Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tweet 10 Ways for TSN to fill airtime on TradeCentre

10) I-Phone vs Blackberry debate, since they’re already on the table the whole show

9) Bob McKenzie: Beyond the Glory

8) TSN calls Stan Bowman pretending to be Paul Holmgren

7) Scott Cullen introduces ‘fantasy trade deadline’

6) Miikka Kiprusoff gets a 1-hour special giving his decision on waiving his no-trade-clause

5) James Duthie gets a sit-down interview with Pierre Gauthier, calling out Marc Bergevin for inheriting the great team he built

4) Interviews with people who skipped work to watch TradeCentre

3) Brad Richards shares his survival story of Trade Deadline 2011

2) John Lu goes around GM offices and asks why they’ve waited until the last minute to conduct their trades

1) Full in-depth preview of TradeCentre 2014

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