Thursday, 12 January 2012

Why Bryan Chiu Will be the Hottest Coaching Name in the CFL and CIS Circles

It’s time for the CFL and CIS teams to take notice of the next hottest coaching name in Concordia Stingers assistant coach Bryan Chiu.

Only two years removed from his Grey Cup triumph as a player with the Montreal Alouettes. Chiu is one of the very few in professional sports to leave the game on top, and on his own terms. Immediately after his retirement, he jumped into the coaching ranks by taking an opportunity to join the Stingers staff.

Seeing his development as a coach and the unlimited amount of time he has put into his trade has garnered immense respect from his cohorts, and competing coaches.

To show how high his value is, apparently rival schools were looking at potentially trying to sway him to join their staff. Entering his third year, his stock will only go up considering that he had helped develop Anthony Barrette who was selected by the Alouettes in last year’s draft. In the upcoming drafts, because of his guidance, there will be more linemen from the Stingers program that will have a great shot at the next level.

Could Chiu consider making the jump into the CFL as a position coach that may lead to a head job down road, or potentially take an offer to run his own University program?

He isn’t far removed from the CFL game by playing 13 years at very taxing position. He knows the coaching staffs, personnel departments and teams very well. He is liked across the league.

If the Montreal Alouettes are looking at bringing back a name fans can recognize, and associate with, why not Chiu? As written by The Gazette’s own Herb Zurkowsky, Chiu was on a short list of names that the team was looking at after Scott Milanovich and Jonathan Himebauch left for the Toronto Argonauts. There is no denying as each day goes by he is gaining immense notoriety in CFL coaching circles.

With the state of the Alouettes coaching staff being in transition with new names on-board, and the growing uncertainty that Marc Trestman may leave after the 2012 season. Could it be time for the Alouettes to start a new chapter with Chiu at the forefront of the cause?

If it won’t be the Alouettes, then another CFL team will eventually make an offer to join their staff.

To look closer at home, right now, he has a stable position with the Stingers. But given how this past offseason has been a rollercoaster ride with many opposing CIS schools changing their entire coaching staffs. CIS football has become immensely competitive. Some institution will want to hire the next big name coach to bring respectability, and a chance at vying for a Vanier Cup.

Chiu’s name alone will bring more awareness to any program looking for a fresh start. As a result, many highly sought out recruits will have to consider his recent success of sending players to the next level, and the connections he has to the CFL.

At this time next year, Chiu could very well be on radars of many CFL and CIS teams.
The questions remains, what does he do? There’s no denying that all of the amount of hard work and preparation he puts in will pay off. It is a matter of when the right time will be to take that leap of faith for the next coaching job.

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