Tuesday, 27 March 2012

An Early Look at the Potential 2012 Starting Lineup for The Montreal Alouettes

We’re still three months away from the Montreal Alouettes starting their regular season against the Calgary Stampeders.

But here is an early forecast at their potential starting 24 that will take the field at McMahon Stadium.

To date, nothing has been confirmed if the team will transition from a traditional 4-3 to a 3-4 base. But if they do, it will definitely make the competition a lot more intense.

Without further ado, here is my first crack at the 2012 Montreal Alouettes lineup.

QB: Anthony Calvillo: Is there any doubt who will be the starting quarterback for the Alouettes? Yes, Cavillo is entering the twilight of his career, and its time to start grooming the future quarterback. But the team’s Grey Cup chances rely on Calvillo.

RB: Brandon Whitaker: This training camp there’s no doubt on who will be the starting running back. Now, the only question, could head coach, Marc Trestman, contemplate giving more touches to Whitaker?

FB/ATHE: Kerry Carter: This is a player who doesn’t get any attention, but he can play any position that is required of him to do.

REC: Jamel Richardson: I don’t have to explain too much, his talent, and numbers are out of this world.

REC: S.J. Green: Same thing as Richardson, Green is a star in the CFL.

REC: Brian Bratton: Mr. Consistent on the Alouettes, Bratton’s role could be expanded with the retirement of Kerry Watkins.

REC: Brandon London: Arguably he has the inside track for the fourth starting spot, he has all the physical tools, and could be a match up problem.

OL: Josh Bourke: One of the best at his position. Last year, if he didn’t get hurt, could the Alouettes have gone deeper in the CFL playoffs? In a media session scrum he vented on how disappointed he was about his injury, and is hungry for a strong 2012 season.

OL: Andrew Woodruff: An underrated player, he is slowly ascending as one of the premier young guards in the CFL.

OL: Luc Brodeur-Jourdain: Two years ago the team had some big shoes to fill when Bryan Chiu retired on the eve of training camp. Brodeur-Jourdain started out as guard, but transitioned to centre. Now, he has become the traffic cop for the Alouettes calling out the line adjustments.

OL: Scott Flory: I don’t need to write anything, because his body of work speaks for itself.

OL: Jeff Perrett: For now I will give him the fifth spot, but there will be competition from Jeraill McCuller who could alter the ratio status if he beats out Perrett.


DL: Aaron Hunt: If the Alouettes decide to employ the 3-4 front, Hunt will be the anchor of the defense. He knows what to do considering the B.C. Lions defense primarily played in this front.

DL: Moton Hopkins: He has great size, and he could be on the verge of a breakout season.

DL: John Bowman: Again if the team opts for this formation, this could be an adjustment for Bowman. His statistics might take a dip considering the different principles that is required in this front.

LB: Shea Emry: He was sorely missed after he went down with an upper body injury. One of the best Canadian linebackers, and he is a ratio changer at a position normally occupied by an import.

LB: Chip Cox: Arguably the best all around defensive player on the roster. His speed will be an asset, and could thrive in this new formation environment.

LB: Ramon Guzman: He is an underrated player on the roster. The team missed him in
their loss against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He could be in a fight for his position.

LB: Rod Davis: His ability to come off the edge would provide huge dividends to the team. Again, if the team plays in a 3-4 base, the edge rushers will be instrumental in applying quarterback pressure.

DB: Etienne Boulay: It seemed when Boulay was lost for the season, it hurt their ratio in the back end, but also they lost a player who was groomed for this position after Matthieu Proulx retired. Boulay is healthy and eager to get back on the field.

DB: Dwight Anderson: Last year will be erased from everyone’s memory. Anderson is a talented player, and if he and the team are on the same page it will bode well for their Grey Cup hopes.

DB: Billy Parker: Unfortunately, due to injuries in the secondary, he had to practically play every position. Parker is now their best cover guy, and he has the penchant to make the big play.

DB: Jerald Brown: he suffered a terrible lower body injury in the first week of the season. From all indications, Brown is healthy, and ready to go.

DB: Seth Williams: For now, I will give him the last spot. That is unless Mark Estelle is re-signed, and has a clean bill of heath.

PK/P: Sean Whyte: In 2011, questions were swirling if he could handle both duties. He flourished in place kicking, but will need to increase his punting average and hang time. Otherwise, he has bright CFL future ahead of him.

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  1. well your offensive line-up was almost 100%!! perrett will be the OT not A McCuller!! your boulay comment re: the ratio last season when he got hurt was totally incorrect!! no american played his position once he was hurt!! his position remained canadian as #10 brouillette and #24 hecht played the position!! your defensive line-up is wrong!! DE bowman, DT hunt, DT j.p. bekesiak, DE chima Ihekuoaba, OLB cox, MLB emry, OLB davis, CB estelle, DHB anderson, S boulay, DHB brown, CB parker!!

  2. LBs guzman, restelli and ferri, DT hopkins, DE akra, CB williams will all make the starting squad and be part of the rotation during the game!!