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Stevie Baggs Future, Does It Include The Alouettes or Another CFL Team?

Trying to figure out where pass rusher Stevie Baggs will end up playing football, is comparable to cramming for a final exam worth 100 percent. Essentially, it's impossible is what I am implying

To date, there has been no concrete information on which team(s) is in the bidding for Baggs services.

Over the weekend, I did manage to contact Baggs to see if he would like to join Gamepoints Radio on TSN 990 to discuss what had happened with the Hamtilon Tiger-Cats.

Initially, he agreed, but two days after our first contact, he sent a message, apologizing that he would have to decline the opportunity to come on-air.

At first, it caught me off guard, but I realized this could be a move by his camp to minimize any information on Baggs future.

This is generally a normal ploy in sports, where a free agent who is in the midst of contract negotiations with a potential partner, will go rogue until further notice.

Now, which teams could have interest in Baggs services?

Montreal Alouettes: Anytime there is a big name player who is in the open market, chances are high that they will be linked to Montreal. General manager; Jim Popp is known to be a hard bargain.

If Baggs wants an opportunity at winning the Grey Cup, he will need to cede to Popp’s terms. Moreover, to date, no one knows what defensive formation the Alouettes will employ in 2012. The whispers are pointing to a 3-4 alignment, but could Baggs excel in this formation?

Edmonton Eskimos: Automatically he has a connection with general manager, Eric Tillman from their Saskatchewan Roughriders days. Don’t forget that Eskimos head coach, Kavis Reed was apart of the ’09 Roughriders staff and he knows Baggs very well.

The team did sign Don Oramasionwu from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and brought back Rashad Jeanty into the fold. With the emergence of Marcus Howard, Ted Laurent, and Julius Williams, Baggs could be another depth player for a young, hungry defensive line.

B.C. Lions: This is a long shot since the team spent a lot of money on their secondary. But considering that Brent Johnson has retired, there is an opening at one defensive end position.

Keep in-mind that Wally Buono has never shied away from taking on a player who has a chip on his shoulder see Arland Bruce, as a prime example.

Right now, from reading the pulse across the CFL, it seems there is an even split on
Baggs ability. There is a faction that thinks Baggs could be a serviceable player for team needing depth for the pass rush. However, some pundits strongly believe that Baggs is more talk than substance, and would not make a dent on the football field.

We should find out very soon who has won his services.

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  1. I hope GM popp has now come to his senses and passes on this pigeon toed DE who according to some is a poison weed in the locker room!! they're having a pro day at baylor U today for the NFL teams!! main interest is in their heisman winning QB BUT als draft choice C philip blake will be on view also!!

  2. tim tebow keeps getting closer and closer to als TC as the ny jets have totally screwed up the trade with denver!! only in jets camp does this stupid stuff continue to happen!! stay tuned in the continuing fat ryan soap opera saga!! LOL LOL LOL. the NFL has hammered the NO saints on bountygate suspending the HC for all of 2012 plus the GM for 8 games along with several other suspensions and the loss of 2 draft choices and a 1/2 million dollar fine!! as they say only in america!!