Tuesday, 4 June 2013

ExposNation and TrueRivalry offer Expos fans tshirt special

So I've spoken at length about the Montreal Expos and how this city needs a team once again. We've also spoken about how Expos merchandise is selling like crazy around North America.

Now comes this t-shirt from clothing company True Rivalry. They've offered ExposNation fans a 10 percent discount (with promo code TREXPOS) on their Montreal baseball shirt.

While the Expos logo doesn't appear on the shirt, the familiar Montreal red lettering along with the Quebec fleur-de-lis over the 'E.'

As an added nostalgic bonus, the Expos nickname Nos Amours is also present on the apparel.

Overall, it's a nice look and quite representative of baseball history in Montreal.

Check it out and remember to use promo code TREXPOS to get in on the 10 percent discount.

Visit: http://www.truerivalry.com/collections/exposnation


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