Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Are The Alouettes Worried That Marc Trestman Could Take The Colts Job?

The Marc Trestman saga continues on into its second week of whether or not he will be hired by the Indianapolis Colts.

As mentioned by TSN’s CFL Insider, Dave Naylor through his Twitter account (@TSNDaveNaylor), that John Clayton reported last weekend Marc Trestman was the first to be interviewed by the Colts for their open head coaching position.

One has to contemplate how serious is this overture from the Colts? Yesterday afternoon from Mobile, Alabama site of the Senior Bowl, Naylor tweeted; “Had a nice chat with Marc Trestman today at Senior Bowl. “I don’t comment on rumours or reports” (Trestman’s reply to Naylor’s question about the Colts situation).

Haven’t we heard this standard of practice by head coaches that don’t respond to rumours! I do recall the infamous story of then Miami Dolphins head coach Nick Saban telling the local media there was no truth of him leaving for the University of Alabama. Well, I guess everyone was wrong to believe what Saban said in that press conference.

Without question the Colts will have to decide on a new head coach before Super Bowl week begins. The NFL frowns on their teams if they make a major announcement during the most important event on the football calendar.

Ironically, given that the Colts are the host city for this year’s edition of the Super Bowl, many insiders expect a new head coach in-place by Friday going into the weekend. Why not unveil the next leader to the media gallery that will be descending on Indianapolis.

As one local colleague mentioned, for now Trestman is just a candidate. Unless he receives a second interview from the Colts, then no one should be worried whether or not he will bolt from the Alouettes.

In the meantime, if Jim Popp, and team owner, Robert Wetenhall are bracing for the inevitable that Trestman does opt to leave the team with one year left on his contract. What compensation could they receive from the Colts? I certainly don’t believe the Alouettes will be asking for Peyton Manning. We’ve heard in the past that Wetenhall fully expects Trestman to honour his end of the deal.

Moving forward, it is business as usual for the Alouettes as they continue to scout the players at The Senior Bowl. The only concern is given how both parties are in Mobile, could the Colts request for an immediate interview before Friday?

If so, then the red flag must be raised on whether or not Trestman will leave the organization. Finally as one source who in the past has worked with Trestman mentioned, “what is left for him (Trestman) to do?”

Right now the ocean is calm, but these next 48 hours could prove to be a rough ride if Colts team owner, Jim Irsay will ask for a second interview and does hire Trestman to become the next head coach.

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