Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Future Of Montreal Baseball Is Not Via The 401

Based on a post on the Montreal Expos Facebook Page, there is a plan to have a couple of buses with Expos fans to travel to T.O. to watch a Jays game. I made a baseball vow to myself ever since the last out in Montreal Expos' history. A vow to NEVER support the Toronto Blue Jays in any fashion, even not watching a game on television. (By the way, someone needs to tell Buck Martinez to cut his hair). If you scroll through the comments, you will see my opposition to such an idea.

My guess is that the idea is based upon Quebec Nordiques fans attending New York Islanders' games this past season to demonstrate their interest in having NHL back in Quebec. The same model can't be applied to getting back Major League Baseball (MLB) in Montreal. Primarily, there are not any MLB franchises looking to move nor is the league considering to expand in the near future.

If the objective of the plan is to show that Montreal Expos fans still care about MLB and baseball in general, it should not start with putting money into or supporting an organization that wanted to contract the Expos. It should start here chez-nous in Montreal with the following.

1 - Talking baseball. Tune into TSN 990 Montreal where there are a series of hosts waiting to talk baseball, not hockey, but baseball.
2 - Support local ball. If you are a pure fan of baseball, it is time to get out (en masse) and attend junior and university baseball. When was the last time you took in a LaSalle Cardinals game or attend a free McGill Redmen / Concordia Stingers match-up?

And don't forget putting your support behind the Montreal Baseball Project. I cannot wait until the fan fair, baseball clinic and gala on June 16, 2012.

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Final Taughts
  • Welcome to the NHL Shea Weber. I see that the National Headshot League is growing in a very innovative fashion thanks to Shea Weber going Junk Yard Dog on Henrik Zetterberg not once but twice. Well done!
  • Price should be not a Preds nor a Pekka fan. If I am Carey Price, I do not want to see the Nashville Predators and Pekka Rinne win one more game. If the new general manager of the Habs using Rinne as a benchmark for negotiating Price's contract, there is no way I'm offing 31 Rinne type of money, especially if the Preds win the Stanley Cup.

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