Friday, 8 March 2013

My #SaveTSN690 Intervention Letter

I have been a devoted listener of The Team 990 / TSN Radio  690 since Day One.  I can safely say that I am one of the few listeners that can probably list the programming line up when the station went to an all sports format back in 2001.

Although I listen to  the station for the majority of the day, I haven't once called into one of its open line shows in 12 years because I am unable to do so due to my disability of cerebral palsy.  The disability prevents me from speaking clearly and some individuals may have difficulties understanding me over the phone.

Sports talk has always been a vehicle for me to connect with individuals who may be hesitant to engage with a person with a disability.   Whether it was a "nervy ninth" from Candlestick Park or a Hab loss,  the hot topic of the day that was being discussed on the radio was my avenue to integrate myself into "the main-stream" and not be seen as an outcast at school.  Since The Team 990 / TSN Radio 990 / 690 took to the air, I have been able to expand my circle of friends and some of the station's hosts have come to know and approach me in public without any hesitation.

By forcing Bell Media to divest itself from TSN Radio 690 and not be granted an exemption, the CRTC will be not only taking away an unique platform for English speaking sports fans in Montreal but a source of information and entertainment that will allow individuals with challenges of being integrated socially into the mainstream.  I can say with confidence that I would not be where I am today socially and in my professional career without the ability to connect with others thanks to sports and a 24 hours radio sports talk medium such as TSN Radio 690.


Ian Smith
A Grateful Montreal Sports Fan

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