Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Woldu Leaves The Alouettes for The Roughriders

The first piece has fallen off from the Montreal Alouettes puzzle as Paul Woldu has signed on with his hometown Saskatchewan Roughriders.

It does not come as a surprise to see Woldu leave the organization. In-fact, during the season some media members predicted that if he entered free agency that he could end up in Regina.

However, the Alouettes will lose another non-import who brought a lot to the table by being able to play in the secondary, and most importantly on special teams. On paper it might not be viewed as a big loss for the organization. But for those who have played with Woldu will explain how valuable of a commodity he was to the team.

Moving Forward

Woldu should be comfortable in his domestic surroundings. He knows the organization very well having tried out for the team in 2006.

Furthermore, he should get a fair shot to potentially get more playing time in the Roughriders rotation. Factor in that new head coach, Corey Chamblin is a former defensive back’s coach; it will make the transition easier.

As for the Alouettes, it is another non-import loss, as they will need to address this quota situation through free agency, or CFL draft.

Two guys who could be on their radar, is former Toronto Argonauts player, Wes Lysack who could be Etienne Boulay’s backup, and play special teams.

But if the team would like to get younger, then they could target Courtney Stephen from Northern Illinois University. Moreover, he is almost the same size as Woldu, and could excel playing on special teams, and potentially get playing time in the secondary.

Right now the Alouettes have stayed quiet, but maybe the Woldu signing will trigger them to delve in the market.

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