Tuesday, 25 September 2012

What did we learn this past weekend

By Jean-Claude Godin

What did we learn this past weekend in the NFL???

It's all clear to us that the NFL stage is way TOO BIG for these unqualified scab refs, but after last night's fiasco, I just don't know what to say anymore besides the NFL brought this upon themselves!! Somehow I'm quite happy with last night's result, since hopefully the NFL will step on their ego and cave in. But we all know I must be dreaming!! I would not be shocked if the NFL justifies last night's mess and defends the crew that officiated Sunday night's game as well!!

We also learned that "freezing" the kicker is absurd. What's the point?? All it does is give the kicker an extra practice shot! Kickers by now know that the timeout is coming, if not, then maybe he shouldn't be kicking in the NFL!!

We learned that Ray Horton is the best Defensive coordinator in the game. That and the Cards defense is ruthless. Yes I'm crowning him after only 19 games as DC, but his past track record, which was LB coach in Pittsburgh under Dick LeBeau is quite impressive!! Don't you think that the Steelers D looks out of synch lately?? I think it has to do with Horton's departure!! Speaking of defensive coach, I'll go on the record and say Steve Spagnuolo could be the most overrated coach in the game!! Look at the Saints defence and even his 3-year tenure with the Rams was pathetic!

We learned that AJ Green is truly a beast. He owned DeAngelo Hall of the Redskins (whom I never liked).... Green burned him for more then 180 yards!!

Could Jim Scharwtz be a liar and threw his center under the bus to justify that awful call on 4th down vs the Titans?? I think so!!

We learned, or got confirmation that JJ Watt is the next best D-linemen in the league!! This guy is a beauty to watch!!! If you don't know JJ Watt by now, I suggest you watch the Texans this weekend when they play the Titans!

We saw last Thursday that Cam Newton is not ready for prime time.

Dallas is not that good!! I don't understand how some penciled in Dallas as the favorites to win the NFC East!! But after their last 2 outings, I think we've seen enough. Next Monday night is a huge game for both the Cowboys and the Bears - two teams that kinda resembles one another!!

Mike Vick holds on to the ball too long but we already knew that, but what we learned is Vick needs the minimum amount of wideouts on the field!! If he holds on to the ball that long then maybe it would be a good idea on Andy Reid's part to make things easier for the guy. Oh wait....Andy Reid never makes adjustments to his players. His players have to adjust to his playbook and awful playcalling!! Don't believe me? Ask Brian Westbrook about the amount of goalline carries he saw in his career!!!

We saw reality starting to sink in on the RG3 band wagon!! Maybe it's more of a case of Mike Zimmer making sure his D was ready for the option run!!! Next Sunday's game vs the Bucs will be telling about the Washington Redskins!!

On a quick note, I'm starting to like what I see out of second year QB Christian Ponder.

Can't wait for week #4

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