Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Another Storyline To Chew On, As Luc Mullinder is Back With The Alouettes

According to The Montreal Gazette’s beat writer, Herb Zurkowksy, the Montreal Alouettes have again brought back Luc Mullinder into the fold.

This is surprising considering last's season trade from the Saskatchewan Roughriders to Alouettes he didn’t have enough time to unpack his boxes. Shortly after his arrival to Montreal he was released by management due to balking on taking a pay cut in his salary.

As a result, he joined the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for their stretch run.

With Mullinder back, it adds another non-import to their defensive line since the team was lacking quantity on their front line.

Now, if the whispers are true that the team will be transitioning to a 3-4 front, Mullinder could very well be playing on the edge of the line. It would then enable the second level of the defense (linebackers) come and make the tackle.

With the signing of Mullinder, could this take the Alouettes out of the running for Stevie Baggs servcies?

Already this has been a roller coaster offseason for the Alouettes. This training camp will have unlimited storylines on defense who could lose their job due to who the team has brought into camp.

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  1. okay I'm really sorry BUT your story is totally offside!! DE/DT mullinder is no longer a starter and is only a journeyman DL who DL position coach mike sinclair will use in his rotation and he gives sinclair more options then the released DT ryan lucas!! NO 34 defence YES to the 43 defence!! it hasn't been or it wasn't a roller coaster off season!! stevie baggs was never a serious option!!