Monday, 24 November 2014

The top moments from 10 years of GamePoints with Matthew Ross on TSN 690 - Thank you!

In October of 2004, GamePoints began, the same month that the Montreal Expos had their last broadcast on then The Team 990. GamePoints is the station's longest running non full-time program. So it's akin to me either being one of the greatest AHL players ever, or a long time 5th line NHL player.

Thanks to all of the producers over the years, including: Dave Simon (first producer), Rod Francis, Tommy Ferino, Will Martinez, Trex Griffin, Marco Campagna, Sean Coleman, JC Godin, Jimmy Garoufalis, Eric Thomas, Jimmy Spencer, Steph Hamel, and many more...

Thanks to sub-hosts and co-hosts such as: Arash Madani, Sean Campbell, Dave Kaufman, Moe Khan.

Thanks to in-studio assistance from: Stefano Mocella, Metric Julie, Vinny Micheli, Erica Tadeo.

Thanks to regular guests such as: Jeff Erickson, Scott Cullen, Gabriel Morency, Dwight Walton, Tony Moss, John McMullen, Ray Callari, Dave Golokhov, Dave Pagnotta and many, many more.

Thanks to regular listeners over the years, including: Louis in Ville-Mercier, Devesh, Christos, Chris S., Ian Smith and many, many more.

Top 10 Moments:

1. Marriage proposal live on air (2005): I had my wife's best friend bring her in studio and I proposed live on air in February of 2005. The clip was replayed the following day on Melnick in the Afternoon.

2. Marty Turco bets with a fan, exclusive (2011): A fan at a Habs game bets with Blackhawks backup goalie in the stands, and then calls in after the game. He even sends us proof. The audio clip went viral via Puck Daddy and other sites. The NHL subsequently investigated.  

3. Arturo Gatti interview (2008): A year before his death, Gatti told us of plans to one day fight in Montreal, possibly at Olympic Stadium, and to also open a Montreal boxing school.

4. Realities of Sport Celeb Panel (2012): Talking about everything from drugs in sports to performance, in studio we had Meghan Agosta of Hockey Canada, Dwight Walton, Etienne Boulay of the Montreal Alouettes and minor league infielder Jonathan Jones of the San Francisco Giants organization.

5. Jose Canseco calls in (2011): Dave Kaufman sub-hosted and through interaction on Twitter, got Jose Canseco to call in.

6. Chad Johnson interview (2011): For the first time ever, Chad Johnson does a Montreal interview. Moe met Chad while he was in town filming a show and the result was a bizarre, low key interview, years before he ever thought of playing in the CFL.

7. Carey Price draft night exclusive (2005): Alongside Dave Kaufman, we were the first Montreal outlet to interview Carey Price on air.

8. Theo Fleury interview (2009): We had the first Montreal interview after Fleury's tell-all book came out.

9. Brandon London's Dad calls in (2013): Brandon London's Dad, a college football head coach, calls in to chat on air with show guest co-host Brandon London. Even Brandon's little brother makes a quick appearance on the show.

10. The Marathon (2007): I set the station record for longest hosting shift, with a 10.5 hour marathon Sunday show. It should have been for charity in retrospect, but in the end I asked Wayne Bews if I could do it on a lark and he said yes. The record stands to this day.

It's been a great ride and we hope it continues for another ten years. Thank you all for listening. 

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