Thursday, 31 May 2012

Could Anwar Stewart Be Headed Back to The Montreal Alouettes?

It has been quite a 24-hours since Montreal Gazette beat writer Herb Zurkowsky first broke the news on his Twitter account that Anwar Stewart was about to re-sign with the Montreal Alouettes.
Immediately, I contacted Stewart to see if there was any truth he's re-joining the team that released him back in February. In his vintage chuckle he said; “no I did not sign with the Alouettes”.
After I tweeted he did not re-sign with the Alouettes. Throughout the day different reports from various media members were saying he will sign, and some said he would not.
As of last night in conversing with a source of mine close to the situation, he felt that there is a chance Stewart could re-sign with the Alouettes. However, the source was surprised he would ever consider going back after the way things had ended between the two sides.
Right now this story has taken many twists and turns on the future plans of the Alouettes, and Stewart. However, many will question the overall intentions of the organization on why Stewart was released earlier in the calendar year?
Throughout the offseason there had been whispers that Stewart may land with division rival Toronto Argonauts. He does have history with the team as he was coached by defensive coordinator Chris Jones where he had his best statistical output under his teaching.
As training camp approaches, this Stewart story adds more intrigue to an already morbid Alouettes offseason.

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