Friday, 6 January 2012

A Perfect Time To Broaden Your Sports Horizon Montrealers

Quick question for my fellow Montreal sports fans? What will you be watching tonight? Lightning vs Habs or Lions vs Saints?

One of the things that bothers me as a sports fan in Montreal is the overkill of Habs talk with all due respect to the local broadcasters. Though I understand the strong attachment to the hockey club, some "sports fans" in the city has to start to broaden their horizon when it comes to other sports worth watching and forming insightful opinions.

With the risk of another work stoppage looming in the future for the NHL due to CBA posturing, it is time to be aware of other sports. Why not start now and consider the following:
  • Do not watch the hockey game tonight. Why watch two teams that are tied for 11th place in the Eastern Conference? C'mon seriously. Missing one game is not going to kill you?
  • Focus on the NFL, NOW!!. I like how some "sports fans" become football experts days before the Super Bowl but can't trace the teams' success to the big game. Two games to watch from start to finish: 1) Detroit Lions versus New Orleans Saints and 2) Pittsburgh Steelers versus Denver Broncos. If you love offense in ANY sport, the Lions - Saints match up will make your enjoy the game of NFL football. (Look for both quarterbacks to put up more that 800 combined yards in the air. Keep your eye on wide receiver, Calvin Johnson of the Lions. The guy is a human highlight reel. If you like sports drama, look for Tim Tebow to attempt to quiet the naysayers again with another comeback win versus the Steelers on Sunday afternoon at 4pm. (Please read, "Too early for Tebow critics to say ‘told you so’ ")
  • Monday Night Football. Yes, I know that the NFL regular season is over but there is a great football game on Monday night. The BCS Championship (NCAA). University of Alabama versus Louisiana State University. Both teams are in the same conference and should be a jim-dandy of a game. One piece of advice: grab a nap before the game. NCAA bowl games take forever to finish, especially due to the halftime show,
  • The MLS is almost here. Not to be a shill for the Montreal Impact but it is time to amp up the interest in the new professional sports team in the city. Have a listen to Oranges At Halftime with Noel Bulter On TSN 990 for Montreal Impact talk. Also, take a look at the team's Facebook page wall.
  • Get To Know Your NBA Stars. With the 66-games schedule, there is a great opportunity to focus on young and dynamic NBA stars in meaningful games. Forget the two stars in Miami, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James, pay close attention to Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls. Both are a joy to watch and clutch players. Follow the best NBA insider in town and Canada, Dwight Walton, on Twitter @bballinsider.
  • Count Your Game Points. One of the best shows on TSN 990 to cover the full spectrum of sports. If you missed Game Points during the NFL regular season, then you did not have the opportunity to enjoy the late afternoon games while being kept updated on other games by Matt and his cohorts. Great stuff. Tune in this Sunday for the wrap up the weekend events in the NFL after the Steelers vs. Broncos game.

Final Taughts

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm Hab Nation. I know that Hab nation is craving for a superstar that does not wear a goalie mask but it is not Larry Eller (sorry, Lars Eller). He scores 4 goals and suddenly he is the next coming of Rocket Richard. Get back to me when he wins the Rocket Richard Trophy and then I'll start considering him a superstar. BTW, What is Jan Bulis doing these days?
  • It Is Time For Rock. If Andre Dawson is in Cooperstown, then it is given that Tim Raines will get in easily, right? From all the blog posts lobbying for one of the best leader off hitters in baseball history, it does not seem to be a given. The numbers do not lie as seen in David Schoenfield's post, "Tim Raines still seeks Hall of Fame respect". What else does the Baseball Writers’ Association of America want? Unfortunately, WHEN Raines gets in, it will be the last piece of thread linking Expos fans to memories of "Les Expos sont là".

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  1. Totally agree. We can't call ourselves a sports town if the Habs are all we talk about.