Monday, 14 January 2013

Why every CFL fan should be rooting for Jim Popp

The Montreal Alouettes have epitomized the word "success". Since their reincarnation in 1996, the organization has set the standard of stability, success, and sustainability in the CFL.

Now it seems this has become a yearly tradition on whether or not their important decision makers could opt for bigger NFL projects.

Even though head coach Marc Trestman has garnered  recent attention of the coaching vacancies in the NFL. Alouettes fans should be keeping an eye on the potential departure of general manager Jim Popp.

Since '96, the team's success has correlated to Popp's strength of identifying players who might not come from a big name football school but understands the game. What best defines the Alouettes architect, he never tips his hand on who he is recruiting to the organization. Only those within his inner circle of a strong scouting department knows the blueprint to success that Popp has envisioned for the Alouettes.

To best define the word stability, throughout Popp's time with the Alouettes. Their three division rivals have gone through a combined total of 23 general managers.

To best define the word sustainability, in 11 of the past 13 years, the Alouettes have experienced double digit wins in a season.

In conversing with those who work around the NFL game, they all believe Popp has the ability to run a personnel department.

However, there will be doubters who will question whether a person with a CFL background could be given the keys to operate an NFL franchise. But regardless of your football background, Popp has demonstrated an ability to unearth and convince free agents to ply their traits in Canada.

What makes Popp a special talent his is ability to work within a CFL salary cap which is equivalent to a signing bonus that NFL players get on the first of March. If a NFL personnel decision maker were to swtich places, chances are minimal they would equal the same success that Popp has achieved.

Being a general manager of a professional sports team requires to wear many hats. The great talent evaluators are the ones who are not at the forefront until they're called upon. Popp has continuously effort the hard work needed as he spends the bulk of the calendar year on the road evaluating talent. Even though this might be viewed differently by the seven other CFL teams, two years straight of not making the Grey Cup is considered to be a drought for the Alouettes organization. Hence, why Popp continues on in his pursuit of team greatness.

The endpoint, all CFL evaluators should be pulling for Popp in trying to get hired as a NFL general manager. Rival teams should realize Popp is slowly paving the way of regardless of your football background, if you have an eye for talent, a NFL team will find you.

Whenever the day comes that Popp decides to move on from his current position to pursue another opportunity. The Montreal fan base will realize and appreciate what he did in making football relevant in this town. He will go down along the lines of the great Sam Pollock as an iconic Montreal sports figure for sustaining success with one organization.

Every CFL fan should be rooting for Jim Popp in his possible pursuit of the NFL, it will legitimize the Canadian game, and make everyone proud that one of their own is running an NFL franchise.

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