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Who could be the next Winnipeg Blue Bombers general manager?

As the Winnipeg Blue Bombers proceed to finish up their season. Last week's loss to the Calgary Stampeders best exemplified how the players are looking forward to November to get out of town.

Most certainly interim head coach Tim Burke has taken notice and through the media has fired a warning shot to these players that no one's job is safe to be apart of the Blue Bombers roster in 2013.

However, one man who has received a lot heat is general manager Joe Mack. If anyone were to take a survey poll of the passionate Blue Bombers fans in describing Mack's tenure? It would take more than one negative adjective to sum up the impact that he has had on the fans and the personnel decisions he has made.

After the firing of then head coach Paul LaPolice, there is no doubt that Mack is on his last bullet.  If Mack believes that quarterback Buck Pierce could be the saviour to this mess of a season. He needs to recalculate this potential scenario that Pierce could hurt himself walking from the bench to the huddle.

Theoretically, the Blue Bombers are mathematically alive for a playoff spot. But it will take a serious winning streak, and an utter collapse from their rivals for them to get back into the playoff picture.

If Mack were to be relieved of his duties, it would bring great joy and excitement to a city. It could be comparable to last year when their sports cousins the Winnipeg Jets came back to the Manitoba capital.

Who could replace Mack at this position?

For starters with the organization moving into a new stadium, it needs a clean slate with their general manager who will bring fresh set of ideas, and his own people to run the show.

One potential name to keep an eye out for who could become a hot CFL candidate is Montreal Alouettes head scout Joey Abrams.

Even though a lot of credit towards the Alouettes success has gone to the duo of Jim Popp and Marcel Desjardins for unearthing hidden gems. Abrams has been key in identifying their Canadian talent, and has assisted in the overall assessment on player evaluations.

In-fact, the Canadian talent on the Alouettes has been integral during the team's recent Grey Cup success. For example, the 2008 draft class which included the likes of Shea Emry, Paul Woldu, Andrew Woodruff, and Luc Brodeur-Jourdain all played important parts in the back to back title conquers.

If Abrams were to be considered, he would instantly upgrade the non-import talent on a Blue Bombers team that has primarily ignore the CFL Draft and have allowed key players such as Brendon Labatte leave for a bigger pay day.

The likes of recent first round picks of Jade Etienne, and Tyson Pencer doesn't exude the confidence that a Grey Cup is on the horizon.

Furthermore, Abrams is arguably the hardest working CFL scout who has developed a wide network of scouting that could help replenish the lack of talent on Winnipeg's roster.

Moreover, Abrams would bring a winning attitude to a Blue Bombers organization that is in dire need of a face lift, and liposuction of the toxic environment that is hovering over the team.

For now, the circus will continue on with Mack offering milk and cookies at his press conference. But at some point, Blue Bombers ownership must realize they will be slowly approaching their third decade without a Grey Cup title.

It could start with a man like Abrams who with time could revamp the entire system and mold it into a winning formula for the Blue Bombers.

If you want an example of the Alouettes influence, look at the Toronto Argonauts, and the impact of head coach Scott Milanovich has had on the organization. They might not win the Grey Cup this year, but they're primed to be a serious threat for many years to come with Milanovich at the helm.

Abrams could be the next great Alouettes personnel man to branch off in another direction to help a CFL team win Grey Cups.

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