Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Etienne Boulay A True Role Model For The Alouettes Community

As the Montreal Alouettes continue to soldier on through training camp towards finalizing their 2012 roster.

I have been asked by many passionate fans on why did they release Etienne Boulay? In life, once anyone that reaches the professional ranks of your field it becomes a business. No one is in control of their destiny unless otherwise.

In the case of Boulay, he is arguably one of the most popular figures in the franchise's history since they came back to the CFL in 1996.

There could be the argument from some pundits that Boulay is too camera friendly, and that he is seen at all the big events. For those who recall, the late great Gary Carter never shied away from a camera. What everyone failed to realize Carter always had time for the fans, and anyone he encountered throughout his great life.

The same can be applied to Boulay. Not once have I seen him say no to a fan for an autograph. Win or lose he always had time to converse with everyone in getting to know his football admirers.

Beyond his football skills, Boulay always had time for the community. For example, earlier in the calendar year, my cohort, Matthew Ross was organizing a roundtable discussion about the "Realities of Sport". He was looking for an Alouettes player. The first name to come into my head was Boulay. As soon as I sent him an invite, an immediate reply came my way to say he was on-board, and how he was looking forward to coming on-air.

During that show, Boulay impressed everyone about his knowledge on all subjects, he talked about his tough injury tales of the 2011 season, and how he was looking forward to a fresh start in 2012.

Boulay proudly represented the Alouettes, the city, and province. If you don't believe the impact he has, just view his Twitter feed and see that he has close to 13,000-plus followers.

After Boulay's release, a bitter taste has been left in plenty of fan's mouth about management's decision to move on without him. But as usual in the aftermath, Boulay was very classy in flashing his infectious smile in thanking the organization that gave him an opportunity to realize his dreams by playing for one of the best CFL organizations.

As Boulay moves onto the next chapter of his playing career. He can most certainly be proud of the team accomplishments by going to numerous Grey Cups, and coming away with two championship rings.

But beyond Boulay's football achievements, he has become an ambassador for the next generation of Quebec football players to aspire for by making their dreams come true through hard work. 

It might be hard for everyone to see Boulay in a different uniform, but most certainly the majority of fans will continue to support one of the true professionals of this sport.

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