Friday, 25 May 2012

What Impact Could Stephen Garcia Have With The Alouettes?

It seems all signs are pointing to former South Carolina Gamecocks quarterback, Stephen Garcia potentially attending next weekend’s Montreal Alouettes mini-camp.
What are the odds of Garcia getting an invitation to the team’s training camp? So far, he wasn’t able to catch the eye of NFL teams to bring him onboard. Most likely this is his last real chance at making a professional roster.
Garcia has the skills to make an impression on the Alouettes coaching staff. During his high school days in Tampa, Florida, he was the most sought out recruit in the nation committing to head coach, Steve Spurrier and his Gamecocks.
From that point onwards when he stepped foot onto the Columbia campus it seemed everything unraveled. In his four years, he was suspended for incidents ranging from keying a professor’s car, to underage drinking, and not abiding to the probation rules set forth by the school.   
A lot of pundits will explain that Garcia has all the tools to succeed but is he fully focused on honing his talent to becoming a better quarterback?
In the SEC, the 2011 Gamecocks team were on the verge of doing serious damage to the competition with of a roster full of NFL talent from; Jadeveon Clowney, Alshon Jeffery, Melvin Ingram, and Marcus Lattimore. All Garcia had to do was make plays. Unfortunately for him he was too ineffective on the field, not focused off of it.
With this potential try-out, could Garcia impress the Alouettes staff into inviting him to the big camp? Could head coach Marc Trestman consider having his star quarterback, Anthony Calvillo mentoring Garcia? This seems a perfect match of a respected veteran and future hall of famer tutoring a player who is looking to revamp his image and parlay it into a professional career.
In reading an article about Garcia cleaning up his image in preparation for the NFL Combine, it seems he has taken the right steps and admitting to his mistakes.
The team has stockpiled the quarterback position that includes two Canadian in Kyle Graves, and Kyle Quinlan. From last count on their team roster, excluding Garcia, there will be seven quarterbacks entering training camp. So repetitions will be limited if he were to make the team camp.
If he were to make the final Alouettes roster could he control his temptations and not get himself into trouble? As many know the city of Montreal is full of events, parties, and is considered to be one of the premier cities to have a good time.
If Garcia has the right people surrounding him, the decision should be easy for him to stay away and focus on his job as a quarterback. But if that support staff isn’t there, could he be tempted into the nightlife scene that this city has to offer?  
Garcia is on strike four, and if he fumbles this opportunity most likely there won’t be another chance at realizing his professional dreams. But from all indications, Garcia has understood that he withered away a great opportunity at South Carolina.
Now, he must first make it out of mini-camp. Then from there work even harder and not ruin this chance at playing professional football.

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