Friday, 23 March 2012

The Mystery Continues On With Head Coach Marc Trestman on Contract Negotiations With The Alouettes

Approaching the first weekend of spring, where does the Montreal Alouettes stand in contract negotiations with their head coach, Marc Trestman?

In the middle of January during the coaching exodus of their staff to the NCAA, The Montreal Gazette’s beat writer, Herb Zurkowsky reported that a contract extension was in the works.

It has been two months, and there has been no update on whether management and Trestman’s camp are close to an agreement.

Furthermore, entering training camp if there is no accord in-place with captain of the ship, could it cast another cloud over the Alouettes? After the 2012 season the team could potentially be overhauling their roster if Anthony Calvillo, and others decide to retire or move on to other opportunities.

What has made this situation intriguing the Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced a contract extension for their third year head coach in Paul LaPolice. He has yet to reach or equal Trestman’s success.

In the last press conference of the season, some local media members asked Trestman on whether or not he will be here beyond 2012? Trestman said it was between him and the team.

For the journalists who have dealt with Trestman on a day to day basis knows he is very guarded about his contract situation becoming a public distraction.

For the success that he has had in his four years as CFL head coach, a lot of fans feel he will eventually bolt to the NFL, or NCAA. There is no denying he has been on the NFL radars with his name most recently being associated with the Indianapolis Colts.

Generally, when a coach is entering the last year of his deal without a new contract in-hand, it means three things. He might not be retained by the team beyond the life term. He could be fired during the season as an excuse for management to use on why their team is playing poorly. Or he simply might leave after his deal is completed.

But with Trestman’s it would be hard to argue on why he wouldn’t be given a new deal.

Certainly there hasn’t been any coach with no CFL experience come and in a short period of time have his team be the jubilee of the league as Trestman has accomplished.

History has shown preceding Alouettes head coaches such as Bob Price, and Charlie Taaffe have left the team for the better paid jobs in the south.

The intrigue will continue on with Trestman and his future with the team.

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  1. the contract has already been signed, sealed and delivered!! just because the alouettes haven't announced it yet doesn't mean it hasn't happened!! remember his last contract extension was announced what 4 months after it was signed!! so continue to play "chicken little" and run around montreal yelling THE SKY IS FALLING!! get a grip!!

  2. bob price and charlie taaffe accomplished what after they left the als? EXACTLY NOTHING OTHER THEN GETTING FIRED AND APPLYING BACK TO THE ALS FOR A JOB!! you'll know nothing about why trestman is a CFL HC and why he's not going anywhere!!

  3. the web site is run by a bunch of kumbyiah squareheads led by their creator clifford pine!! FREEDOM OF SPEECH is a foreign concept to the bloggers on that site!!