "upper body injury" WHAT? concussion ever hear of that before? everybody and I mean everybody knew it was a concussion even last year!!