Friday, 15 June 2012

The Montreal Alouettes Release Etienne Boulay and Diamond Ferri

As first reported by The Montreal Gazette beat writer, Herb Zurkowsky, the Montreal Alouettes have released Etienne Boulay, and Diamond Ferri.

The Boulay's release is quite surprising. But this will mark an end of what has been a 12-month rollercoaster ride for the local product.

In 2011, he went from being groomed in taking over the safety position once Matthieu Proulx retired, to suffering a concussion against the Saskatchewan Roughriders that resulted in him missing the rest of the season.

The Ferri news does not come as a surprise considering all throughout the offseason there were whispers about his future with the organization after general manager Jim Popp signed Rod Davis, and Mark Restelli.

Furthermore, with the ascension of second year linebacker Bear Woods into the current rotation it seemed that Ferri was on borrowed time. Finally with his transition back to his old safety position it could have  signalled that the end was near if he wasn't able to make as a defensive back.

It is obvious that new defensive coordinator Jeff Reinebold will be taking the best player regardless of past history with the Alouettes.  
From a public relations standpoint this will not make the fans happy seeing a fan favourite in Boulay being released.

What Is Next?
It is very tough to gauge what could be the market for both of these players. Each one brings a different element. But if there was a percentage placed on who could immediately catch on with another CFL team, it seems Boulay is the more the desirable option.

However, until all of training camp is completed, and potential injuries that could happen in the next two weeks, both of them will have to wait patiently by the phone for another chance in the CFL.

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