Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Future of The Alouettes Quarterback Position

In a recent Twitter discussion, a passionate Alouettes partisan echoed the same nervousness as many Montreal fans in what could happen if quarterback Anthony Calvillo gets hurt, and who would be his future replacement?

Looking inside the division, it seems that the Alouettes rivals all have a solid plan B in place.

The Toronto Argonauts did a dramatic overhaul by trading for starter Ricky Ray, and signing Jarious Jackson, who is considered to be an excellent backup.

The Tiger-Cats felt it was time for a new infusion at the pivot position, so they acquired Henry Burris for Kevin Glenn. His backup will be Quinton Porter who did show flashes that he could potentially be a decent player in this league.

As for the defending division champions, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, they will continue with the success of Buck Pierce being backed up by Alex Brink.

With the current quarterback situation in Montreal, without question the Alouettes will be favourites to win the division, and contend for another Grey Cup.

But with the clock ticking to retirement for Calvillo, who could be the team’s next option?

We have continuously heard that Adrian McPherson is the heir apparent to Calvillo’s throne. But from the small sample of McPherson’s on-field work, could he take the mantle and continue the strong tradition of excellent quarterbacks in the organization?

Currently on the team’s roster at this position, the team has listed Calvillo, McPherson, Josh Neiswander, and Ricky Santos.

With all due respect, with the exception of McPherson, the other backups do not exude confidence that this position is in good hands for the post-Calvillo era.

General manager Jim Popp and his personnel staff have to be given full credit for identifying talent, and stockpiling each position where the second stringers would be starters on other CFL teams. However, rightfully so in the past, Popp hasn’t made any earth shattering moves to address the quarterback situation because it hasn't been an issue.

But as the seconds inch closer to Calvillo’s final chapter, the team needs to decide if McPherson is their future quarterback. He has been first class on where he stands in relation to Calvillo.

At some point there has to be a silent boiling point for McPherson on wanting a real shot as a starter. Otherwise, they should allow him to pursue other CFL avenues.

For one,Anthony Calvillo that has come through the Alouettes organization, there have been Tavares Bolden, Dan Gonzalez, Nealon Greene, Stanley Jackson, Corby Jones, Eric Kresser, Matt Lytle, Will Proctor, Ell Roberson, and Tederal White, who no one cares to remember.

At some point, Jim Popp and head coach Marc Trestman must figure out who will be the next player to assume the captain’s seat once the future CFL hall of famer retires.

Every other position has talent spilling at the seams, except for the most important ingredient, quarterback. Who knows, maybe Popp is in competition with the Miami Dolphins to sign Peyton Manning.

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  1. Hate to break the news, but oddsmakers have made the Ti-Cats the favourite to win it all this year. I know that means nothing in March, but it does contradict your statement that the Als are "without question... the favourites to win the division." A team that stumbled to four consecutive losses to end the season, including a home playoff game, is not what I would call a favourite. As long as they have Calvillo (and Popp and Trestman) they will be dangerous, but their days as the undisputed king of the East looks to be over.

    1. cats are favourites to win it all I know that means nothing in march your words but you harp away on the als losing 4 straight to end last season!! win it all in march and last year have nothing to do with this up coming season and who's the early favourite!! but the alouettes as you and others think have not passed away!! they have retooled their coaching staff for the better with 3 CFL f/agency signings and the return of their injured DB does in fact make them the favourites and their days as the undisputed kings of the east are not over!! THE BEASTS OF THE EAST LIVE!!