Saturday, 12 January 2013

What we leanred and witnessed NFL wild card edition

This is going to be a short edition of what we learned in the NFL since there was only 4 games but it will be just as jam packed!

Let's start things with the hot topic of the week. We learned that either coach Shanahan or Dr. James Andrews lied to us! The RG III situation turned out to be a real mess! Coach tells the press that the doctor cleared player to play yet doctor claims he never inspected player's knee!! Well, worst case scenario unfolded for all 3 parties involved, Griffin tore his LCL and needs to reconstruct his ACL, and the injury was the last thing coach Shanahan wanted since he let Griffin play way too long on Sunday! I know, it's the playoffs, and there was no way Griffin was gonna sit out. What kind of message is he sending out to his teammates if he decides to sit out? And what kind of message coach Shanny sends out by not playing Griff?? I know it's a unpopular decision but someone had to take make an take that decision somewhere in the 2nd half of the game especially with the horrible field conditions! DE, Chris Clemons of the Seahawks tore his ACL during the game because of the bad grass!! The game is now a thing of the past so I guess there is no need to re-hash what could of been done to protect RG III, what is done is done but all NFL fans are wishing a speedy recovery for one of the most spectacular rookies the NFL has seen since Adrian Peterson!

Let's talk about Mike Shanahan! He contradicted himself at his press conference after the game, more then a politician does when running a campaign! What has Shanahan done really besides those 2 glorious years in Denver?? Nothing, nada, zilch!! His playoff record stands at 1 win and 6 losses since the 98-99 super bowl! I never was a huge fan of the man but after listening to his press conference it's safe to say I really don't care for coach Shanahan! I could go on here but I have to keep this blog clean!

We also knew that the Seahawks and CB, Richard Sherman, are massive trash talkers but what took place after the game has no place! LT, Trent Williams of the Redskins went to meet up with Sherman after the game! Things were being said and Williams told Sherman he was gonna punch him in the face! Sherman told him to go for it and smack right in the face!! This is the kind of incident the NFL should not tolerate! I understand Sherman has a big mouth, but Williams has no business to go and stalk Sherman after the game to give him a piece of his fist!

We also witnessed another post season disaster performance by Bengals QB, Andy Dalton! I like the kid but he is starting to show signs of regressing mentally when playing in big games! And what was with the play calling in the first half of the game? All Star wide receiver, A.J. Green saw zero targets within the first 2 quarters! Houston looked better then they have as of late but if they play the same way on Sunday vs the Pats, they basically have no chance! NONE! Matt Schaub has to fix those red zone issues but I do have to say the play calling from coach Kubiak and offensive coordinator, Rick Dennison, is atrocious! You will not defeat the Pats, in NE with field goals!

Boy do the Packers look like a rejuvenated team! They are getting healthy at the right time! Jordy Nelson, Charles Woodson, BJ Raji and Greg Jennings are all back! I would not be shocked to see Green Bay win on Saturday but I still think San Fran's defense will have the upper hand in that matchup, all depending on how effective Justin Smith is! Whatever happens, Packers vs 49ers is by far THE game of the week!

We also witnessed Hall of Famer, Ray Lewis play his last home game! What a emotional game that was! I still have shivers just talking about it! It was beautiful to see the Ravens defense ball the way they did on sunday! If Ray's goodbye to the game gives that extra push that the ravens desperately need, then so be it! The offense also made sure it wasn't gonna be Ray's last NFL game as wide receiver, Anquan Boldin posted one of his best games of the season! What a storyline it would be for Ray Lewis to win one more Super Bowl in his last year! It will be a tough task at hand for the Ravens to defeat the Broncos in Denver's backyard but recall the week #15 matchup, the broncos were only up 10-0 with less then a minute left to the first half, and the Ravens were about to make it 10-7 but Flacco threw a bad pass that resulted in a pick 6 and that was all she wrote, game over! But whatever takes place, we will all remember Lewis's last home intro coming out of the tunnel and Lewis's dance after the game! It was his way to say thank you to all the fans but we're the ones saying thank you! Thank you for all of the Sundays you have given us! Thank you for your inspiring ways! Thank you for the passion that you brought onto the field every time! Thank you for being the man that you are but most of all, the greatest leader I have ever seen in ALL sports!! 

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